GUILTY FL - Mary Jane Barth, 85, raped & murdered, St Petersburg, 17 Sept 1976

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    ST. PETERSBURG - The day Mary Jane Barth was found dead at the entrance of a cemetery, her body punctured with 27 stab wounds, Gerald Ford was president.
    "I hope they get that man off the streets, the one who killed Mary," Barth's sister, Alice, is quoted telling a reporter in a faded clipping from a newspaper that no longer publishes.
    Authorities said Tuesday that they did get that man off the streets.
    It just took them nearly 31 years.
    Registered sex offender Alfonzo Austin, 58, was charged with first-degree murder in the Panhandle on Monday in Barth's death. The DNA from the crime scene was recently submitted to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement laboratory, and there was a match with Austin's from a 1990s case,
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