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    Public Records Law Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies
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    An electronic edition of the Public Records Law Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies is available for download in Adobe Acrobat format. The downloaded copy may be read, searched or printed.

    Law enforcement agencies face many challenges in carrying out their important responsibilities to investigate crimes and to secure the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for committing unlawful acts. In addition, criminal justice agencies have unique issues that arise under the Public Records Act. The Public Records Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies is designed to address these special concerns.
    We are pleased, therefore, to present the 2008 edition of the Guide. This publication incorporates legislative changes through the 2007 legislative sessions and key court decisions and Attorney General Legal Opinions affecting the Public Records Act and law enforcement agencies. As in the past, the Guide is intended to be used in conjunction with the law enforcement agency's legal counsel, whose advice should be sought on specific issues facing the agency.
    In addition, a more comprehensive analysis of the open government laws is contained in the Government in the Sunshine Manual. The Manual is prepared by the Attorney General's Office and published by the First Amendment Foundation. Information on how to obtain the Manual is available by contacting the First Amendment Foundation at (850) 224-4555.
    It is the policy of this office to provide expedited assistance to law enforcement agencies faced with questions about public records. Accordingly, if we may provide additional information, please do not hesitate to contact General Counsel at (850) 245-0140.
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