FL-Some Good News: Number of kids missing from state custody dropping

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    Of the 19,710 children in foster care in July, 308 or about 1.5 percent, were missing. That's a record low and down from the 2.3 percent who were missing two years ago.

    About 90 percent of those missing today are teenagers who ran from their foster home, with the rest almost entirely children abducted by a parent who had lost custody.


    Now they [DCF caseworkers] carry handheld GPS units that stamp a date and location when they visit each child. The information is automatically updated into the state's database, making it easier to see a missing child's last whereabouts and adding more oversight for caseworkers.


    ...reported the lowest number of missing children, 233, on Aug. 31. That's roughly three years after a peak of 708 missing children on July 10, 2006.


    At the time [Oct 2007], case managers were required to make one attempt a week to locate a missing child.

    "They aren't missing persons detective so their efforts weren't the greatest and we weren't holding them accountable," [Todd] Raleigh [former missing persons detective and now Jacksonville DCF coordinator] said.

    Now he works with Family Support Services, the local contractor with DCF, and trains caseworkers.

    much more at link; excellent article
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