FL FL - Paul Allard, 14, Miami, 30 Aug 1976

I have just discovered this case and blogged it. I wanted to share my thoughts here. Paul was 14 when his vanished August 14,1976 from Miami,Dade county,FL. He was from CT and was visiting family in Miami. He called his mom that day to ask to come home. His mom said she'd send his uncle to pick him up. Paul headed to the local 7/11 to get a soda,but never made it. He had a serious injury to his left hand. The hand was taped up. He was to have 2 fingers on his left hand amputated when he returned home to CT. He also has a scar on his right hand. It is thought that he might have tried to hitch hike home and was abducted in the process. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 5'4" and 110lbs. http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/1310dmfl.html

EDITORIAL: This poor child was facing life changing surgery and had to be very anxious. As if that were not bad enough he gets abducted. I feel so bad for him.
Updated age-progression to age 49 (Paul will be 49 in May).


Hi everyone! I'm new here so forgive me if I commit any faux pas.

I stumbled across a UID (did I get that right?) of a man I feel closely matches Paul Allard's description right down to having an injured hand. I was so compelled that I tracked down an email address for the medical examiner and contacted him. He stated that South Bay John Doe's DNA has been in CODIS since 2006 and suggested I contact "the originating agency" to ask them to do a comparison. I'm not sure how I do that? Any pointers?

Here are a couple links to the UID...
I'm having a very difficult time contacting the right people to report this possible match. If anyone can help me out, please do. I tried contacting Miami Detective Mary Jo Lamont who is listed on the Namus profile for Paul Allard but she is retired. The person I spoke to on the phone took my contact information. I tried to reach Detective James Leonard in East Hartford Connecticut who is also listed on Namus and was connected to the voicemail for another detective. I left my contact info as well as the case info for Paul Allard and the South Bay John Doe 1984. I called the Namus Regional Administrator who advised I call the East Hartford Connecticut and Miami Dade police departments.

Is there a better way?
Did you ever hear back from them? MDPD is a cluster mess, personnel get changed all the time. At the current moment the dept was drastically cut back by the current mayor. They have 4 detectives for missing cases. Try calling them and ask for special victims unit and ask to speak to detective in that unit; if they do not call you back, ask to speak to the SGT, then LT, then Captain. That should do it. Keep us posted. Thanks for trying. I live in the area all my life.

Paul Allard


Missing Since - Aug 30, 1976
Missing From - Miami, FL
DOB - May 10, 1962
Age Now - 56
Sex - Male
Race - White
Hair Color - Blonde
Eye Color - Blue
Height - 5'4"
Weight - 110 lbs

Age Progressed


Paul's photo is shown age-progressed to 49 years. He went missing on August 30, 1976, while visiting relatives in Miami, Florida. Paul may have been attempting to travel back home to Connecticut when he disappeared. His left hand was taped due to an injury.

Have you seen this child? PAUL ALLARD
NamUs #MP5787

Circumstances of Disappearance:

Paul went missing on August 30, 1976 while visiting relatives in Miami, Florida. He may have been attempting to travel back home to Connecticut when he disappeared. His left hand was taped due to an injury. It is believed that he may have attempted to travel back to Connecticut, possibly by hitchhiking.

Scar/mark - Scar on right finger, left hand was taped because of an injury, with the middle finger pointing down. A residual scar or possible amputation of fingers on the right hand.

Transportation Notes - Paul A. Allard was known to hitchhike as a form of travel.

Missing Person Case
Paul Allen Allard
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  • paul_allen_allard_2.jpg
Paul, circa 1976; Age-progression to age 49 (circa 2011)

  • Missing Since08/30/1976
  • Missing FromMiami, Florida
  • ClassificationEndangered Missing
  • Date of Birth05/10/1962 (56)
  • Age14 years old
  • Height and Weight5'4 - 5'5, 110 - 125 pounds
  • Medical ConditionsPaul had badly injured his hand prior to his disappearance and wore a tape dressing on it, with the middle finger pointing down. Just before to his disappearance, doctors had decided to amputate two of his fingers.
  • Distinguishing CharacteristicsCaucasian male. Blond hair, blue eyes. Paul has a scar on the first two fingers of his right hand. His hair was shoulder-length at the time of his disappearance.
Details of Disappearance
Paul was visiting family members in Miami, Florida when he disappeared on August 30, 1976. He called his mother and asked permission to return home to Connecticut, and she sent an uncle to pick him up. By the time his uncle arrived to meet him, however, Paul had vanished. He was last seen walking on Bird Road near 112th Avenue in Miami, headed for a 7-11 store. He never actually arrived at the store, however.

Paul's parents were divorced at the time of his disappearance. He has a prior history as a runaway; in October 1975, while he and his mother were living in Florida, he left home and hitchhiked to Connecticut to see his father, who was sick and in the hospital. Paul's father died at Christmas that year, and Paul, his mother and his three siblings moved back to Connecticut; they lived on Prospect Street in East Hartford.

Investigators believe that after his 1976 disappearance, Paul may have initially tried to go back to Connecticut like he had done before, but he never made it there and has never been heard from again. His family believes he may have been abducted while attempting to hitchhike to Connecticut.

Few details are available in Paul's case. The original investigative casefile was lost and authorities have opened another decades after his disappearance. Both Florida and Connecticut police are investigating his case. Some agencies give the date of Paul's disappearance as August 13, 1976.

Times were diffrent back then when you go just runaway from home and hitchhike cross the country. Most likely he met the wrong driver.
This is my uncle unfortunately he died right before I was about to turn two so I have no memory of him. This has haunted my family for far too long. And unfortunately my grandma, his mother, died a few years ago not knowing whatever happened to her son. I continue to pray that one day we will have answers
Paul looks so much younger than 14 year-old in this photo. I would like to know why they are so sure about the hitchhiking scenario. I mean, he phoned his mom to ask permission to come back home and she said his uncle was on the way... If he intended to hitchhike in the first place, he would have declined the offer of his uncle to give him a ride.
I really would like to know what happened in Miami:
Why did he want to return home?
Did he have a fight with someone? Was he afraid?
Who saw him on Bird Road near 112th Avenue? And when? Morning, afternoon or evening?
Where was his uncle suppose to get him, at the relatives' home or the 7-Eleven?
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