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    Folks can download the spreadsheet containing the decoded Firefox History information from the link here.

    There are three tabs in the spreadsheet.

    • The tab "History from Unallocated Space" contains the Google searches for chloroform.
    • The tab "History from Casey Account" contains the activity from the account George and Cindy used that was not password protected.
    • The tab "History from Owner Account" contains the activity from the account Casey used that was password protected. This tab contains the search for "fool-proof suffocation".
    None of the information in this file looked personal in nature with respect to George, Cindy, or Lee.

    The raw data files can be downloaded from the following three links:

    Deleted Mozilla History (2).dat

    history (non-password protected casey account).dat

    history1 (password protected owner account).dat

    In order to view those last three files you will need a tool that can decode the Mork database.

    This thread is locked as a reference thread. Please discuss any findings in the Anthony's Computer Forensics thread.

    Happy sleuthing ;)
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    I saw "fool proof suffocation" and my heart dropped to my stomach....
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