FL - Diana Ruiz, 43, & Kristine Melton, 35, murdered, Cape Coral, Oct 2019 *arrest*


Opening statements this morning in FL v. #WadeWilson. Wilson is charged with double murder among other crimes spanning several days.

BREAKING: Two female jurors were dismissed this morning before opening statements in the #WadeWilson trial. The reasons were not stated in open court. Now down to 2 alternates plus the 12.


Note: Defendant #WadeWilson goes up to the judge's bench with his defense team for sidebars.

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PROSECUTION OPENING STATEMENT - Crime spree: #WadeWilson left a bar with victim Kristine Melton (pic on left) and another woman. They ended up at Melton's place. The next morning the other friend left. State says Wilson then strangled/killed Melton (Count 1 first-degree murder) He then took Melton's car (count 2 Grant Theft) and drove to his girlfriend's, Melissa Montanez, place of work. He beat her up (count 3 Battery). He left and came upon victim Diane Ruiz (pic on right) walking (Count 4 first-degree murder). Ruiz blood is found in Melton's car. Her body eventually found, strangled. He then ended up at Kent & Fannie Amlin's house, they were out of town. Wilson broke in and hung out in their house. (Counts 5, 6 Burglary and first-degree petty theft).


Defense deferred their opening statement.

"He was bloody and he was missing a couple of teeth." Acquaintance of #WadeWilson is first on the stand. "He said he killed people and he rolled up someone in a carpet....and that uh..he also needed to get out of town."

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Wilson will stand trial for the 2019 killings of Kristine Melton and Diane Ruiz.

A recent Florida law changed death penalty cases from being unanimous among the jury to a jury recommendation of at least 8-4 voting for execution.

Updated: June 10, 2024
I thought he got permission to cover his tattoos? Why hasn't he?
Every time I see his photo, that saying “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig” keeps running thru my head. His clothing will never help him overcome the perception he’s made of himself. He’s a & killer not worth the dirt under his own feet.
Judge Nick Thompson read Wilson's charges on Monday as potential jurors sat in front of him. Those charges include:

  • 2 counts of first-degree murder
  • Grand theft of a motor vehicle
  • Battery
  • Burglary of a dwelling
  • Petit theft
(Same article posted above)

Miller also asked some potential jurors about the tattoos on Wilson's face including a line on his mouth mimicking stitches, a swastika on his face and many others.

The judge ruled Wilson can wear makeup in an effort to cover them up, but he did not appear to have any one the first day of the trial.


Iane Ruiz's Fiancé Becomes Emotional Recalling Final Conversation​

Scott Hannon, who was engaged to marry Diane Ruiz, became emotional when asked to identify the ring he gave her. (6/10/24) MORE


DAY 1 – 6/10/24​


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