FLDS - Colorado -"Grandma's Refuge"

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    'Heaven to us': Steed is a contractor who moved to Colorado with his family three years ago; he was assigned to set up safe houses for FLDS members. Sect leader Warren S. Jeffs, an imprisoned felon, circulated through the area before his arrest in 2006. The monogamous couple have seven children - six stairstep boys and a baby girl - and are primary caretakers of the household, which includes Deanna's grandmother. Three other women, ages 65 to 83 and widows of previous sect leaders, live there, too. So does a 34-year-old woman, three middle-age women and five of their children.

    Barlow said Colorado offered the women an escape from the pressure that has enveloped the border towns in recent years.

    But for others, questions accumulated: Would the FLDS clog welfare rolls? Overtake local government? Abandon children? Jobe met with Steed and FLDS spokesman Willie Jessop, who assured him such fears are unfounded.
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