GUILTY FL - Karen Kallen-Zury & 3 others for Medicare fraud, Hollywood, 2012

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    ...........U.S. District Judge Jose Martinez revoked Kallen-Zury’s $3 million bond and ordered her to repay about $40 million to the taxpayer-funded Medicare program, calling her offense a “terrible crime.”

    The judge also delivered lengthy prison sentences to two other Hollywood Pavilion executives who were convicted this summer along with Kallen-Zury. Martinez gave Daisy Miller, 44, of Hollywood, a 15-year sentence, and Christian Coloma, 49, of Miami Beach, a 12-year term. He ordered Coloma, a former therapist/administrator, to surrender immediately, but allowed Miller, the Pavilion’s former inpatient clinical director, to remain free on bond while she pursues an appeal because she is the mother of two young girls........

    In June, a federal jury found that Kallen-Zury conspired with the other defendants to submit false Medicare claims for $67 million over almost a decade. The 12-person jury also found that Medicare was tricked into paying almost $40 million to Hollywood Pavilion, whose CEO and others covered up the scheme by falsifying the records of ineligible patients and fabricating marketing contracts with patient recruiters. The recruiters, many of them convicted felons, were paid more than $1 million for the patient referrals. .........

    More in 2p. article....
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