GUILTY FL - Debra Striano, 55, murdered in her Lee County home, 24 July 2012

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    The state attorneyÂ’s office on Thursday released nearly 1,000 pages of evidence and witness statements in a 2012 San Carlos Park homicide.

    Among information that came to light is that the victim, Debra Striano, 55, made a will the same day she was killed, and the beneficiary was her live-in boyfriend, Russell Myers. Also, a suspect in her death, Bill Ray Retherford, who was later shot and killed by deputies, was detained for questioning and released days before detectives say he killed again.

    Dustin Jaye, 24, has been charged in the killing of Striano, who was found dead in her home on July 24. Her throat had been slit and her pet dog stabbed. Jaye has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and is awaiting trial............more at link......

    Note: I searched for this case but did not there is another thread please merge....
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