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    Case File 1298DFFL


    Carol Lynn Roberts
    Missing since August 13, 1976 from Sanford, Seminole County, Florida.
    Classification: Missing


    Vital Statistics
    •Date Of Birth: July 4, 1958
    •Age at Time of Disappearance: 18 years old
    •Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'4"; 128 lbs.
    •Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown hair; blue eyes.
    •Marks, Scars, Tattoos: 3 and 1/2" scar on neck, tattoo of a small blue dot on right forearm. She wore glasses with wire frames and contacts.
    •Dentals: Available


    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Carol Lynn Roberts left Sanford, Florida on August 13, 1976 and has not been heard from since.
    It is believed that Roberts left Sanford with a white male subject to avoid prosecution on a check fraud case involving the pair. The couple left Sanford in Roberts’ 1974 canary yellow Chevrolet Corvette.
    On August 19, 1976, the male received a traffic citation in Blythe, California. It is unknown if Carol was in the car the day the citation was issued.
    A short time later, at an unknown date and time, the male subject was arrested in Canada on the outstanding check charge and returned to Sanford. The Corvette was returned to the family of Roberts’ who then returned it to the finance company. No record of the car can be found due to the “old style” 13-digit VIN number.
    While in custody, the male stated to the mother of Carol Roberts and investigators that the two had been involved in an argument and Carol exited the vehicle in Red Rock, or Red Bluff, Arizona. The male provided no further information on the whereabouts of Carol Lynn Roberts and to this day will not cooperate with the investigation.


    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

    Sanford Police Department
    407-323-3030, ext. 3318
    Seminole County Sheriff's Office

    Agency Case Number: F16868


    I do not find Carol listed in NamUs at this time.

    Carol has been missing 34 years today. Come home soon.

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    36 years ago, Carol Lynn Roberts went missing.
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    Carol has dentals; there's an initial inquiry under way for DNA.
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    FL – Carol Lynn Roberts, W/F, 18, Sanford, Seminole Co, 15 Aug 1976

    Carol Lynn Roberts

    1974 (2).JPG Carol.jpg Aged.jpg

    Last Seen: August 13th-15th, 1976

    Missing From: Sanford, Seminole County, Florida

    Sex: Female
    Age: 18 Years Old
    DOB: 07/04/1958
    Height: 5’4” (64”)
    Weight: 100-128 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Clothing: Wire framed prescription glasses, knit multi-colored shirt, light green pants
    Jewelry: Gold Timex Watch
    Characteristics/Medical/Scars: Scar 3-1/2” on neck, blue dot on right forearm, tattoo right forearm
    Transportation: Chevrolet Corvette, Yellow 1974 (Car later recovered)
    Fingerprint Status: Not Available
    Dental Status: Available
    DNA Status: Initial Inquiry Underway

    Carol left Sanford, Seminole County, Florida between August 13th – 15th, 1976 with a white male companion in her 1974 Yellow Corvette. It is believed the couple left due to a check fraud case. The male received a traffic citation on August 19th, 1976 in Blythe, California it is unknown whether Carol was in the car at the time of the citation.

    Not long after the male was arrested in Canada on the outstanding check charge and returned to Sanford, Florida. Carol’s car was also returned to her family and returned to the finance company.

    The male while in custody stated to Carol’s mother that the two had gotten into an argument and that she got out of the car in Red Rock or Red Bluff, Arizona. The male did not provide any further details and will not cooperate with the investigation.

    Investigating Agencies:
    Sanford Police Department
    815 Historic Goldsboro Blvd
    Sanford, FL 32771
    Tele: 407.562.2782 / 407.665.6511
    MP Case # 1976-00016868
    MP Original Case # F16868
    Contact: Investigator Jason Bowman / Sgt Stacie McCoy
    Web: Police Department | Sanford, FL

    Information Sources:
    MP Case # 26838: Missing Person Case
    Case Manager: Carrie Sutherland
    Tele: 817.202.5931
    E-Mail: Carrie.Sutherland@unthsc.edu

    The Doe Network
    MP Case # 1298DFFL - The Doe Network: Case File 1298DFFL

    The Charley Project - Carol Lynn Roberts – The Charley Project

    Florida CIC Agency Case # 197600016868
    Missing Persons

    California Department of Justice - Carol Lynn Roberts
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