FL - Brandi Peters, 27, & her 3 kids found murdered, Tallahassee, 20 Nov 2010 *Guilty*

DNA Solves
DNA Solves
DNA Solves

If that foreign DNA was in that environment, and others have claimed involvement, what evidence they have on Mr. Segura sure needs to be concrete.

The environment those children were exposed to was highly toxic. What could we, the public, have done, to remove those poor babies from it? Or, like so many of our systems, are we neglecting our future with the cuts we have made?

I realize that takes us into more than we would be involved in here. It's just so horrible to keep losing babies to the evil in men's hearts.
Horrific pictures start off Segura quadruple murder trial
The gruesomeness of the quadruple killings Henry Segura is accused of were forefront on the first day of his trial on charges he killed his ex-girlfriend, her twin daughters and his own son.

Images of their bodies as they were found Nov. 20, 2010, at Brandi Peters’ Saddle Creek Run home were part of Assistant State Attorney Jon Fuch’s opening arguments.


Fuchs showed crime scene photos of the bloody body of Peters, the 27-year-old mother of three, splayed on the floor near the home’s front door, blood spatter covering the foyer wall. Then he showed photos of the three children, twin 6-year-olds, Tamiyah and Taniyah Peters and the couple’s son, 3-year-old JaVante Segura, dead and stacked atop each other in a bathtub of crimson water.
Henry Segura takes the stand

Henry Segura opted to testify on his own behalf Friday, telling jurors in dramatic testimony he didn’t have it in him to carry out the four murders he's accused of committing.

In testy exchanges with Assistant State Attorney Jon Fuchs, Segura bucked the state’s theory of why he killed one of his girlfriends, Brandi Peters, and her three kids.

Segura's attorneys introduce alternative suspects, DNA

Defense DNA consultant Kevin Noppinger testified that gene markers in the sample were consistent with Quinones' DNA.

Noppinger said, "Ninety-nine point nine five percent of the Hispanic population would be excluded from that sample."

During cross examination, Assistant State Attorney Jon Fuchs pointed out similar gene markers in Segura’s DNA were seen in the sample. “We can’t exclude Mr. Segura either can we?” he asked.

Also Thursday, jurors heard from a confidential informant who worked with the Tallahassee Police Department to elicit a confession from alternate suspects.

Gregory Washington was wired and obtained undercover statements from DeMario Paramore, who said he and another man committed the murders over a drug debt.

Washington said Paramore told him he committed the murders with a man named Heywood Griffin.

A daily recap of the Henry Segura trial

Law Newz is streaming the trial:


After 19 hours of deliberation during two days, a Leon County jury couldn't agree on whether Henry Segura was responsible for the brutal 2010 slaying of his girlfriend and her children.

Leon Circuit Judge James Hankinson Wednesday declared a mistrial in the quadruple murder case. The stalemate means Segura's nearly seven-year legal odyssey will continue. He has so far spent 2,134 days behind bars.

A Tuesday case management conference has been scheduled to set a new trial date.
Henry Segura quadruple murder retrial delayed again


Henry Segura’s attorneys are challenging a Leon Circuit Court decision to bar from trial the testimony of a man who confessed to orchestrating the four murders of which the Tallahassee welder is accused.

The move yet again delays his retrial.

Segura’s second trial was set to begin Feb. 12, but his defense attorneys, Nate Prince and Michael Ufferman, are filing paperwork with the First District Court of Appeal asking the testimony and other evidence be allowed during trial.
Segura trial on hold, again, pending DCA appeal

James Carlos Santos continues to be a thorn in the side of those trying to bring Henry Segura before a jury on accusations he killed four people, including his girlfriend and young son.

Santos’ wild claims that he, from prison, ordered Brandi Peters and her three children killed in a drug cartel hit and his vacillation about whether to directly tell jurors that story have again stalled a trial nearly eight years after the klling.

In mid-July, Leon Circuit Judge James Hankinson granted a continuance in the trial, the 11th since Segura’s arrest at a Minnesota lake house in 2011.

He is the longest-held Leon County jail inmate having spent 2,487 days, close to seven years, awaiting trial. A case management hearing has been set for Aug. 21.​
Henry Segura quadruple murder retrial set for April

After being delayed for the 11th time last month, Henry Segura is set to face a jury next spring on charges that he killed his girlfriend, her twin daughters and his own son.

Assistant State Attorney Jon Fuchs and Segura’s defense attorneys agreed on an April 22 trial date in a case management conference Tuesday.

The case was set for trial next month, however, Segura’s attorneys Nate Prince and Michael Ufferman have filed an appeal with the First District Court of Appeal seeking to have testimony from a man who claims he ordered the killings from prison admitted as evidence.​
Henry Segura’s quadruple murder trial is again on hold while an appeals court continues weighing a motion to allow another man’s wild confession to the 2010 killings as evidence.

Segura was set to stand trial April 22 after 2,703 days in the Leon County Detention Facility and a mistrial last summer.

Segura quadruple murder trial stalled for the 12th time
After spending 2,944 days in the Leon County Jail, Segura will face a jury starting on Monday when a six-person panel will be seated.

His case – in which investigators say he killed Brandi Peters, 27, her twin daughters, Tamiyah and Taniyah Peters, and their 3-year-old son JaVonte Segura – has been stalled more than a dozen times since his arrest at a Minnesota lake house in 2011.
After almost 3,000 days in jail, Henry Segura again standing trial for 2010 quadruple murders

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