Found Deceased FL - Madeline Soto, 13, Missing Child Alert, 13500 blk Town Loop Blvd, Orlando, 26 Feb 2024 *arrest* #7

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At about at the 34:49 mark, like you said, Joseph Scott Morgan does say from what they heard massive head trauma. How could it be, @MassGuy? How could that happen?

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The only thing I can come up with is something went down (duh), she likely declined his advances while waiting for JS to come home, a tussle ensued, and

they went down and he likely beat her head on the floor in the heat of the moment. That entire condo is all tile floors. No carpet anywhere. Although... I don't know how you can make that premeditated. Hmmm...

Source of the floors:4012 Santa Maria Dr APT 107, Kissimmee, FL 34741 | Zillow
I think he wanted to dump her body at school and that's why he left extra early. However, there were people already there so he couldn't do it that way. He would have to dump her body elsewhere. He came back home and threw her stuff out and put her body in the trunk and then waited until he could find an excuse to get away from Jennifer. If it was blunt force trauma, then there is a murder weapon. Where and what it that?
That would make sense as to why he was seen on the license reader driving past the school at 8:10am. Perhaps his plan was to dump her in bushes near the school so LE would be looking for someone that might have abducted her and killed her. You know, because SS dropped her off early so it HAD TO be some stranger.

So, he figured there wouldn't be many people around at that time of the morning (hence the reason his story is he dropped her off early). Too many people spooked him, they weren't supposed to be that many at that hour so he went back home to figure out a Plan B.

The only thing I differ on in your post is him coming back home to get rid of her stuff ( which was 7:35am). The stuff was disposed of before they left and before he drove past the school at 8:10.
he was asked when he got there THAT WEEKEND...he pauses, pretends he had to remember and then says 'sunday, it was the evening AFTER her birthday party. what time: 8-8:30ish, just in time to make sure she did all her night time routines....waited for her mom to come home'. and thats when he is asked about whether they went anywhere last nite. he cant remember. :eek: that question was interesting to me.

seems like he was lying about when he got there that weekend.......the pause...... why would he have to think about what day he got there?

you are correct, we have no idea if his timeline arrival is true, whether he showed up or didnt at the party, how Madeline got home, no idea.
It was how he answered LE's Q that gave me pause.

LE – Yeah, I’m sure you guys were worried. When did you come back to help?

SS – What do you mean?

LE – Like, cuz you live down south, right? When did you come back up north to help her?

SS – Uhm, I just got here this weekend.

LE – Do you remember what day it was?

28:00 SS – Uhhhhhh… SSSSSSSunday? <Then sounding MUCH more confident about his answer> Sunday was her birthday party so yeah, it was, it was the evening after her birthday party. Sunday.

LE – OK. Do you remember what time you got here on Sunday?

SS – Mmmm…. 8:00? 8:30ish?, maybe?

Starting at this section:
the interview with Hannah McKenzie fox 35 (with creepy lurking SS in the background) was done via zoom, view of the kitchen. the combo interview, channel 9 Im not sure who is asking the questions and seems like it is in the house as well.
Thank you for this insight. Interviews by Zoom are certainly different then having reporters in your home (potentially the crime scene)! MOO.
DBM ( it’s been confirmed above through the courtTV link the JS police interview was the 28th! )
Am I missing a interview with SS? The one I've been posting snippets of here was supposedly from the 27th. Is there a video on the 28th that someone can link here, please, or does this video just have the wrong date listed on it? TIA!


Link to what's supposed to be the 27th:
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OK, now that I've Goog'ed and know what FetLife is... I'm hoping at least one of you pays for a sub so you can paraphrase for the rest of us innocent angels. :p

This is gonna get interesting...
Boy, I’m feeling like some ‘ol naive grandma! Never heard of these sites! :eek:

Would someone be able to give me an idea of what people might be seeking on these various sites without getting in trouble with admins?

I know what Reddit is.

From what I understand, FetLife is a site where one can match with potential partners who share the same fetishes. I've never heard of Fling but the name of it makes me think it's a hookup app vs a regular dating app.
I suggested this a few days ago, will say again: by "sleeping", MS may have been mortally wounded/unconscious in the car, and appeared deceased.

If she had a serious head injury, she may have lost consciousness sometime Sunday evening/Monday morning.

SS and possibly JS panicked, and SS left the house early with MS, dumping her backpack and the laptop.

We know SS also left his phone at home, so I think he WAS heading somewhere he did NOT want to be tracked. Phone was safely pinging location as back at the Soto apartment.

I want to know exactly where SS went in the hour or so he was out driving back and forth with MS, since we know it wasn't McDonalds. We know MS was not dropped off near school.

We also know going back for the clicker is absurd. Going back for his phone, and to whine to JS/fill her in perhaps on what went wrong--PLan B in effect....

I don't think we ever received any confirmation about the vape shop errand, or any of the specific places SS claims he went that day. We also do not know where JS went. Only what they both say, and when different people were caught on video.
Really, SS & JS saying JS was sleeping in that morning during the "school run" is very hard to dispute or prove. As long as SHE was at home, and not doing something like posting on social media or going outside herself on cameras, I would wonder how LE would handle this?

MS was reported missing on the evening of 2/26/24, and by 2/29/24, SS was arrested (in custody since 2/28).

I think it's fair to say that SS (and JS) were under close surveillance by LE from very early.

IMO, Discovery pages 1-1008 most likely pertain to SS's Google drive and the unrelated (to her murder and disappearance) CSAM charges.

From Discovery pages 1009-1473 E-filed on 5/13/24, while we don't have the dates, I believe they offer a good idea of what information LE was actively collecting.

For example, from just the phone GPS, location surveillance videos, and telematics of the Lincoln SS was driving, we can be confident that LE knows exactly when and where SS was at which I'm sure will impeach 99% of the statements SS made to MSM and LE during his interviews.

Also, I believe LE has collected much information on JS and would know if her activity patterns varied both before and after SS was arrested. I believe they immediately started tracking her vehicle and may still be tracking her. IMO, I do not believe there is evidence to implicate JS in the murder of her child. MOO

Surveillance of the school and JS workplace would be able to confirm that MS never entered or exited her school, and also confirm if/when JS arrived and departed from her place of employment. Telematics for the Lincoln will be able to tell Investigators how many times he opened the doors and how long they remained open. JMO

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This just hit me

I'll try to be delicate but there's nothing delicate about this --

When JS was shown a photo of the abuse, oral violation, she said she didn't recognize anything in the photo. What? It was her daughter's mouth/face.

That alone didn't shock, horrify, nauseate her???? Further, if so pressed by LE, she didn't recognize whatever else appeared in the photo, namely a distinct body part of her longtime boyfriend... plus potentially bedding from her own home. Nope, nothing there was familiar?????

Or is the denial, not regarding the assault, but that it happened under her roof?

I can't fathom any reaction that wasn't devastation for my child and immediate cooperation to sink the monster who would do that to a child, to my child. Self-preservation, last on my list.

She was only eight years old.

The LE statement said something like she was in complete denial after seeing that explicit photograph, said she didn't recognize anything in the pic, and then became visibly upset. (paraphrasing since I don't have the statement handy). I wonder how they knew she was upset. Did she cry, did her leg shake uncontrollably, did she hyperventilate. I'd like to know how she expressed her upset after she denied recognizing anything. MOO.
BFT..... not uncommon (in crimes on WS) to see strangulation culminate with BFT. Strangulation isn't pretty. Takes a long time. Requires sustained strength. And will. I recall one murderer describe it as horrible gurgle, couldn't stand it, so he bludgeoned her to "make it stop". BrianLaundrie claimed GP fell and he was compelled to put her put of her misery, misery I believe he put her in. HE didn't want to hear it (the final struggle for breath) so he picked up a rock and silenced her for all time. (Of course HE said SHE fell on the rock.) Anyway, the ugly point being that SS may have strangled Maddie (for any of the reasons -- she said no, he said yes, he wanted to stop her from talking, it was part of his perverse sexual playbook, it wasn't the first time, it was the first time).

It's all so sad and so sickening. And to think of all that child endured and survived, only to be murdered. @MassGuy has it right. It's not the monster under the bed....

From what I understand, FetLife is a site where one can match with potential partners who share the same fetishes. I've never heard of Fling but the name of it makes me think it's a hookup app vs a regular dating app.
I’m certainly feeling sick and dumbfounded reading some of the recent posts — OMGosh — this is stuff probably most of us never would have wanted to know about. But we “need” to look into it in sleuthing dear Maddie’s alleged sicko-abuser and the horrors she endured. Thank you to those WS who are brave enough to venture into this and tactfully enlighten the rest of us.
The LE statement said something like she was in complete denial after seeing that explicit photograph, said she didn't recognize anything in the pic, and then became visibly upset. (paraphrasing since I don't have the statement handy). I wonder how they knew she was upset. Did she cry, did her leg shake uncontrollably, did she hyperventilate. I'd like to know how she expressed her upset after she denied recognizing anything. MOO.

I watched Dr. G's behavior and body language of JS where he analyzed a recorded interview of JS, and I agree with Dr. G, JS has an odd affect about her, and even though most found her answers unemotional and strange under the circumstances, there were really are no telltale signs of deceit.

Even when JS was being dishonest such as the "we" statements-- she did not have any telltale signs of deceit -- even when she corrected herself that she did not go with SS to drop MS off at school. IMO, it appeared to me she was reciting what she was coached to say.

IMO, given the observation above, I think it would be easy to tell if JS became visibly upset because she'd thus far demonstrated very little emotion to most of us. JMO
Reposting with a link (but without screenshots this time) via permission from SillyBilly.

Stephan Sterns has a FetLife account, however, like all member profiles on that website, it is only viewable if one has/creates a fetlife account and is signed in.

WS treats fetlife similar to paywall links/websites, so that is the reason for the inability to post/lack of screenshots; though his profile really has very minimal info: No pics, no listed interests and an empty "about me" section. But the stats match: 38 year old male located in Kissimmee, Florida. Lists himself as a Straight Switch. The account was created 2 years ago and his last activity (which was also minimal) was around that same time period. His username is the same as he has used other places online: Sustinet. On fetlife his user # 15536346

The link (which WS automatically cuts off the fetlife portion of it after posting) is:


Here it is again, with spaces between each letter, in case WS automatically cuts it off again. Creating spaces seems to sometimes fix that issue, though one would have to remove the spaces in order for the link to actually work plus, again, have a fetlife account and be signed in, or create an acct in order to actually view it.

h t t p s : f e t l I f e . c o m / u s e r s / 1 5 5 3 6 3 4 6 ? s p = 1

Ordinarily, a Switch means someone who is willing to both be in control of another or to give up control to someone else, usually but not always sexual in nature.
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