Found Deceased FL - Tracey Lynn Rieker, 44, Venice, 30 Sept 2020

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    Published today.

    Venice Police release more details in Tracey Rieker disappearance (

    According to the report, Rieker’s husband, Christian, told detectives that she had recently become religious and was fasting and that their last interaction had occurred when she was attempting to dispose of the family’s Halloween decorations at 3 a.m. When he awoke the morning she disappeared, the home’s garage door was up and Rieker’s car was gone. A bicycle propped into the entry way prevented the garage door from closing.

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    Recalling earlier reports, it all points to TR in a bad state of mind when she left home in the middle of the night: She was reportedly gone all day the day before-- proselytizing at the beach, and her family asked her not to go out again as it caused them to worry.

    Her husband found her in the garage at 3 am gathering Halloween decor for disposal. It seems that TR loaded the decor in her husband's SUV that was parked inside the garage versus her own vehicle parked outside, and (intentionally?) left a bike in the sensory zone to prevent the garage door from closing. Perhaps she believed she could drive to a dumpster and return soon without waking the family but instead drove the husband's vehicle into the water where she stayed submerged for weeks.

    So sorry for her family, and hope they find comfort and support with each other.

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