GUILTY FL - Jimmy McMillan, 49, killed in his Belle Glade grocery store, 2 Jan 2012

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    An anonymous source led the investigation to Corey Graham Jr who was charged with killing Jimmy McMillian,a beloved Belle Glade FL grocery store owner and bass fishing champion.

    According to the probable-cause affidavit: Graham initially denied he had anything to do with the crimes. He came to the sheriff’s office voluntarily Friday with his mother, and willingly provided a DNA sample.
    Meanwhile, detectives saw in store surveillance footage that the shooter had demanded that McMillan empty a cash drawer into a plastic bag. When McMillan obliged, he reached toward the shooter’s right hand, which held a gun. The shooter jumped back and fired at McMillan’s shoulder.
    That hand had markings on it, and detectives concluded that a tattoo reading “Errica,” the first name of Graham’s mother, matched the markings seen in the video.

    After authorities gained a search warrant to photograph Graham’s body Saturday, he was taken to the sheriff’s office. That was when he admitted his guilt to his father...

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    I do not follow professional bass-fishing & had never heard of Jimmy McMillan, but just surfed around reading about him. By all accounts, he was a really nice guy. Very sad.
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