GUILTY FL - David Rhea, 39, killed in home invasion, Pinellas Park, 7 May 2012

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    Accused killer Cody Dials had the bright idea of asking a fellow Pinellas County Jail inmate to help him pin the murder and robbery of David Rhea on someone else. So he drew a map showing exactly where the gun used to kill Rhea had been dumped, behind his house. 'Gun somewhare wright thar', it said.

    The inmate handed it to authorities, who followed it and found the murder weapon. Fortunately, Cody Dials had left his fingerprints all over the map too. He's been convincted of first degree murder.

    Just to prove that stupidity can be repeated almost endlessly by some, it was also revealed at the trial that victim David Rhea was a generous man who had frequently helped Cody Dials out with money, when he asked. And among the vital items Dials bought with the stolen cash he'd killed a friend for caps.

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    It warms my heart to know how stupid so many criminals are.

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