GUILTY FL - Yvonne Oulton, 62, beaten to death, Pompano Beach, 4 April 2010

Discussion in 'Recently Sentenced and Beyond' started by LogicalMinds, Apr 8, 2010.

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    Another sad case of husband kills wife...this one again caught on video tape
    makes me wonder if our nicer suburbs are all on camera?? No might be a good idea

    this is odd how he had their son drive him around to "look for the missing wife"...

    We had 2 domestic murders and another odd murder in a few days here...eeek

    info/video about this sad case here >>>,0,28237.story

    The Broward Sheriff's Office said the husband of a poker regular at a Pompano Beach casino has been arrested in her fatal beating.

    It was the second arrest this week in Broward County of a husband accused of killing his wife.

    Trying to establish his alibi after he killed his wife, the Sheriff's Office said, Robert Oulton, also an avid poker player, gambled in a tournament for more than an hour at Isle Casino & Racing on Sunday night. He had left Yvonne Oulton's body in their silver 2007 Dodge Caravan in a warehouse area less than a mile from the casino, the arrest affidavit states.
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