GUILTY FL - Carl Chappell, 73, found in shallow grave, Leesburg, 25 Oct 2005

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    Overnight, crime scene technicians unearthed the remains of a person in Leesburg. Police believe it's the body of Carl Chappell. During a police interview, a maintenance worker for Chappell admitted to killing him.
    Lake County crime scene technicians found the body buried in the back yard of a house under some concrete stepping-stones, exactly where Chappell's handyman, who is also a tenant of his, told detectives where to look.

    "It's tough. It's nothing I ever imagined I would have to deal with in my lifetime," said ChappellÂ’s daughter, Tammye Osborne.

    Detectives identified Michael Norsworthy as a person of interest. After questioning Norsworthy, one of Chappell's tenant, Leesburg police said he confessed to the murder.

    "He was overdue on rent and was going to be evicted. His mother lives with him and he was very upset over that," said Capt. David Marden, Leesburg Police Department.

    Investigators said they found the body behind the rental unit where Norsworthy said he had buried Chappell. That's where Norsworthy and Chappell had a verbal altercation.

    According to police, on the morning of October 25, Norsworthy grabbed a hammer from the shed and struck Chappell in the head numerous times. Police said Norsworthy then drove Chappell's Ford Thunderbird to a shopping plaza to further conceal his involvement.

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