FL FL - Teresa Baggett, 13, Indiantown, 3 July 1976

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    On Saturday, July 3, 1976, in the small town of Indiantown, Florida the town was geared up due to the fact that a big rodeo was in town. It was taking place at the Burt Reynolds Rodeo Bowl off Citrus Blvd. This would be the last time this rodeo would ever come to Indiantown. Rumor has it that it was because of the death of a 13 year old girl. A girl named Teresa Baggett.

    The Martin County Sherriff’s Department stated on July 3, 1976 she was last seen leaving Rhine’s Market in a green truck with an older man. Some, even claim it was her father. The family still to this day holds to their statement that he did not kill her and leave her for dead by the spillway. Clifton Baggett, the father, lived and died under the shadow of a small town’s unofficial conviction for the murder of is daughter.

    She was found July 6, 1976, 3 days after she went missing, by an unnamed grove worker. He found her partially floating/bloated body in a cannel on the property of Robinsons Grove off of Hwy 76. This was only 5-6 miles from her home . Teresa’s body was hardly recognizable because of the hot Florida sun and hungry animals. The marking around one half of Teresa’s neck suggested strangulation but the AUTOPSY REPORT STATED’ CAUSE OF DEATH- "UNKNOWN.’’ Teresa was laid to rest on July 10, 1976.


    Cold Case or Cover-UP? Read more about the investigation at:
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    Why do they think her dad killed her?
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    The website noted above has a LOT of information regarding Teresa and was created by the family. Teresa was clearly loved and still is. Sadly, this case appears frozen. It appears the only person they put any pressure on was the father. The family does not believe it was him. Apparently the only way they got a "witness" statement was through hypnosis, which in itself is FAR from any kind of legitimate evidence. This was a small town. Someone HAS to still know what happened to this girl.

    They actually had removed those who worked early on in this case, which asks the question why? The family clearly believes a cover-up was involved for whatever reason.

    Even 42 years later, all they need is a KEY piece of evidence to change everything for this family.

    Someone ALWAYS knows .....

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