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Discussion in 'Mysterious woman from Longview, Texas' started by HerStory, Jul 19, 2013.

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    "The Canadian Border Services Agency still doesn't know how she got into Canada.

    That part seems to be the most concerning about the whole story... But she crossed in 1997, and the border requirements were much more lax pre Sept 11, 2001

    Thanks so much for sharing this story.
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    I'm posting here because there does not appear to be a general documents thread or a thread that seems to focus on the early event of the name change. So, food for thought seems to fit. Having worked in the court system for most of my life, I started to study the name change documents more closely. Here is the timeline surrounding that.

    July 5' 1988. Appears in court for the name change.

    Here was the missing piece I overlooked the first time:

    July 11, 1988. Official name change issued. (Second to last document in the document thread , certified copy of name change issued july 11, 1988. She would have needed a certified copy for the social security administration for the name change. )

    July 12, 1988. Application for social security number.

    This means she physically was in possession of the official name change document on either July 11 or July 12.

    We are missing an important piece of the name change court record. There had to be a part of the name change application that was filed with the court that contained her address and phone number at the time of application. Since the Order wasn't issued until 6 days later, she had to have a way of getting the order by mail OR she called the clerk everyday to find out when it was ready and take the chance they wouldn't mail it, OR Made a connection with one of the clerks and instructed or asked them to hold it when it was ready so she could pick it up or to call her when it was ready. If she did it this way, then she had to have made a person to person connection with someone in that office. If she had it mailed, then we need to find out that address because it may be the most legitimate address of all of the addresses that we have looked at thus far. OR if she instructed them to call her, the phone number on the application may be the most legitimate phone number of all of the phone numbers we have looked at thus far. If it was mailed, and she used the Nevada mailbox, with the way the mail was back then, I doubt she would have gotten it that quickly.

    If she simply instructed them to hold it til she picked it up, we are out of luck here. But if the court documents show an address and phone number, we may have another lead. Or, we may have a lead if she made a person to person connection in the courthouse.

    Does anyone have the ability to get the COMPLETE name change record?
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    Was this question resolved when the FOIA papers were released?
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    Nope...the FOIA docs only include a clerk certification letter, not even the actual court order. And not the original petition, which would be most helpful for sure.

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