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May 25, 2005
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PALM BAY, Fla. -- The investigation widened Monday into the disappearance of a lieutenant from the Malabar volunteer fire department. Brandy Hall has not been seen since she left the fire station Friday night. Her truck was found submerged in a lake in Palm Bay.

Crews continued to drain the lake Monday, but at this point they don't believe they will find the body of Hall in the water, but they were still looking for any clues as to where the missing firefighter might be.

Getting to the bottom of the murky lake has been as difficult as getting to the bottom of the mystery behind the disappearance of Lt. Hall. The police department spent a second day draining the lake. Divers said it's impossible to see anything in the water, even with their underwater flashlights.

"I had to turn it and pull it up to my mask to see that it was on. It's extremely black at the bottom of the lake," said Lt. Joe Eakins, Palm Bay Police Dive Team.
There are no known suspects. There are certain persons we are looking at to gain information from, however no one has been titled a suspect," said Det. Jess Suelters, Palm Bay Police Department.

Brandy Hall faced similar drug charges, but they were dropped. Prosecutors were, however, still moving forward with related charges of commercial littering and pollution. She was scheduled to go to trial in October.
I hope everything turns out OK but it doesn't sound good. Prayers for her family.
PALM BAY, Fla. -- Channel 9 obtained video Thursday of a missing Malabar firefighter. Brandy Hall disappeared one week ago.

PALM BAY, Fla. -- Channel 9 obtained video Thursday of a missing Malabar firefighter. Brandy Hall disappeared one week ago.
From behind the lens of several surveillance cameras scattered throughout the Malabar Fire Station, Brandy Hall's last known movements were captured. One camera showed Hall drive off in her Chevy pickup truck.

"The video is significant in two aspects. One, it puts her alive at approximately 10:45pm on Thursday. It also allows us to put her behind the wheel of her green truck," said Yvonne Martinez, Palm Bay Police Department.

Detectives drained the pond on Treeland Boulevard in Palm Bay, where Hall's truck and firefighting equipment were found, but the 32-year-old mother of two is still missing.

"I'm begging. Somebody has to know something. They need to contact the authorities and let them know where she's at. We beg you. Your children need you. We really need you," Jeffery Hall said.
Posted on Aug 25, 2006 4:33:16 PM

Palm Bay police now say the case of missing firefighter Brandy Hall is "focusing on foul play," because of a significant amount of blood found in her pickup truck. Brandy Hall has been missing since Thursday, and officials drained a pond looking for her. Below is a news release from Palm Bay PD:

Palm Bay Police Detectives are now focusing on foul play in the disappearance of Malabar Volunteer Firefighter Brandy Hall. A significant amount of blood was found in the cab of her Chevy Pickup truck. Initial tests prove the blood matches Brandy Hall.

“It’s a significant amount of blood, enough to cause alarm,” said Detective Kevin Folsom. “We still can’t say with any certainty what happened to Ms. Hall but we are working as diligently as we can to find answers.”

more at the link

Do they not think that she is in the pond or do they think that they just haven't been able to find her in there because it is so dark? What a horrible thing...she leaves the fire station and something happens to her. It seems that there are so many people who leave work and vanish. I hope they find Brandy even though it doesn't look like she is still alive. Her poor family and little kids.
No news in the Brandy Hall case?

Her description 5'8", blonde, made me think of Jennifer Kesse who went missing 8 months prior to Brandy's disappearance. Same 5'8", blonde.

I know Brandy had drama surrounding her life that Jennifer didn't have
but they lived within hours of one another.
Both had vehicles left behind.

Just thinking out loud .........
This is really strange. If someone shot her or beat her inside her truck...lots of blood in the cab of her truck...why would someone not just leave her body in the truck and then push it into the water? Seems like that would have been a lot easier on the part of the killer.

Did she have a husband and children? I can't remember if she did or not. Maybe a ex-boyfriend? I wonder if she will ever be found. For her family's sake I hope she is.
This young woman had loads of drama in her life.
But the coincidences of location, physical description, and timing have me thinking if there is some kind of tie that got lost in Brandy's drama.

Brandy has 4 or 5 typical profiles while Jennifer has none.

They both went missing within eight months and both are single,
5'8", blonde.

? next day, a fisherman found her fire fighting gear bobbing in a pond near the Palm Bay campus of Brevard Community College. Her pickup truck – with splotches of her blood inside – was also pulled out of the murky water.

“Somebody knows something but for $1,000, nobody’s talking. We want to up the ante,” said Lynn Troup, a longtime friend of Hall’s and one of the garage sale organizers.

The case, being treated as a potential homicide by Palm Bay Detectives, remains unsolved, moving Troup and others to continue efforts at keeping Hall’s name in the public eye024
I guess she does have a husband and two children. Her husband went to prison but may be out by now.

I wonder if she ran off the road and into the pond and was injured during the accident. I also wonder if any of the windows of the truck where down or broken out. If they were then she may have been able to crawl out of the truck. Being a firefighter she would know how to handle an accident like that and probably how to get out of a vehicle under water. But if that happened...where is she now?

What other problems was she having in her life?
I wonder how well LE has searched the area around that water. If Brandy was able to climb out of her truck and get to the shore she may have been disorientated and ended up in some brush somewhere.
Her Backpack Found In Canal

INDIAN RIVER CO. Fla. -- Investigators are searching a canal in western Indian River County after the discovery of new evidence in the case of a missing Malabar firefighter.

Palm Bay police said several fishermen found a backpack belonging to Brandy Hall, a mother of two who disappeared almost a year ago.

Surveillance video shows Hall left work at the Malabar Fire Station on August 17. The next day, police found her truck with Hall's blood in the front seat. (more at link)
Were the canals searched last summer when she turned up missing?
Were the canals searched last summer when she turned up missing?

Wow--it is hard to believe it will be a year next month since Brandy Hall has been missing!!

Hoping for answers soon.
It's been nearly 2 years since Brandy Hall disappeared. The last time anyone saw her was when she left work on August 17th, 2006.

The next day investigators pulled her truck from a Palm Bay pond. It was filled with blood. But there was no sign of Brandy.

Nor has there been since.

Her family is holding out hope this strong woman is still alive.

In her first one on one interview--Brandy's mom Debbie Rogge re-lives the last two years without her daughter and best friend.

“It's just like a part of your heart is gone,” Rogge said. “Your family isn't here.”

Hall has two children--a 12 year old and a six year old.
I can't believe they haven't found her yet. How strange about the helmet, its not really close to where her truck was found. My kid and his friends used to fish in the lake where the truck was found. Things like that just don't happen around here.

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