Five sets of twins born at St. Mary's in one day

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    Five sets of twins born at St. Mary's in one day

    The reports out of the delivery room at St. Mary's Medical Center made it sound like a poker game: The babies kept coming in pairs until the nursery turned into a full house.

    Seeing double

    Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach. The sets of twins -- a record for the hospital -- were among 24 babies born that day.

    Five sets of twins were born at the hospital Tuesday, a record for that facility, according to the staff. The twins contributed to a bumper crop of babies. An average of 11 infants are born daily at St. Mary's, but 24 arrived Tuesday.

    "By nighttime, it was standing room only in that nursery," said Kevin Grimes, 34, of Jensen Beach, whose wife, Shannon, gave birth to two boys, Casey and Brandon.

    "They needed to hang a 'no vacancy' sign on that nursery," he said.

    The first set of twins arrived at 1:50 a.m., and the last emerged about 9:30 that night. In addition to the twins, 14 other babies were born. Another set of twins had been born just the day before.

    Nationally, out of every 1,000 women who give birth, 26.8 have twins, or about 2.7 percent. At St. Mary's Tuesday, those women made up 26 percent of the delivering mothers.

    Story from Palm Beach Post
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