GUILTY FL - Ronderique Anderson, 16 mos, beaten to death, Tampa, 1 Feb 2011

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    Ronderique Anderson

    Yet another case where DCFS admits mistakes and a baby dies!

    TAMPA - A 16-month-old boy who had been on life support for four days died Saturday, and now his father faces a first-degree murder charge.

    Ronderique Anderson was pronounced dead at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital.

    "Ronderique's mother, Fredreda Scott, made the decision to donate her son's organs, saying that even as she grieves over the loss of her baby that she hopes another child may be able to live and prosper the way Ronderique would have," the family said in a statement issued through their attorney, Eric Seidel.

    The boy's father, Dwayne Poole, was arrested Tuesday night on an aggravated child abuse charge and is being held without bail. Police added the murder charge on Saturday.


    TAMPA — The Florida Department of Children and Families acknowledged Friday that agencies under its oversight erred in the custody case of a 16-month-old Tampa boy who police say was brutally beaten by his father and is not expected to survive.

    "Mistakes were definitely made in the decisionmaking process to place the child with the father," DCF spokeswoman Erin Gillespie said. "Right now we're doing a thorough review of the case, trying to decide what went wrong." :furious:
    Earlier this week, police responded to Poole's Temple Crest apartment for an unresponsive child who had fallen down stairs. Emergency responders found Ronderique with a ruptured spleen, fractured forehead and bleeding brain, according to a search warrant application.

    Poole later changed his story. As punishment for trying to stick a hanger in an electric socket, Poole admitted spanking, whipping and beating the boy, police said. He also admitted throwing him onto a bed, causing his head to strike a wall or dresser, according to the warrant application.

    more here

    :rose: Fly with the angels, baby Ronderique :rose:
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    omg my heart hurts, RIP Ronderique. You are now free from the man who was supposed to love and protect you.
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