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    Police are looking for Nalio Almaric Williams, a veteran identity thief who also steals cars.

    After a decade pinching cars, cashing phony checks and getting driver’s licenses in other people’s names, Williams, 35, is now wanted on a murder charge.

    Police say physical evidence ties him to the scene of the Dec. 22 killing of exotic car-rental broker Raimundo Modia.

    Williams served three years in state prison, and records show he was also sentenced to 18 months in federal prison on bank-fraud related charges. Those files show he was known as “Zarick Demetris Smith.”

    Attorney Andrew Rier represented Williams in 2006 and has not spoken to him since. Williams’ mother, who lives in Hialeah, did not return messages seeking comment.

    Six-foot-one and 250 pounds, Williams has a deck of cards tattooed on his right arm. On his left a tattoo reads: “Jesus How I Love Thee.” He is believed to be from Jamaica.

    “When Williams went to prison, he gave a guy a Publix bag filled with fake I.D.s,” said Broward Sheriff’s Office Detective Shane Schroeder.

    “He said to him: ‘Hold this for me for when I get back.’”

    More at link...

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    Surveillance video shows victim moments before murder


    Broward Sheriff's detectives have released surveillance video they hope will lead them to the killer of a man looking to sell his luxury car.

    Raimundo Modia, 34, was gunned down outside a West Park warehouse on Dec. 22 where he went to meet a prospective buyer for his high-end Mercedes. Detectives say Modia was shot several times during the meeting. They obtained an arrest warrant for Nalio Williams, 35, for first-degree murder. He is considered armed and dangerous, they said.

    Link has video and contact #s
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    From January 2015:


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    I wonder if they were able to do any DNA or keep any evidence from this perp's ER visit.

    On December 22nd, Raimundo Modia drove one his high-end luxury Mercedes to a West Park warehouse on SW 57th Terrace in hopes of selling it. What Modia, 34, didn’t know was that the prospective buyer, 35-year old Nalio Williams, was a career criminal, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

    Nalio Almaric Williams was shot during the altercation in the leg and went to the emergency room himself, and was later named the suspect and charged with first-degree homicide.

    Nalio Williams- Florida- 2011 | America's Most Wanted Fans (an unofficial fan page for America's Most Wanted & In Pursuit with John Walsh)
    Fugitive Profile as of August 9th, 2014:

    Sex: Male
    Race: Black
    Current Age: 37-39
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 280 lbs.
    Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair): Black. Williams keeps his head shaved, though he might attempt to grow his hair out while on the run. He's typically clean-shaven.
    Eyes: Brown
    Other Phys. Characteristics: Williams is a large man with a hulking figure.
    Scars and Tattoos: He presumably has a scar on his left leg from where Ray Modia is believed to have shot him on the night of December 22, 2011. Williams has a tattoo of a fanned-out deck of cards on his right arm.
    He has the words 'Oh Jesus How I Love Thee' inked on his left arm.
    Traits and Habits: Williams is considered armed and extremely dangerous.
    Other Possible e8Locations: Miami Gardens , FL. Miami , FL. Broward County , FL. Fort Lauderdale , FL, Bahamas, Jamaica. Nalio Williams has ties throughout South Florida. Cops think he most likely fled the U.S., and he's hiding in Jamica or the Bahamas.
    Who to call if you've seen him: Based on wanted location, our advice would be to call Crime Stoppers of Broward County at (954) 493-TIPS (8477). You can also submit a web tip to them by clicking on the following link: www.tipsubmit.com/WebTips.aspx?AgencyID=157

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