FL FL - Julie Snell, 19, Panama City, 30 Oct 1979

19-year-old Julie Ann Snell was last seen alive the evening of October 31st, 1979.

She was at the Breakers East Nightclub on Beck Avenue.

At the time the club was located near the Shrimp Boat Restaurant on the same side of road.

Snell was found strangled behind the nightclub in the early morning hours of November 1st.

Although, the unsolved murder is considered a cold case the Panama City Police Dept. will still follow up on any new leads.
If you have any information that may help them solve the cold case contact them at 872-3100.


I still remember this murder. She was so pretty! There was a horrible rumor that she was found with no blood left in her body. I hope that wasn't true, but it was a very strong rumor in Panama City at the time.
Was the bar on Panama City Beach or in Panama City? I remember going to PCB when I lived in Tallahassee in 1982 because my mom was going to buy a car from a dealer there and he put us up at a hotel for the night in PCB after picking us up in a limo in Tallahassee. Never understood that one lol. Anyways,I was about 16 then and PCB gave me the creeps to be honest. There was an amusement park by the beach I walked over to and I remember that place scared the heck out of me. It was run down and there where some really creepy guys working there asking if I wanted to have a beer with them. Yeah, no.

What a sad story I hope that they solve it even though its gone cold.
Crime Stoppers Deals Decks of Cold Cases to Inmates

PANAMA CITY, FL – Panhandle Crime Stoppers is stepping up its efforts to bring justice to families of murder victims and or missing loved ones here in Bay County.

Panhandle Crime Stoppers announced today that they are sending 5000 decks of playing cards into local jails represented by Crime Stoppers.

The Cold Case cards features the stories of 17 local unsolved homicides and missing persons cases from over the years.

Unsolved Crimes - Panhandle Crime Stoppers

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