Florida couple autioning baby as advertising space on ebay!

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    St. Petersburg, Florida - The eBay listing reads: "Pimp My Baby Till he is 1yo!"

    It was posted by a young couple from St. Petersburg.

    They're offering advertising space on their 4-month-old son, Gavin, until he is 1-year-old!

    Their goal is to be able to have “mommy” Sadie be able to stay at home for Gavin’s first year.

    The eBay auction winner can have their logo placed on Gavin’s clothes: a baby beanie cap, a onesie, on a T-shirt, on his stroller or even an upcoming Halloween costume, it is totally the bid winners choice.

    The father, Jeremy Naylor, came up with the idea from seeing eBay ad bids from goldenpalace.com.

    Jeremy, who is a graphic artist and photographer, will provide a weekly photo and document it on a website dedicated to his first 12 months.

    Gavin’s mom and dad have to work opposite shifts, Jeremy watches Gavin in the morning while Sadie is at work, and when she comes home dad goes to work till 1:00 am in the morning.

    With this schedule there is not much time for them to bond as a family.

    Sadie Naylor, mother:
    “We are like strangers passing in the night.”

    Sadie was able to stay at home for Gavin's first month, but then they had a bad luck streak.

    The unlucky streak started with Jeremy being in the hospital for the first week with a collapsed lung, then there was a failed business partnership, and most recently a car accident.

    They say if they exceed their goal, 100% of the bid amount will go towards the little guy and not towards some silly frivolous spending.

    If bidding exceeds 25-thousand dollars, the winner will get their choice of logo placement!

    The Naylors offered to wrap the back of one of their personal vehicles for a moving billboard! Or Dad will even get the winner’s logo tattooed on his arm!

    Here's what the parents had to say to our Web Reporter, Nick Fokianos:

    Nick Fokianos, Web Reporter:
    “What is the highest you think the bid may go?”

    Sadie Naylor, mother:
    “My husband had a dream that it would reach 11 thousand.”

    Nick Fokianos, Web Reporter:
    “Do you feel there is anything ethically wrong with what you are doing?”

    Sadie Naylor, mother:
    “No, as long as it’s just a silly logo, and not something offensive. Nothing nasty. It’s just on his clothing. If the auction was won by a dirty website we’d refuse the offer.”

    Nick Fokianos, Web Reporter:
    “And no tattoo on the baby’s forehead, right?”

    Sadie Naylor, mother:
    “No, only on my husband’s arm, not the baby.”

    Nick Fokianos, Web Reporter:
    “Will you tell the baby about this when he is older?”

    Sadie Naylor, mother:
    “Absolutely, we plan on documenting the whole thing; I think he’ll have something to talk about when he is older.”

    Nick Fokianos, Tampa Bay's 10 News

    Here's the ebay auction. It's already up to $560 w/ 1 days to go.

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