CONVICTION OVERTURNED FL - Danny Parker for child pornography, Lakeland, 2009

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    How many cut and pasters are there out there? I simply cannot fathom watching a full grown man working on his little photo montages. This is so creepy or "loathsome", as the judge says:

    Did a loophole lead to overturned child-porn conviction?
    September 30, 2011

    "....An appeals court this week overturned the conviction of a former Lakeland [FL] Sunday school teacher, saying the images that landed him in prison were not child pornography — because he had pasted photos of children's faces on photos of nude adult women's bodies. The actions of 41-year-old Danny Parker — who was sentenced to five years in prison in July 2009 — were "loathsome," the court said, but not illegal. Experts say we could see more of these situations — and possibly fewer convictions — because people who collect child pornography are often part of a thriving subculture in which they trade images and discuss ways to avoid prosecution...."


    "...The turnabout in Parker's case comes after a similar development in the case of John Stelmack, a Lakeland elementary school principal who had also placed photos of children's faces on photos of adult's women's nude bodies. Stelmack had also been sentenced to a five-year prison term for possession of child pornography, but the appeals court overturned his conviction in December...."


    "....Lately, teen pop star Justin Bieber is popular with people who trade in child pornography. "You'll see his face posted on a lot of different [pornography] images," Shehan said. In past years, the same has happened to photos of popular young stars such as the singer and actress Miley Cyrus and the stars of the Harry Potter movie franchise...."


    "... usually, if someone has the morphed images, they have a stash of unaltered child pornography as well. Under federal law, it is illegal to possess any images created or modified to show a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct. The loophole can come into play when the bodies depicted engaged in sexual conduct are adults — even if the faces are children...."


    "....Parker, who was a volunteer Sunday school teacher at a Lakeland church, frequently photographed the children who attended the church. He also took pictures at a youth camp where he volunteered. Although the pictures themselves were innocent, "the innocence turned perverse," when Parker began cutting and pasting....."

    more at link (plus mug shot)
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