FL FL - Andrea Allen, 23, West Palm Beach, 24 May 1982


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Jun 9, 2016
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Andrea Darlene Allen
Palm Beach County, Florida
23 year old white female

Height (inches)60.0
Weight (pounds)105.0 to 115.0

Hair: Blond/Strawberry
Eyes: Green

Last contact on May 24, 1982


Allen may use the last name Shapiro.

[h=3]Details of Disappearance[/h] Allen was last seen in West Palm Beach, Florida on May 21, 1982. She was a secretary with the Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services. She left work at 3:00 p.m., saying she felt sick. At 11:00 p.m., an anonymous caller told police he'd seen a woman twice that evening, in a vehicle in the 2500 block of north Dixie Highway, slumped against the wheel as if she was ill. When the police arrived at the scene a few minutes later, they found Allen's vehicle abandoned in the parking lot of a Winn-Dixie store with no one inside it. Her purse was left behind in the car, but there was no sign of her. She has never been heard from again. Few details are available in her case.