FL FL - Kristy Degg, 13, Sarasota, 7 May 1995

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    On May 8, 1995, Kristy Degg was reported missing by her mother. She was last seen at their home on Deer Hollow Lane in Sarasota, the previous evening as she was getting ready for bed. Her body was found about three weeks later in a shallow grave <snip>

    At the time of Kristy's disappearance, her two younger siblings and her mother's Boyfriend, Richard Lee Walker were in the residence.

    Walker was on probation for prior offenses and was not suppose to have any contact with children <snip>
    Since the time of Kristy's murder, Walker's probation has been violated and he served time in Florida State Prison. He was released from Prison in July 2001.

    Information about Richard Lee Walker can be found here http://www.dc.state.fl.us/InmateReleases/detail.asp?Bookmark=10&From=list&SessionID=307511933

    and here http://www3.fdle.state.fl.us/sexual_predators/OffenderFlyer.asp?keys=31767

    It looks like he is currently incarcerated in Hamilton county jail in OH.
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    Slaying Suspect Kills Himself

    FLORIDA - The State - In Brief
    February 18, 2005


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