Five Blows of the Dragon, Part Three

Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by SuperDave, Aug 12, 2011.

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    In this one, we'll tackle the Grand Jury. Some--not to mention any names--would claim that the GJ did not indict, ergo, there was no case.

    The idea here is to show that this is not true, on multiple levels. Indeed, the evidence is strong that there WAS an indictment, or would have been, and Alex Hunter shut it down.

    This is one point that people in the know on BOTH sides actually agree on. From anti-Rs like ST and Dan Caplis to pro-Rs like Michael Tracey and Jim Fisher. One side views it as cowardly and the other as courageous, but that's no difference at all.

    The idea here is to show that the GJ was little more than an expensive dog-and-pony show. That the DA did not WANT a Grand Jury and had it forced upon him by the Governor, who was feeling the heat from ST's resignation and had to make it look like they were actually DOING something.

    I also want to establish WHY the indictment was likely quashed: because Hunter's hands were too dirty to survive scrutiny. ST gives a clue to this in his book when he talks about a conversation shortly before the deadline between Hunter and Henry Lee where Lee, by his own admission, told Hunter not to indict. Not necessarily because he couldn't win a case at trial on the evidence, but because he (Hunter) would have to "confess his own sins." As a career politician staring down the barrel of retirement, the prospect of airing his office's dirty laundry must not have appealed to him.

    As a personal add to this, a few pro-R partisans wanted the DA to call a Grand Jury to investigate the Boulder police department's conduct in this case. When a forum poster agreed with that idea, I said, "Great idea, but why stop there? Let's have them investigate the DA's office, the Haddon law firm, Lou Smit and the other Grand Jury too!"

    The subject was quickly dropped, and it's not hard to see why. For the same reason that there was NOT a GJ investigation into the cops: because the DA would have to come clean about their own sins, and at a time when Mary Lacy was digging her partisan heels ever deeper and needed all the cover and appearance of propriety she could get, that was not going to happen.

    Let's do it.
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