GUILTY FL - Jordan Davis, 17, shot to death, Satellite Beach, 23 Nov 2012 #10


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Sep 5, 2007
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Jordan Davis’ father reflects on son’s murder 9 years later
Ron Davis now comforting family of Ahmaud Arbery
Jordan Davis’ father reflects on son’s murder 9 years later

"“As the years go on you start celebrating more than being sad,” his father, Ron Davis, told News4Jax.
He is using the somber occasion to celebrate how many families his son’s legacy has helped. The family launched the Jordan Davis Foundation, focused on feeding the hungry and giving scholarships to local children.​
“I just want to thank the Jacksonville and the Northeast Florida community for always remembering that Jordan Davis existed, that he was loved by his family and 23 November will always stand out in their minds,” Ron Davis said.

He pointed out the community helps his son’s legacy live on.

Jordan Davis’ brother and friends held a memorial Tuesday night [11/23] at the gas station where the shooting happened."

Ron Davis spent time with the family of Ahmaud Arbery last week (WebSleuths thread: GUILTY - GA - Ahmaud Arbery, 25, jogger, fatally shot by former LEO and son, Brunswick, Feb 2020 *Arrests* #6). That case went to the jury on 11/23, 9 years to the day after Michael Dunn murdered Jordan Davis.