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    On December 28th, 1987 at around 4 AM, 20 year old Melissa (Missy) Ellison was found dead in her trailer home. She was beaten to death with a charred log taken from the fireplace, which was then left by the front door.
    Missy was a young mother with a 1 year old daughter that lived in a mobile home off Coljean Road in Taylor's Trailer Park, which was owned by her parents. She had recently separated from her husband and had invited a friend and the friend's boyfriend to move in with her to help with the bills. At around 11:30 pm on the night of Dec 27th, Missy spoke to her mother on the phone. According to old newspaper reports about the murder, Missy told her mother she was scared, but she wouldn't say why.

    Missy's roommate told officers she woke up in the night because she heard Missy's baby crying. When she got up out of her room the roommate found the baby on the couch in the living room. The roommate then told police that she took care of and fed the baby, and then ended up falling asleep on the couch. She said she woke up to some noise, like a slamming of door or something like that, and she went back and found Melissa in the bedroom dead.

    Maybe the biggest clue of all about Melissa's killer was a 911 call where the caller referred to Missy's murder and said "I'm sorry… I had to do it." No one has ever been arrested for Missy's murder, but the detective working her case said his gut feeling is that this was not a random attack and he thinks it was someone that knew her.

    Melissa's family also added in the newspaper article that they noticed two pictures of her at the beach from her mantle were missing, but they weren't sure if the pictures were taken by her killer or if they were taken by an investigator back in 1987.

    UNSOLVED: The 1987 murder of Melissa Ellison
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