FL FL - Laralee Spear, 15, DeLand, 25 April 1994

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    Laralee Spear
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    On April 25, 1994, 15-year-old Laralee Spear was reported missing after she failed to arrive home from DeLand High School in DeLand, Florida. At 3:15 p.m., Laralee Spear gets off her school bus at South Spring Garden Avenue. The petite, friendly cheerleader begins walking home along Deerfoot Road. When Laralee didn't come home about 30 minutes later, Barbara Spear, Laralee's mother contacted police and reported her missing. Her mother's instinct told her something was not right. She knew her daughter and knew she would never run away.

    After about an hour and a half of law enforcement looking for Laralee , a chill went down the spine of her mother. She knew her daughter had been found dead. Her body was spotted by a police helicopter in a secluded area lying on the back-yard patio of a burned-out house on Deerfoot Road. She had been murdered by multiple gunshots only a quarter-mile from where Laralee vanished. It wasn't the first time this vacant house was a crime-scene. About one year prior, the house had been burned down which leads to the belief that the unknown killer(s) was familiar with the area. Teenagers often used the place for drug parties. There’s also an old railroad trestle nearby.

    Witnesses from the neighborhood informed cops that they saw a black low-rider truck speeding away from the area at about the time the Laralee disappeared.

    Laralee's hands are tied. Much of her clothing is missing. Blood pooled beneath her. It seemed obvious to authorities that someone abducted Laralee, attempted to sexually assault her, and shot her multiple times in the back of the head. She may have been beaten as well.

    In the following days, some of Laralee’s clothes are found scattered alongside Deerfoot Road. It was if the killer had discarded them as he drove away. A profile of the killer was made. He would be young, possibly a teenager. The killer may have a new handgun that he was obsessed with. He probably talks of the murder often. He has anger issues and is inexperienced with murders.He may have kidnapped Laralee and attempted to rape her. When she fought back, he shot her and fled.

    20 years later, the case remains unsolved. Anyone with information is asked to contact investigator Chuck Lee at 386-254-1535 or Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida at (888) 277-TIPS.

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    I don't see any updates on this case. The only article of interest that features a couple of interesting comments - - http://kidnappingmurderandmayhem.blogspot.ca/2010/10/justice-for-laralee.html

    This all happened in a span of 90 minutes. I have a hard time seeing a "young, inexperienced teenager" pulling this off alone. It has been 24 years, but all they need is that right piece of evidence!

    Someone ALWAYS knows......

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