FL - Edward Bozarth, 62, Key Largo, 16 June 2007

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    The wife of a 62-year-old man found murdered aboard his boat in Key Largo’s Gilbert’s Resort marina in 2007 was arrested Thursday for allegedly killing her husband for his inheritance, Monroe County Sheriff’s announced, KeysNet.com is reporting.

    Deputies say Denise Bozarth, 39, was taken into custody in Walton County in the Florida Panhandle . She will be returned to the Florida Keys to face charges, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Deputy Becky Herrin said.

    Monroe County State Attorney Dennis Ward said a grand jury will be convened in the case, and Denise Bozarth is facing a first-degree murder charge.

    Edward Bozarth was found dead on July 1, 2007, in the starboard engine compartment of his boat, the Screw U 2, docked at Gilbert’s Resort.

    He lived on the boat with Denise Bozarth and their two children.

    The motive for the killing: The $650,000 Edward Bozarth had just inherited from his mother.

    "Denise Bozarth had told several people about her husband's inheraitance and how she would be the beneficiary if he died," said Herrin. "We verified that was true."

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