GUILTY FL - Sandra Rozzo, 36, murdered in her Pinellas Park home, 5 July 2003

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    Ashley was married to Timothy "Tracey" Humphrey one day when she says she killed for him.

    The target was Sandee Rozzo, an ex-lover of Humphrey's who had accused him of assaulting her. Prosecutors were taking him to trial in August 2003.

    Just a month before trial, Rozzo, 37, was shot eight times in her garage. She died at the hospital. Her friends suspected Tracey Humphrey. Rozzo had said she feared him.

    But Humphrey had an alibi. He had ordered a pizza at his Brandon home that night and paid with a credit card. Receipts confirmed it. Cell phone records showed calls he made that night bounced off a tower a mile from his house.

    Police noticed Humphrey had married the day before the murder. They turned their attention to Ashley.

    "It's the kind of thing a book could be written about," said prosecutor Fred Schaub. "They're married one day and when most people would be on their honeymoon, he's planning to kill someone."
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