FL FL - Naples, WhtFem UP367, 30-40, buried in green shower curtain, Apr'04


I received an e-mail RE: UP367 and Patricia Leventhal. Wow, that was quick!

"Your suggested match has previously been submitted to Doe Network"

Does that mean Patricia Leventhal is ruled out?

Not necessarily. It could mean it's being investigated.

And there are a surprising amount of cases where somebody can't be ruled in or out.
Has Patricia Leventhal been ruled out yet?
Has Patricia Leventhal been ruled out yet?
I don’t see her on the list of exclusions (and wow are there a lot! 45!).
Guadalupe Gomez Benitz is a recent entry into NamUs. She was last seen Nov 1996 walking north on SR29 roughly 35 miles away from golden gate estates It's also may be worth noting that Guadalupe disappeared on a year that the US was hosting the Olympics.

I was wondering too, but I know from our cases, you can't always get DNA or what you need to do genealogy. You may have enough to do a facial run but not genealogy. Sometimes it takes a few tries or a company that can get results with less DNA

And sometimes they have DNA but just don't make that information public, for whatever reason. There could be a lot going on behind the scenes.
Looking at the Doe Network pages for this UID
over the years, about Dec 2017 and up to the
present day, the entry has been "DNA: Available".
I'm also noting a possible match to a WS member
down in Florida, who will move with the informing
action. Might be some part of a reward coming to
him if it works out, or at least another addition to
the rule out list in coming months. Cheers
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I wonder if you think that Heather Moggy might be a good match. She was last seen in 2002. She had brown hair, parted in the middle, was 5'6", and was 17 yrs old at the time of her disappearance. This makes her a couple of years younger than the estimate. Her face shape seems to be very similar to the victim. Missing Persons - Sudbury Rainbow Crime Stoppers


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