FL FL - Ronnie Griffin, 15, Graceville, Jan 2008

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    9 Jan 08

    The boy's father, Ronald "Ronnie" Griffin, said he has heard indirectly from his son twice since he disappeared, with the boy reporting that he is not in any danger. However, that's not much comfort with his whereabouts still unknown, Griffin said.

    Authorities want to talk to the biological mother of 16-year-old Ronnie Harold Griffin but had not located her as of Wednesday. According to Kersey, the teenager had visited with his mother at the school a few moments before he was reported missing.

    Kersey stressed that investigators simply want to talk with the mother, identified as Irma Linda Gallego, in hopes of sharing information that might help them locate Griffin. She is not considered a suspect in the young man's disappearance, Kersey said.
    "We're in the process of getting in touch with Texas," Kersey said, "as that is her last known address. Nobody saw him get in a car with her, and she is not being sought as a suspect. We're simply searching for her to talk."

    much more interesting info at link

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    It's a miracle that he knew that his son didn't make it to his next class. That would NEVER have happened in the school district I'm in. I'd get a recorded call at the end of the day saying that your child was absent one or more periods. I agree with the school that they are not visitation police. I think that the school performed well under the circumstances. If mom or stepdad was that concerned they should have taken him home . I'm not blaming dad at all but to blame the school is unfair IMO.

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