Flooding in Baton Rouge, LA & surrounding area- worst natural disaster since Sandy

Discussion in 'Weather' started by ktgirl, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Please keep the people of south central Louisiana in your thoughts. We have been through a devastating flood - the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. The national news is hardly covering it. 10,000 people are in shelters and at least 20,000 people are displaced. In the town of Denham Springs (a large suburb of Baton Rouge), 90% of the around 130, 000 residents lost everything. As you all know, this has already been a difficult summer in the Baton Rouge area with the attack on our police officers, etc.



    I am in Ascension Parish and we were very lucky- our home did not flood and we are safe. But SO many of our friends lost everything. I'm originally from New Orleans so I've seen this all before with Katrina. Many of the people who lost their homes moved here after Katrina and this is their second home lost to flood water. Please spread the word that this is going on. The national media seems so much more interested in the Olympics and presidential race right now.
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    Absolutely heart breaking. Thank you for posting. Glad to hear you are safe. My soul cries for so many...
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    I used to live in Baton Rouge in East Baton Rouge Parish, my mom is still there and she is safe

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    I have been following this story but from a dog rescuer point of view. My heart aches for all the animals left behind as in Katrina some still chained. I wish I could go help

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    My heart goes out to all who have lost so much. It seems like Louisiana just keeps getting battered in one way or another.
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    I wanted to share just a few stories from south Louisiana about people uniting in the aftermath of tragedy. There are so many stories like these that make my heart smile. :)

    During these trying times, people are turning to Facebook to get the word out about those in the most need due to flooding. After a Facebook post, 1,496 volunteers showed up at one address. They ended up cleaning and clearing 376 homes.


    DENHAM SPRINGS – The St. Helena Hawk football team spent the day gutting homes and carrying water-soaked furniture to the street following the recent flooding in the area.

    Many of the players have friends and family dealing with devastation, but on Friday the team made a choice to help others.

    "To be honest with you, I thought maybe five or six guys would volunteer," Brandon Brown, St. Helena head football coach, said. "When I proposed the question, they said coach, 'We want to help,' and that brought tears to my eyes," Brown said.


    Baton Rouge, Louisiana (CNN)They're out in force, patrolling in jon boats, motorboats and even canoes through south Louisiana's new, flood-made waterways, saving cats, dogs and people.

    They're known as the "Cajun Navy," and in recent days they've become possibly the nation's most important neighborhood watch.


    Ragin’ Cajuns’ Football team leads a helping hand to flood victims


    Resident: “The community came out to save Lake Arthur”

    “The community came out in force,” said Gauthier, “I mean there was 150 people back here delivering sand bags, taking them off the street here and handing them down to the people putting them in place. Women, children, the National Guard, all the town people were here. This community it is amazing what they have done.”


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