FL - Richard Key, 25, Jacksonville, September 2012

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    Family looks for answers in 2012 unsolved murder
    Richard Key gunned down in drive-by shooting
    Author: Kent Justice, Anchor, reporter, kjustice@wjxt.com
    Published On: Sep 07 2015 04:31:05 PM EDT Updated On: Sep 07 2015 06:48:09 PM EDT

    Richard Key

    Key’s mother, Catherine Ivey, held an emotional vigil at her home Monday asking the community to remember her son while she continues to look for answers that could help police close the cold case and give her some relief.

    “He was called out of the store and the next thing I know, somebody’s knocking on my door, telling me my son was dead,” Ivey said.

    Ivey said she stays in touch with police and knows they need help solving the murder. She said she still aches for her lost son and pleads for help from the community.

    “I don’t know what triggered it or what could have happened, but I just pray that justice prevails for my son, because he didn’t deserve what happened to him,” Ivey said.

    “You kept it so long but it has to come out. Don’t let his children not know what happened to their father,” Ivey said. “I just pray and ask anybody, if you know, please tell it. It’s time to talk! It’s time to let justice prevail.”

    Ivey also wanted to remind anyone with information that they can contact Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS and leave an anonymous tip and be eligible for a reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case.

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