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    I just found this on sarasota herald tribune website.. can anyone help??
    Maybe someone near Boca might know something and can help? :(

    Murdered woman's family is still hoping for answers

    var ArticleTools_Title ='Murdered%20woman%27s%20family%20is%20still%20hoping%20for%20answers'; var orderPhotoLink; orderPhotoLink = "http://photos.heraldtribune.com/cgi-bin/fotobroker.cgi?c=buy.htm&op_special_instructions=contains&b=photo_db&special_instructions=804210394" imageCount++; //this will count the extra images -- if there are more than one, we'll load the multimedia box
    Published Monday, April 21, 2008 at 4:30 a.m.

    BOCA RATON — The parents of Julie Wills, a Texas beauty queen who was stabbed to death in her Boca Raton house 12 years ago, have returned, once more, to plead for help in solving the murder.
    On the 12th anniversary of the crime, Art and Nancy Crum, now in their 70s, made their annual trek this weekend from Austin, Texas, to St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, where they attended a Mass before meeting with Police Chief Dan Alexander. With them was their youngest daughter, Erin Harper -- Wills' little sister.
    The family has spent the past 12 years haunted by Wills' brutal murder.
    "It's tough but it's something I'm going to do until they put me in the ground," Art Crum said of the trip to Boca Raton. "I just want to know who killed my daughter, and why."
    On April 12, 1996, the 32-year-old Wills went to a friend's birthday party with her ex-boyfriend, Steven Flacco, whom she had met while competing in a beauty pageant in the Bahamas. It was Flacco who brought Wills to Boca Raton in 1994, and the pair apparently remained friends after their breakup.
    Flacco told police he and Wills returned to his house after the party and that afterward she went home alone.
    Two days later, Flacco told police, he found Wills undressed, lying in a pool of blood on her kitchen floor. She had been stabbed to death.
    A second man in Wills' life, Paul Southern, whom Wills had met a month earlier on a flight from Dallas and Honolulu, told police he had paged Wills while she was with Flacco after the birthday party, and that she had later told him Flacco had questioned her angrily about the pages.
    Flacco told police he went fishing, played golf and had dinner with a friend in Fort Lauderdale before he found Wills' body on Sunday, April 14, 1996. He said he drove to her house that night after he could not reach her on the phone.
    Soon after, Flacco stopped cooperating with detectives, who asked him to take a police-administered polygraph test 10 days after the murder. He refused.
    His attorney has maintained his innocence.
    Nancy Crum said her daughter's absence rings out new every day.
    "People talk about closure. There isn't any closure," she said. "If you've lost a child, that's it for you."
    Art Crum said he is convinced someone knows details about the murder but has yet to offer them to detectives.
    "For 12 years I've asked this person to come forward," Crum said. "I ask again."

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    It seems like there is a chance the ex-bf had a part in this, especially with refusal to take a lie detector test. Although that doesn't always mean guilt.

    How sad that another case has gone 'cold'. Maybe this media attention will help bring the killer to justice.

    Hopefully some locals will see this and comment about it. Thanks for the info, earthacademy. Welcome to WS!
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    I saw this story on ID Discovery Beauty Queen Murders last night. Unfortunately I fell asleep before the ending. I did find out googling that they have not made an arrest. It is very sad that this case went cold and they could not convict anyone.
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    Here is the page about Julie Willis from the Boca Raton Police


    Based on the evidence, detectives believe that Wills was killed late Friday or early Saturday after she returned home from the party she attended with Flacco.

    Quick video from the 13th year anniversary of Julie's murder.


    If anyone has information about this case, they are asked to call Detective Scott Hanley at (561) 338-1344 or Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers at (800) 458-TIPS.
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    I just saw this in Australia, and googled but couldnt find anyone that had been arrested yet?

    From the tv show it seemed their were 2 main persons of interest; an ex boyfriend and a convicted rapist who socialised in the same social circles as the victim.
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    Beautiful woman.....I wonder if there was any old dna evidence from the original investigation that could be processed with today&#8217;s technology?
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    Her father passed away not knowing what happened. There’s no more DNA testing to do? That means that there’s not enough of a sample to go further maybe?

    Posted 10/6/2016

    17 years after slaying, former Austinite's mother still seeks justice

    Since Nancy Crum was in her early 60s, she has traveled from Austin to Boca Raton, Fla., 16 times with her husband. She doesn't go for pleasure, but instead meets with police and pleads with the public, holding on to hope that her daughter's killer will be found.

    Friday, the 17th time, was no different, except that her husband of 56 years, Art Jr., the man she leaned on while dealing with their daughter's death, was not by her side. He died in November.

    Nancy Crum said the police have already done all the DNA testing there is to do and that no new information was released Friday.

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