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    Cindy Anthony -back on the stand again- 12:10:23

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    Day 5 -- May 28th, 2011 of Casey Anthony Trial.
    Times of Witnesses Sworn In during
    Morning Session -- A.M. EDT time
    8:58 HHJP Calls Court to Order
    8:59 Tony Lazarro (sp) sworn in
    9:00:20 HHJP Welcomed Jurors
    9:43:08 HHJP excuses Tony L.
    9:43:49 Cindy Anthony sworn in
    10:28 Morning Recess called
    *****See Photos of ICA when CA steps down from stand for morning recess****
    After Cindy leaves stand for Morning Recess.jpg
    10:28:35 Court Reconvenes
    10:46:26 Jurors brought back in to court room
    11:55 Recess
    Afternoon Session – P.M. EDT time
    12:08:48 Court reconvenes
    12:09 Cindy retakes stand & Jury seated for afternoon session (IN this order)
    12:10 Sidebar
    12:11:45 Direct testimony of Cindy starts
    12:38 LDB approaches CA with My Space post – CA made on July 3rd 2008
    12:41 Sidebar regarding MySpace testimony
    12:46 Return to CA testimony
    12:48 Sidebar
    12:56 HHJP says court will recess for day and gives ‘pleasantries to Jurors for a nice weekend’.
    12:57:19 Jurors dismissed til Tuesday May 31st, at 9:00 EDT
    12:58 Anthony’s attorney (Lippman (sp) requests to be heard on a matter - HHJP will hear him on Tues. May 31st, 2011 at 8:30am EDT
    12:59 Court in Recess
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    ******Just caught TIME ERROR in my Post --SO SORRY -
    see Red/Hightlighted morning times******

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    Lee Anthony allowed to attend the trial.

    8:34 AM Atty. Lippmann requests Lee Anthony to be free of sequestration and allowed to attend.

    HHJP looked over the depo taken by the state and found both state and defense teams were in attendance. He also learned the Defense did NOT take a depo for LA. Cheney Mason argued why an uncle shouldn't be allowed exemption from the rule, if an uncle, why not his future wife, and cousins? He also claimed having GA listen to others' testimonies has colored his answers.

    Mr. Lippmann cited how uncles have inherited from deceased nieces/nephews.

    8:50:17 HHJP excused Lee from the sequestration rule - he's in.

    Recess at 8:51:15, return at 9am
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    We're attempting to keep a list of the WITNESS NAMES each day and the exact TIME they are SWORN IN.

    While watching the proceedings, would you kindly jot down these details and post them when convenient or collect them and post after the trial recesses for the day.
    We'd appreciate it.:thumb:

    Direct link to the REAL TIME clock for ORLANDO:
    (while watching online, I keep a 2nd window open of this clock, reduced in size to show only time, and place it right above the Live Stream)

    LIVE STREAM ( no commercials )

    TV: InSession - today, about 10 sec ahead of wdbo. stream
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    8:51 Judge DENIES Defense Motion for copy of Geo A's Grand Jury testimony: says he read the transcripts and they don't differ from what Geo has testified thus far & does not see what would be of use to the Defense.

    9:13 Cindy walks up to stand
    9:14 Jury called in
    9:15 Linda D.B " Good morning Mrs. Anthony"
    9:42/43 break time/recess
    9:46 Jury brought back in
    9:47 Linda D. B continues introducing photo evidence
    9:52 side bar
    9:55 Linda D.B continues
    9:56/57 Cindy crying after seeing pic of car seat
    10:27 sidebar
    10:33 RECESS for 15 min (reporters noting Lee A. is entering court house)
    11:03 tell Mrs Anthony to return and being jury in
    11:04 Judge giving instructions to jury- evidence to receive by 911 call is to be considered as an excited utterance and not to be considered for any other purpose such as 'stolen car or bank acct" acts not included in indictment
    11:06 Linda D. B plays 1st 911 call " 22 yr old person stolen something? my car and also money"
    11:16 2nd 911 call is played
    [11:22 Cindy crying overheard KC say Caylee missing 31 days & taken by nanny so Cindy calls police 3rd time ( 3rd 911 Call -remarks about odor in car)
    11:24 playing last 911 car " smells like there's a dead body in the damn car" -KC lies (no sound of emotion/ugency while talking to police-and says she recvd a phone call from Zanny's number and spoke to daughter for about a minute- Zanny been her nanny for about 1.5 yr- KC been trying to find Caylee with her other resources)

    (Jean Casarez (sp) from Insession said Casey looked ANGRY whule Cindy was cryng enven though she did wipe her eyes)

    11:29 RECESS for 5 min (Cindy ask Judge for a break-very upset- Jury dismissed, does not see Cindy helped off the stand)
    11:47 Cindy heading for stand, Judge asks for jury to return

    11:48 Linda D.B. resumes questioning
    11:57 plays phone call from KC at OC jail says to Cindy "saw your cameo, what's ToNe number,
    get it from Lee"- Lee on phone , KC " F'n waste talking to her mother,"
    ( listen to tape replays from the news site to hear all of jail house call)

    12:11 RECESS until 1:30

    1:31 let's return Cindy Anthony
    1:32 lets return Jury
    1:33 Mr. Baez you may proceed " Good afternoon Mrs. Anthony "
    1:42 Baez asks that KC can stand so Cindy can see her body(referencing size of body since she is not physically active in jail for 3 yrs- assoc w/time KC was pregnant and Geo & Cindy said it was not confirmed
    1:43 side bar called by Prosecution
    1:47 Judge- " defendant may stand" Cindy, "I can see from the chest up"- asks her to get off stand and look.

    2:44 RECESS until 3pm
    3:03 back in courtroom Cheney Mason asks for side bar before Jury brought back in
    3:06 Cindy back on stand a
    3:07 Jury re-enters court room
    3:07/08 Baez resumes questioning
    3:10 Baez plays portion of 911 call and she said she is trying to tell Geo who just pulled up and still in car what was going on as she was talking to Police dispatch)
    3:23 BAEZ - 'no further questions"
    3:23 Linda D.B " may I approach the clerk" and side bar
    3:27 Linda D.B. starts questioning
    3:37 Baez re-examines
    3:41 Baez done - Cindy leaves stand, Judge asks Jury to be removed, issues to take care of

    3:53 Amy H next witness- Baez objects, not prepared but he does have depos, he thought she was in Barcelona. If Judge takes early recess today, he will make it up with a full day on Sat.
    Judge say "I am NOT stopping any more for you to get a file". He had referred to him telling Defense they could have stored their files in the courthouse in a safe place. Baez said he took Amy H file and was working on it this weekend. Did not have available today.
    Therefore, Prosecution will proceed with direct questioning.

    3:58 RECESS for 5 min
    4:06 return the Jury
    4:07 Amy H SWORN IN
    attnys approach the bench for 40 secs and then back to questioning

    4:46 side bar
    4:47/48 Prosec continues questioning
    4:55 Judge announces he is going to let jury go for evening. They will be provided with 'edit' copies of news papers from St. Pete Times, but will not include anything regarding the current reports about the Trail since it began a week ago.
    4:57 Jury stands down.

    Tomorrow morning 8:30: state will present what stmts they would like to present to the jury.
    Are they exculpatory or do they relate to collateral matters? A balancing test will be applied to the 6 convictions. Both sides will be heard. Consideration should be given to the 'Huggins'/Hutchin's (sp) opinion he wants them to read tonight before they make their arguments tomorrow.
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    Thanks, Fifth, I didn't know what he was talking about because my DD came yakety, yakety, yak. I'm glad other ears caught it.

    So GA is on the same track with his testimonies. Amen.

    HHJP entered 9:13 and calling Cindy back to the stand, scolding Baez to turn on his microphone

    Jury entered about 9:15

    Late start due to sound system trouble
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    9:36:54 - Cindy mentioned finding Caylee's favorite doll in the car
    She wiped the doll and sprayed it with Febreze, then she sprayed the car with "pretty much a whole can" of Febreze

    Note: the link I'm watching may be lagging a bit behind others, just by seconds

    9:40 - Cindy talking about bodies in the morgue and patients with rotting flesh - (nurse of decomp? - sorry)

    9:43:25 brief recess called due to computer/picture issues

    9:46: HHJP reenters

    Cindy returns to stand

    9:53:40 JB whines for sidebar

    9:55 HHJP tells jury to disregard Cindy's statement about her steak knife being in the car.

    (as noted before my live feed is lagging and the other keeps stalling)

    10:13:44 Cindy speaking of telling co-workers about the car

    10:14:17 she says her director told Cindy to go home

    She keep referring to "dead body" smell and "my Caylee is missing" as figures of speech

    10:28 another sidebar - JB probably fearing the playing of 911 calls, imo

    10:34:25 recess called for 15 minutes

    (I'm wondering if the state is ready to play the 911 calls, it's the perfect time)

    11:04:33 Cindy returns to stand

    Jury enters 11:05

    11:05:32 LDB speaks - Judge reads stipulation for 1st 911 call

    11:07:53 - 1st 911 call

    11:16:50 - 2nd 911 call

    11:23 - Cindy says Casey told her Caylee was missing for a month and nanny has her, Cindy ready to crack

    11:25:30 - 3rd 911 call
    Cindy sobbing on stand

    about 11:30 - Cindy asks for a break, judge calls 5 minute recess

    (I think the jury won't care they must disregard the car and cash theft, Cindy's hysterical voice and Casey's calm voice should tell them all they need. OMG, that was rough.)

    11:45 back from recess

    11:54:12 - first jailhouse phone call - cindy crying

    I believe LDB said "no further questions", judge called recess

    12:08:39 - Judge called recess, jurors and Cindy went out
    chit chat with attorneys, judge says he will let jurors read redacted St. Pete Times, recess called again until 1:30
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    In the courtroom Tuesday afternoon, May 31, 2011:

    1:32:02 pm - The judge starts talking.
    1:32:54 pm - Cindy Anthony enters the courtroom.
    1:33:17 pm - The judge returns the jury.
    1:34:02 pm - The judge...."the SA and DT recognize the jury."
    1:34:24 pm - Baez cross-examination of Cindy Anthony, "good afternoon Mrs. Anthony."
    1:42:36 pm - Approach the bench.
    2:44:41 pm - 15 minute break.

    3:05 pm - I'm remembering the VOC moon for today at this time....Baez seems like he's all over the place with his questioning. It's hard to follow what he's trying to accomplish at times. IMO, the only thing he's accomplishing is showing what a good liar KC is.

    3:06:48 pm - Cindy Anthony re-enters the courtroom.
    3:07:19 pm - The jury is entering the courtroom.
    3:08:04 pm - The SA and DT recognized the presence of the jury.
    3:08:12 pm - Baez resumes cross-examination of Cindy Anthony.
    3:23:38 pm - Baez finished cross-examination of Cindy Anthony.
    3:24 pm - Sidebar
    3:27 pm - Judge is on the phone in the courtroom.
    3:27:59 pm - Re-direct of Cindy Anthony by SA (LDB). The SA is having a hard time getting Cindy to admit the car smelled "like a dead body". Maybe the VOC moon again?

    3:37:56 pm - SA finished re-direct of Cindy Anthony.
    3:38:13 pm - Baez started another cross-examination of Cindy Anthony.
    3:42:00 pm - The judge says the witness (Cindy Anthony) can stand down.
    3:42:10 pm - The judge removes the jury for discussion without their presence.
    3:50:36 pm - The judge allows evidence that KC has 6 prior felony convictions. A statement will be made to the jury.

    Baez is having trouble with his files again. I don't think the judge is pleased. If he gives an early recess today, they will have a full day of court on Saturday. The judge gave both sides plenty of secured file storage in the hallway and Baez has evidently not used it.

    3:58 pm - The judge WILL NOT STOP ANYMORE for Baez to get files. He is laying down the law to Baez.
    3:58:43 pm - 5 minute recess and then direct testimony of Amy Hizanga (sp). Court will stop today after her direct testimony per his honor. They are not getting the work done per the judge - the VOC moon again?

    4:07:01 pm - Returning the jury.
    4:07:54 pm - The SA and the DT recognize the jury.
    4:08:04 pm - Amy Hizanga (sp) enters the courtroom. She was KC's close friend at the time.
    4:08:15 pm - Amy H. is sworn in.
    4:08:41 pm - SA begins direct questioning.

    Today I'm using this link to watch the trial and I'm using Fifth's link to the Orlando Time Clock for the times.
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    I missed a few key times.

    1:32:40 - back in session
    1:33:22 - Cindy on stand
    jury returns
    1:34:29 - JB questioning CA
    missed right here
    2:44:50 - recess till 3pm

    (CNN live feed appears to still be delayed a bit)

    3:03:33 - Judge returns and Mason wants to approach again
    3:07:07 - CA back on stand
    3:07:27 - jurors return
    3:08:10 - JB questions CA

    (Q. Did Casey put the pool ladder up when she was "allegedly" looking for a hiding place for the Body?)

    3:11 ? JB playing portion of 3rd 911 call - CA: George, Caylee's missing. GA: What? (let's frame George) JB played section of tape twice.

    3:21 - JB asking if Cindy had financial gains from this case (What nerve!) Ended at 3:23:40 Cindy down from stand
    3:24 sidebar
    3:27:59 - LDB asking what CA did for Caylee - food, clothing, shelter, asking about KC's weight fluctuation while incarcerated
    3:34:30 - CA sais car smelled like nothing she'd smelled before
    3:35:59 - trademarked Caylee's name to prevent exploitation by strangers
    3:26:39 - KC's lies began when Caylee was born & KC wanted to leave the house, lies about who was caring for Caylee, employment, why KC wasn't home
    3:38:00 - end of LDB questions

    3:38:15 - JB questions CA abt smell in car, CA says rotting flesh, JB asked abt George's reaction, JB asking abt KC's graduation and party, she lied, had party anyway, she couldn't walk on grad stage
    3:42:04 - CA leaves stand, jury leaves courtroom

    3:43:35 - Judge talking about KC's 6 felony charges
    LDB stated because JB introduced Caylee's fathers it opened the door for unsolicited? statements (felonies)
    Judge says JB had burden to prove why not - arguments tomorrow bef court, 10 mins each
    HHJP as presiding Judge over another case seems to have ruled for state in a somewhat similar/but not similar situation, upheld by (FL?) supreme court
    He will tell jury about Defedent's six felony convictions only to consider her credibility of hearsay statements
    3:53:34 - end of talk on this subject

    Ready to call Amy Huizenga, JB saying he doesn't have his file, Judge scolding him about utilizing the file space provided, and he caused delay last week too because of no file

    4:07:20 - return from recess
    4:08:14 - Amy H called to stand, questioned by state's Frank George, she met KC New Year's Eve 2007/2008
    4:09:32 - sidebar
    4:10:03 - resume
    4:28:01 - Amy says KC complained of extremely bad smell in car
    4:29:53 - FG showing texts from June 27th betw. KC and Amy - smell in car, for over a few days, maybe a week prior, slightly less, maybe she ran over something?, end of story on June 27th, car ran out of gas at Amscot, KC stayed with Amy from June 30th uninvited early am stayed one wk., Amy was arranging to move in Anthony home but KC kept changing dates
    4:47:18 - sidebar rreq. by FG
    4:57:21 - jury excused until 9am
    4:58:14 - Amy excused until 9am
    see above notes at 3:43:35 regarding felony convictions
    5:03:20 - recess until 8:30 for counsel to take up felony matter, court recessed until 9am
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    Just an FYI....I keep editing my first post today to add new times and comments to it. :)
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    That's a good idea, and I generally try to do that,too, but when I begin at 8:30am, eventually the edit button disappears (time ran out) and I have to begin anew. The edit feature lasts only a short time, not all day. I find if I try to post everything after the court has recessed for the night, I can't always read my scrawl 8 - 9 hours later. :waitasec:
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    ZOE and WatchinginKY, you've been ACES!!!!

    If there are any differences, it's appear to be no more then 1 minute.
    Should we need to go back and look at a particular period, we'll have near exact to exact TIMES to work with.


    * it's a good thing that several members are participating, as no one person is available all the time... work, family, etc.
    This way, we are covered. Anyone that's reading here is encouraged to post TIME annotations.
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    FE, I am not posting the times that I logged today Day 6 - Tues May 31st, 2011, because they match with yours.
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    In the courtroom, Wednesday morning, June 1, 2011:

    (I've missed a bit this morning. I've been busy at work.)

    My CNN link went bad and I used this link for a few minutes. The times are a little behind the CNN live feed times. I'm also using Fifth's Orlando time clock for the times.

    9:04:17 am - The judge enters the courtroom. (KC was already in the courtroom when this live feed started).
    9:06:05 am - Amy Hizanga (sp), KC's friend, enters the courtroom.
    9:06:28 am - Judge reminds Amy H. that she is still under oath.
    9:07:47 am - Baez begins cross-examination of Amy H.

    Back to the live CNN link for these times:

    9:26:55 am - Amy H. excused by the judge but is subject to recall.
    9:27 am - Sidebar. Amy H. is still on the stand. She said she wanted to say something.
    9:34:48 am - Amy H. is called to the sidebar.
    9:37:37 am - Sidebar is over. Amy H. appears to be very happy.
    9:37:57 am - Amy H. leaves the courtroom.

    9:39:00 am - Lee Anthony (KC's brother) enters the courtroom.
    9:39:12 am - Lee Anthony is sworn in.
    9:39:29 am - Lee Anthony spells his name for the court.
    9:39:38 am - The SA begins direct questioning of Lee Anthony.

    11:28:01 am - The defense (Dorothy Sims) begins cross-examination of Lee Anthony.
    11:39:46 am - Cross-examination is done.
    11:39:56 am - Re-direct of Lee Anthony by SA (Mr. George).
    11:40:55 am - Sidebar.
    11:44:37 am - Sidebar is over.
    11:44:56 am - Re-direct of Lee Anthony resumes.
    11:48:21 am - Lee is excused, but subject to recall.

    11:49:21 am - SA's next witness enters the courtroom (Brenden Fletcher - Corporal with the Orange Co Sherrif's Office - 1st responding officer to Hopespring on July 15, 2008).
    11:49:32 am - Brenden Fletcher sworn in.
    11:49:53 am - SA (LDB) begins direct examination.
    11:59:29 am - Baez begins cross-examination of Brenden Fletcher.
    12:01:28 pm - Judge excuses witness.
    12:01:39 pm - Baez back to ask another question of the witness.
    12:04:30 pm - Judge excuses witness again.
    12:04:47 pm - Judge - court in recess until 1:30 pm.
    12:05:37 pm - Judge giving instructions to the attorneys that it would be beneficial to them to read another case he referenced.
    12:06:07 pm - Judge again - court in recess until 1:30 pm.
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    8:30 early morning hearing regarding 'hearsay'. Prosec had asked about bringing in the 6 felony convictions . See story wftv:
    State withdrew Motion.

    9:05 Amy asked to return to courtroom
    9:06 Jury return
    9:18 Judge asks to approach the bench over objection by Prosec as to Baez exploiting Amy's drinking
    9:22 objection sustained Baez (asking her about accident talking about her 'drinking)
    9:27 Judge releases witness Amy subject to 'recall'
    9:27 Amy says " may I say something?"-has not left stand yet
    9:27 side bar (Amy still sitting) minutes later, Amy asked to go over to side bar)
    9:37 side over and Amy leave
    9:38 State calls Lee Anthony
    9:39 Lee SWORN IN
    10:09 RECESS ( Prosec asked for a few minutes-Judge OK 15 min recess)
    10:27 Lee Anthony back n stand and Jury returned
    10:28 Prosec continues with examination
    10:30 Defense objects to Lee saying what the depo reads-Judge says approach bench
    10:33 Judge objection over ruled
    10:33 Prosec continues to ask question what KC said 'maybe because I'm a spiteful b!tch"
    10:37 side bar re: objection by Defense-what Lee says KC said in absence of Cindy in room. Depo references
    10:45 Judge objection overruled
    10:46 Prosec asks him to recall what he read
    10:47 asking Lee do you recall verbatim what you told detective KC said-NO, approaches with depo transcript
    10:48 KC said mother had numerous times thrown it in her face that KC was unfit mother for Caylee, and that KC says "maybe I am". And that Cindy said Caylee mistake but best mistake KC ever made"
    10:51 side bar (re: conversation between KC and Lee from depo)
    10:55 questioning resumes-Lee describes conversation in bedroom "31 days"
    11:00- Lee describes what KC said about her trying and method to find Caylee. Said she had received phone call on July 15 , Caylee was the only person on phone, KC said, put adult on phone."
    11:07 Prosec puts items in front of Lee
    11:08- defense requests side bar
    11:18 resumes- Prosec give Lee docs again- 19 receipts, movie ticket stubs,
    receipts were in one of KC's backpack he recovered by Tony's. Didn't see any items belonging to Caylee
    11:27- Prosecution- no further questions- Ms Sims cross-examine Lee
    11:27: Ms Sims,attny
    11:33 Sims asks about confrontation between KC & Cindy
    11:33 side bar- just finished asking Lee 'if he thought Tony packed the bags'
    11:36 resumes questioning about how he and sister packs bag. Bags were neat, not messy. Lee sure she didn't pack bags
    11:39- Defense done questioning
    11:39 Prosec now redirect questioning
    11:41 side bar re:?? what Cindy implied when speaking to him " Caylee not seen" vs Caylee missing
    11:44 Brendon Fletcher SWORN IN/ OC Sheriff office- thought call was about stolen vehicle and altercation w/ daughter. First LE at home that evening
    11:59 Prosec done w/questioning
    11:59 Baez- cross examines
    12:01 Baez asks Deputy what he puts in report. He attaches stmt as to what she actually told him. He does not include observations other LE were doing, they would file their own reports.
    11:05 RECESS till 1:30

    Time? Return to court
    Defense makes Motion to disallow the jail house tapes. Judge approves tapes.
    Time? : Ms Acevido- OC Sheriff office 2nd to arrive at house & drove KC to


    Picked up transmission

    2:06-Lt. Reginald Posey from OC Sheriff office speaking-said once Yuri Melich arrrives, the detectives take over. He said KC told him her mother trying to take Caylee from her, didn't want Cindy to have contact w/Cindy that evening.
    3:26 Cheney Mason finishes up
    2:26 Linda D.B redirecting questioning same officer. All of family seems to be cooperating to help find Caylee
    2:30 Cheney Mason- questions him again. Questioning GEO A. demeanor. Geo did tell him he was ex-cop. KC had flat affect/demeanor.
    2:31 Lt. Posey (sp)dismissed
    2:31 side bar
    2:33RECESS for 10 min

    2:43? Yuri Melich SWORN IN- responded to Officer Posey to Hopespring 3-4am, showed her the stmt she said she wrote herself. "adoptive admissions" Judge overrules Defense objection as to how the 'stmt' was acquired.
    3:02 Yuri reads out loud KC's written statement describing Caylee's disappearance in police report she gave night of 7/15. Includes KC saying she recvd phone call from Caylee around noon on 7/15, brief.
    He tapes a discussion w/KC about her sworn stmt. in home spare bedroom.
    3:10 Linda DB publishes/plays to jury the recording of interview Yuri had w/KC in the house re: the sworn stmt she wrote about Caylee's disappearance. Says she talked to couple friends & told them Caylee was missing, she specifically told Jeffrey Hopkins.& Juliette Lewis who works in same dept as her. Reason didn't called police: part of me was naive enough to think I could handle, scared something would happen to her if she got police involved, fear of not seeing daughter again.Yuri gives her opportunity to 'change' her story in case she is worried she may get in trouble.
    3:29 end of tape
    3:30 Linda DB resumes questioning- Yuri says they go out to locations KC suggests
    3:36 Prosecution completes questioning
    3:37 Baez starts cross examin-immediately asks him if ever went by name Dick Tracy - Prosec objects, judge sustained, Defense attempting to disarm credibillity immediately
    3:38 Baez asks for side bar to show relevance
    3:41 Judge excuses Jury, says has brief legal problem to take care of
    3:42 asks Yuri to 'step outside' while they discuss legal issue
    3:56 copies of docs Judge to review arrive (about Yuri)
    3:58 Baez proceeds why he thinks admissible. Blogs by Yuri are evidence of self-promotion and goes to witness bias and credibility. Actual engagement of this conduct is self promo & go to his bias.
    4:00 Judge explains FL statue, and says there's a problem w/Baez saying Yuri is unprofessional, asks if there is any stmt in the blog that shows his 'bias', specifically that goes to credibility & bias under statue 96.08 -
    4:04 Baez picks 9/29 @ 2:50 pm, Yuri using Dick Tracy writes (using overheard so all can read) "a true missing person case is akin to a murder without a body" That goes to bias. Baez says Yuri had info this was 'an accident because Cindy said something about ladder to reporter(not Yuri), and in family's opinion this could have been an accident that was covered up.
    4:09 Judge- "what evidence can you gleen from looking in pool ( Baez said Yuri didn't inspect pool after Cindy said it may have been an acccident)
    4:10 Baez says they looked at a car and didn't look at anything else.
    4:10 Ashton- no record by Sept 08 that there was any evidence there was a drowning/accident. Yuri comment has nothing to do with showing bias. Evidence thus far does not indicate Mrs. Anthony told Yuri about ladder although she may have told reporters. Speculation is not relevant.
    4:13 Judge objection by Prosec will be sustained and does not go toward any bias.
    4:14 Cheney Mason argues, Judge said he will take look at a case history.
    4:15 Baez says he will NOT talk about name Dick Tracy or the blogs.
    4:16 Judge asks Baez if he intends to pursue to obtain a line of questioning about Yuri getting reprimand from superiors for blogging
    4:17 Judge asking which post did Yuri do that references THIS case?
    Judge looking @9/22. Reads WS post saying " Yuri is not hear to discuss case. Yuri says he cannot discuss case. "
    4:20 Judge reads 9/20 " also thank you for keeping Caylee on forefront, I can only hope we find her soon so people can find closure and then talks about his broken leg.
    4:21 Judge says he shouldn't be doing it, but Yuri's blog does not go to anything that is impeachable.
    4:22 Baez will refrain and will make court aware IF he decides to bring up at another time.
    4:22 RECESS for 5 min

    4:31 Jury returns and asks to bring Yuri back
    4:32 Yuri at stand
    4:33 Baez resumes questioning- grilling Yuri but NOT getting what he is wants
    4:59 Yuri dismissed subject to recall
    4:59 Recess for the evening
    - jury leaves court room

    5:01 Judge says that on FRI he will ask Prosec where they are at. Linda DB says they are up to #20something witness but by Fri, may be up to #49 witness. Says she near half way there less the forensic witnesses. Maybe 2 more weeks. And then am guessing Defense puts up their case and calls their witnesses.
    5:02 Linda DB says her intention is to play jail house videos by Fri. Giving Defense chance to let Prosec know what part of the videos they want redacted and if they agree, will do.

    5:08 Judge announces RECESS again

    ***note: jotted down quickly while doing a work project. apologies for any grammatical and typo errors.
    Good enough for our purposes.
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    Note: This was originally placed into the Time-Stamped thread and I can’t remove it, so sorry. Mods, please delete it from that thread, thanks.

    After a ridiculous amount of trouble getting the live links to play correctly, I think I'm okay now. Missed some stuff though. As always, the live links seemed delayed, so even though I'm using the time link given us by FifthE, my times may be off. I know this because the links aren't in sync. I have two computers working and another being set up, so I'm trying!

    8:41 HHJP told the attorneys to read case law carefully about bringing in hearsay evidence (sorry that's all I caught due to problems)

    9:04:50 - HHJP arrived at 9:04:50

    9:06:11 - Amy Huizenga back on stand

    9:07 - Jury enters

    9:07:38 - JB starts questioning Amy - starts asking her about accident she had, state objects, HHJP says approach
    9:23:45 - objection sustained

    sidebar - missed time

    9:39:41 - Lee Anthony to stand, called by state, FG questions
    Lee doesn't remember most things asked of him, still laughs
    Simms keeps objecting and speaking to the judge but she never stands up, not court protocol

    10:10 - recess called at FG's request (15 mins)

    10:29:10 - resume
    10:29:33 - Lee A back on stand
    10:30:17 - jury back
    10:30:34 - FG questions, Simms objects, approach 10:32:34
    Lee responded and my feed went down (two computers)
    10:38 - sidebar again
    Lee questions again (I'm viewing one link and watching another, they aren't in sync)
    10:45 - sidebar

    11:13 - sidebar!!!
    (This is beyond frustrating, every time I get the links to work, they go to sidebar. Someone said there's a bad storm in Orlando, thus, problems with the live feeds - grrr)

    11:19 - FG conitnues questioning Lee A., speaking of receipts, packed clothes, etc.
    11:28:10 - DCS questions Lee, attempts to put a nice pretty frame around George
    11:40 - Frank George questions Lee

    11:49 - Brendon Fletcher takes stand, OSCO corporal, with OCSO since 1999, first to arrive at Hopespring 15 July 2008
    12:00:29 - LDB finished questioning
    JB asking about trunk, BF says he noticed no odor from car, wasn't near it much
    JB asking how reports work, JB tying to make him say things he was told were "facts", BF not buying it, just stating he wrote his observations and what the As told him

    12:05 - recess for lunch, HHJP told attorneys to read about hearsay evidence again

    Missed the time - HHJP scolded Baez about not having his motions submitted re: evidence - said there was no excuse since there are about five people on the DT who could have done it

    1:42:14 - Adriana Acevedo on stand, OCSO patrol division, arrived after B. Fletcher, she has very little experience with decompostion - LDB direct exam
    1:53:01 - JB crosses
    1:56 - LDB again
    1:57 - JB re-cross
    1:57:50 - off stand

    trouble with live feeds due to storm per WFTV

    2:00:00 ?? - young lady on stand talking about apt 210 at Sawgrass, 2nd floor apt. (missed most of this, according to chat at TVs were off, lost sound & picture)

    2:04:18 - Deputy Sgt. (now Lieutenant) Reginald Posey, OCSO - direct by LDB
    ?? - Cheney Mason - cross
    2:27:23 - LDB re-direct
    ?? - Cheney M re-cross
    2:32:58 - end, witness off stand, sidebar, recess 10 minutes

    2:53:11 - court resumes
    jury enters
    2:55:29 - Yuri Melich sworn in, LDB questions
    3:00:57 - Casey's statement to deputies on 15 July 2008 admitted into evidence
    3:01:51 - JB tried to object again, HHJP said "too late, it's in"
    3:03:05 - Yuri M reads aloud KC's statement
    3:10:41 - submitted as evidence statement transcript of tape, playing the tape of Yuri and KC the early morning of 16 July 2008 - KC's own voice heard on tape in courtroom claiming story is the true - again she gives the date she gave Caylee to Zenaida was June 9th. She had no emotion on tape and showed none in the courtroom while listening to tape
    3:30:57 - end of recording
    more questioning of YM by LDB, YM looks at jury frequently while speaking
    3:38:05 - LDB ends her direct

    3:38:48 - JB gets up and asks YM if he ever used another name, YM said "no", JB asks about "Dick Tracy Orlando" - objection sustained
    3:40:18 - JB says may we approach

    3:43:22 - jury instructed to leave courtroom so attorneys could have discussion with HHJP

    4:13:37 - during break without jury in presence HHJP said objection re: DTO is sustained, no more talking about DTO. Judge read DTO's post on Websleuths claiming he can't talk about the case. Nothing objectionable, his concern for Caylee. Ashton requesting JB to give him copies of the posts in case Baexz ever wants to bring it up again.

    4:23:12 - Five minute recess

    4:31:31 - Judge returns
    jury enters
    4:33:20 - JB questions Yuri Melich
    4:5910 - YM excused subject to recall

    5:00:10 - jury recessed for night - one juror is called "Johnny Depp" per HHJP

    asking attorneys how far they are into the case. LDB says about halfway. they plan to play jailhouse tapes in the next day or so, and must discuss predicate matters with DT, they have transcripts of all tapes except the two-hour visit (last half) of GA & CA. Judge wants transcripts as soon as ready. Judge says he's not going to read what they have tonight, he read enough last night. LDB says tapes will be in chronological order.

    JB talking about witnesses from out-of-state, something about 5-day requirement for payment.
    JB says he withdrew a request for ???

    HHJP said if they need to speak to him let clerk know by 8:20 am tomorrow.

    5:08:23 - Recess until 9AM

    (For those curious about DTO: )

    Transmission problems cleared up by mid-afternoon, however, WFTV still stalled constantly so I
    watched which seemed to lag by 5 - 10 seconds at times, so my times may be slightly off from what others post.
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    Day 8- June 2, 2011 Thurs.

    9:00 Jury returns
    9:01 Jeff Hopkins SWORN IN-worked @ Universal 1 yr at Univesal in '02, not children, did not intro KC to Zeinada, never lived at places KC said, saw her 1st Tue in July at Ale House(no more then casual), never told him Zeneida took daugher
    9:05 BAEZ -
    9:07 Prosec reexamines
    9:08 Hopkins excuses
    9:09 Leonard Tutora SWORN IN -Asst Mgr Universal Loss Preventions, Yuri visited 7/16/11 asked if she was employee, she wasn't employed & was employed by 3rd party/not Univ.=Kodak ColorVision in May '06, Zeneida & Juilette NOT in employee data bases. Yuri had detectives bring KC to Universal(she agreed) & met w/them @ security gate. Said she was an employee in Events &Mkt., gave name ThomasManley as her supervisor. He said he would accompany Yuri &KC, she was asked if blg was event bldg and she put hands in back pockets & said, " I don't work here". He let them use a room
    9:21 Cheney Mason questions - he knew she wasn't employee when she came to Univers w/ Dect. Wells & Allen,she was not crying and pointed to bldg as Event bldg, as soon as they got into bldg & turned around and said to him irectly" I don't work here." 3 dects. take her into small conference room-he did not go into room. thinks between 30-45 minutes in there.
    9:28 Prosec re questions - she was aware she was not an employee, maintained this charade till inside bldg., LE did not handcuff, when emerged from room he heard her ask them if they looked in another state
    9:30- Jeff Hopkins excused
    9:32 Yuri Melich SWORN IN again
    9:33 Defense asks for side bar
    9:36 Linda DB starts questioning-went to Univers @9AM to try to idetify employees KC said she worked w/including Zeneida. He refers to Zeneida 'suspect' since she was the one who took Caylee. Met w/ Mr Tutora, called KC on cell & asked her to confirm work# as Mr. Tutora looked in database(Yuri was on speakerphone so Tutora can hear). Ask his Sgt if he could go pick up KC-Allen & Wells did pick her up 12:30pm. KC told security guard she worked there and he said she was not listed,neither was her supervisor. Insisted was an employee.
    9:48 Defense says 90% of the time " with stipulation' for all the evidence Prosec publishes to jury
    9:49 questioning resumes- shows room they used for questioning-Sgt Wells, Dect Wells, himself & KC-had tape recorder for interview-not under arrest-did nshe did NOT say she wanted to leave, he pulled out tape recorder which she noticed-provides transcripts-DEFENSE does NOT accept Defense's 'w/previous stipulation'

    RECESS 9:56 til 10:10 ( the recording will be about 1 hr long so break is necessary)
    10:11 Linda DB asks if ok to sit for length of tape
    10:12 Jury walking back in
    10:13 Interview tape w/ Yuri & KC Univers questioning. " Yuri uses the words, " snowball effect" -this is the point where you stop all lies-tells her he is sure she knows where Caylee is, can look at her as scared person, or can look like as callous monster who is trying to cover something up-Gives opportunity to tell truth. Dect Allen tells her people make mistakes & either own it or lie about it and it never goes away. If she continues to lie "will appear to be person who really does not care." By hiding this, you are not going to get to a better place-it always comes out". Get out in open now." Gives her example: he's spoken to mothers who know their child had drowned, rolled over on baby"-he helped them out. KC responds " the horrible thing that happen, this is the honest to God truth, the last I seen my daughter w/is Zeneida." Yuri says not truth. Says she 'walked Caylee to STAIRS. 'You lie to detective who is trying to FIND your daughter, everything we're doing here is to find your daughter, how is what you're telling us helping us find your daughter. KC-" It's a backwards way of looking, I've been reaching." LE says SOLE FOCUS is to help find daughter. ASK: is the baby actually DEAD?" "We're here in this bldg because??????" ________. KC "because I lied, because I brought you up here". How is lying going to find your daughter? She's scared not seeing daughter again"." How is lying to us help us find your daughter". Re-confirms she got phone call at noon on July 15th, told her about her shoes and a book,she was excited to talk to her. Either Caylee is with somebody you don't want us to know or your mom, or she's dead and buried somewhere or in trash can and her rotting body is starting to decompose." "The truth is, I have not seen my daughter-does not know what happen to her. God's honest truth." Says her mother would never forgive her. LE "are you more afraid of your mother's reaction vs afraid for your daughter?" "Purposely mislead them in backwards sort of way." If I knew where she was, I would have told someone a long time ago." Mentiions she circumstantially ran out gas' when telling story of Amscott.
    **(have entered tape notes as backup since Defense claims police treated her like suspect since beginning. LE clearly repeats 'looking for daughter' and gives repeated opportunities to tell truth, that they'd help her out if accident) STONE FACED whole time tape playing.

    11:18 Tape ends, Linda DB resumes . Yuri says cameras at Amscott were dummy cameras. (remember early on, Defense claimed there was 'no surveillance' showing KC at Amscott-female who managed store said she did not know if they worked/corporate would have access) 6,000 tips did not lead to Caylee or Zeneida. Obtained info about her cell phone, subpoena to get call records
    11:29 Judge reads stipulation confirming true records
    11:30 Linda DB resumes- Yuri collected items that belonged to Caylee from Cindy- Yuri given evidence envelopes-4 toothbrush, 1 brush ,1 comb, thermometer. KC in front passenger seat when they went back to OC Sheriff office. She was placed under arrest 1/ obstruct investigation, child neglect, false info to investigator
    11:34 BAEZ up to cross-examine. Notices he turns to jury when he answers questions, feels appropriate because they are the ones that need info(something to that nature). Baez says you are saying she is NOT a suspect after you have verified she is lying? and dispite all this info, KC is not a suspect. Telling Yuri to look at jury and tell jury she was not a suspect. Baez:"And you didn't suspect KC of foul play" Yuri suspected she was holding back info, wanted to get more info, even showed her pics of possible Zeneida. Baez:'isn't missing person without a body akin to a murder investigation? NO, Yuri says he is not doing a murder investigation. There was a 'guest card' at Sawgrass that read Zeneida Gonzalez but no Z Fernandez G. Baez recaps all the things they've done investigation wise so far, Yuri saying couldn't understand why she continued with the story going up to security person & he couldn't figure out WHAT she was going to show or tell them-why she would be there after knowing she wasn't employee, 'she seemed convincing&walking w/purpose' so he wanted to see what she may tell them...
    Baez is questioning his detective summation trying to lead him to answer as he wanted. Prosec objects, Judge sustains
    11:56 Baez asks for side bar

    12:00 RECESS for lunch until 1:30PM jury removed
    12:02 Judge now talks to both sides about cases he's referencing in his decisions, asks them to examine those, 'must be good faith basis for asking questions.'
    RECESS announced again

    1:32- Judge back
    1:33 jJury rturns
    1:34 Baez proceeds- discussing Yuri's method of questioning, does use different techniques to get answers, trying to illicit answers, All in effort to get her to tell truth. At time couldn't say person was imaginery, no way to know at that time but KC was persistent with Zeneida personw/baby. Baez bringing up Geo A not making calls to Yuri. It is 1st heard via Cindy about ladder being found open sometime in June, Baez refers to Yuri depo: 9/10 and you find that to be important inf" and Yuri responded Yes. Any information is important, at that time was not critical. Had opportunity to ask Cindy, never confronted KC or Cindy about the pool.
    Prosec objects:
    1:43 side bar
    1:44 Judge sustains- question is withdrawn, Baez may ask another question. Yuri able to verify via grandfather nursing home visits, the date was 6/15 last seen. Cell phone-yes able to collect phone & computer. shair bursh question , was tested to DNA.
    1:49 Baez done
    1:49 Prosec up.: Did Cindy give yu info as to a date when the 'pool ladder' incident occurred. " perhaps early June." After Dect Allen suggests pool theory, does she adopt anything other then her daughter was kidnapped by Zeneida G., NO
    1:51 BAEZ up - discuss suggestions while in Universal office: she did not adopt any of those suggestions.
    1:52 Yuri dimissed
    1:52 Linda DB offering up some evidence for identification, Defense applies same 'stipulation' -
    1:54- must be tapes from jail house- Linda DB suggests all the tapes may take 5 hrs.
    1:54 Judge tells jury true representation
    1:55 Prosec publishes 1st jail house visit w/ LEE - now playing
    (tape opens with her laughing saying she doesn't want to start crying)
    Lee tells her anybody can listen or hear whatever she is saying. No one can monitor a letter. If you give ltr to Jose, they may end up reading that. Anything you say to Jose is suppose to be in confidence. 1st focus is KC, 2nd is Caylee. Baez is 1st, then you, then Caylee. Tells her his 1st focus is Caylee, then KC, then mother, then Geo. They left messages for Jose and has never returned phone call. Jose sent letr to LE but when they tried to get a hold of him again, not successful. Jose became her attny in booking, heard others/inmates talk about him and asked that someone would pass her name on to him. Giving her the opportunity-an outlet/method-to get messages to him without others knowing the context ( just as though she was out of jail telling them )
    2:06 during tape playing Baez sks for side bar, Judge refuses
    2:06 tape continues- wouldn't you agree it would be best to give LE accurate info". She says she'd rather write ltr to detective, Jose may decide not to give to LE. Write ltr to parents & copy Jose. That way no one can alter it. Lee tells her he knows there really is a Jeff Hopkins and Juliette (not as employees) and he passed on to detectives. Can I trust Annie& Molina-don't even bother, Amy-yes, Ricardo-I don't know, Tony-like to say yes but on fence, Jessie-no, Mom-most definitely CAN, Geo again same, Yes most definitely, Ryan-yes, Will--no. Anybody you don't trust you want me to look in to-"can't think of anyone" "Check things locally to us, things I mentioned to Mom, she should remember specific places", more or less with places not w/people. ( tape will be at news site link )
    2:39 tape end
    2:40 Linda DB says next tape has stipulation, and they will forward into the 1st 12 minutes. It is part one.
    2:40 RECESS until 2:55

    ? time: return to court room
    Discussing motions redacting portions of videos.
    3:11 bring Jury- will play jail house tape of 7/25 starting at minute 12 into tape
    Tells Cindy Zanny had key to house. Won't answer why she never pciked up car. Tell Amy I'm sorry, tell Ryan appreciate his help, Would like Jesse to stay away from them as far as posible, don't know how much she trusts him, he doesn't know Zanny, has not watched Caylee. Where is your tiffany ring? and who gave you the rig? "Jeff." Mark is on the west coast, she trust him, ran into his mother a week ago. Describes Zeneida's car.
    3:46 tape ends and new tape begins- from same visitation Part2. Cindy tells her she heard from xxxTorres that she heard Cindy was hospitalized with mental condition. Cindy:"When shes found, then you can tell everybody what know" - KC: well Yuri is trying to pin ??something on her or implying Yuri believes otherwise. She has spoken w/psych person every day but she's not opening up to someone she doesn't know. Geo asks her if she borrowed anything from someone, NO, Mom knows what I've taken, and with Amyu, I was under a time of desperation. Geo asks, 'what do you mean time of desperation.' KC tells Geo he's been the best Dad and greatest grandfather, both parents have been the best grandparents. Cindy said "Melich said he was going to visit the grandfather and Cindy understands how it feels to want to protect someone. Don't worry about protecting, me or your Dad or anyone, we can handle anything." I ate cole slaw today-he he he, bolonga, I don't do grits. smiling and chuckling about food. Give Cindy Zenaida physical description. Spells her name,ZENAIDA, give Zanny's father's name as Victor who adopted her. Cindy suggest bringing in FBE and KC say bring in any means. KC's gut is telling her Caylee is 'not far-in her heart. Jose said " everything will make sense once we find Caylee."
    4:26 tape ends
    4:26 Linda DB announces next tape is 44/45 minutes.
    4:27- RECESS Judge instructs jury to decide if they want o watch nex ape today or tomorrow first thing.

    4:37 Jury returns. jury decides to stay and watch next video
    4:38 reference to July 28th jail house video next, Judge explains to jury, true representations, parties have agreed to this fact nd considered as tru in your deliberations
    4:40 tape begins she's jovial, Lee asks, he thought she spoke to 2/3 people on phone or text telling them about Caylee being kidnapped before telling Mom. Are any of those 3 people possibly involved in Caylee's disappearance. He tries to decipher which one is which that may be of interest or suspect. Lee aks, do any of those 3 people, did they every talk to each other? Yes. on 6/17. he saw she had made food orders, she had let Tony use her cell phone. She searched during the day, would not have been at night what so ever. Her other cell phone: KC purchased herself. He reminds her things are different now, and asks if anything is different, same people?, same places?
    5:20 tape ends - (watch jail house video on news site link)
    5:21 RECESS for the evening- Judge dismisses Jury
    5:21 asks Cheney about Motion that came his office. Was signed by Ms. Finnell,attny. They want to have it heard Fri morning @8:30. Judge says, 'haven't we heard one of these before? and what's different about this from what we heard before?'

    Prosec said they just recvd a NEW WITNESS from Defense, listed as EXPERT: Dr. Sally Kariotch PhdRN - and also received a CD regarding Geo A. and his hospital records.
    Prosec said this requires a hearing.
    Baez say it would be incumbent of them to present someone who can explain the 'grieving process.' Would not require an examination of KC.
    It would be malpractice on his part to not try to get this witness in to explain people's way of grieving.
    Prosec points out to court, 4/11 Motion for Examination by Mental Health Expert, Saysand Baez is not being sincere. Court order implies BOTH sides consider this subject back in April. So Baez did NOT just think about this.
    Prosec does not think he is showing good cause.
    Judge suggests Prosec takes depo of this new witness, but wants them to consider a case study re:'an expert on grief/bereavement, that person has to do everything every other expert has been required to do.=A depo, find out if the witness is qualified to opine, write a report, state all opinions they are going to give.
    THEN the Judge will make a decision.
    RE: Geo A medical records- Prosec does not understand the reason for this disclosure and asks them to show 'good cause' for late disclosure.
    Judge says ' we will find that out' & says Sat morning@ 1PM will hear this regarding Geo A's medical records.
    Tells them to get depo from the new Expert witness beginning of week and take it from there.


    **apologies for grammatical and or typos, am lending an ear to the sound transmission and occasional peek of the Live stream at the same time I'm working on my job projects.
  19. Zoe Bogart

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    I missed the morning times but did write down the witnesses.

    Court convenes about 9 AM

    1st witness - Jeffrey Hopkins
    2nd witness - Leonard Tuttoro (sp) of Universal
    3rd witness - Yuri Melich, OCSO - on stand for hours, played recording of the Universal interview of 16 July 2008 (about an hour in length)

    12:01:25 - lunch recess until 1:30 PM

    1:33 court reconvenes, Yuri Melich on stand, Jose Baez interogates
    1:51:59 - Melich excused subject to recall

    1:53:00 - LDB enters several items into evidence
    1:55:19 - 1st jailhouse visitation video played in court, Lee Anthony. (less than hour in length)
    2:06:20 - JB objects while video is playing, HHJP: "No, sir, it's untimely".
    2:37:20 - Lee asks Casey about her tattoo, she claims it's "Caylee-related"
    2:39:42 - end of video, 15 minute recess

    3:01:20 - Judge enters, Jose Baez requesting mistrial because of negative statements of the video about himself as Casey's attorney, misstatements of law and facts (by Lee Anthony)
    3:04:37 - LDB rebuts mistrial motion, JB's motion is untimely, he missed deadline for motions
    3:07:10 - JB arguing -
    videos disclosed Sept 2008, Jan/Feb 2009
    3:09:41 - HHJP - Deadline was 31 Dec 2010, judge allowed until April 2011,

    mistrial motion :denied:

    3:11:31 - jury returns
    3:13:30 - video of George and Cindy jailhouse visitation (first 11:30 dead air, no sound, begin at that point) - Cindy: "We forgive anything you've said". Casey: I haven't said anything, don't worry".
    Lee and later George/Cindy must have visited on same day at different times
    Casey admits she never left Orlando during the 31 days. In real time, she "tears up" watching herself on jailhouse tape, on tape she says tell Zanny "I forgive her".

    3:46:33 - next jailhouse video is played, GA/CA
    4:26:00 - video ends, judge calls 7 minute break, judge gave jury option if they wanted to hear jury before leaving for the night

    4:37:45 - back in session, jury wants to hear the tape now
    4:40:10 - July 28, 2008 (9 am) jailhouse visitation video played, Lee Anthony (this is the code talking video)
    5:20:30 - video ended

    5:21 - recess for the night, jury exits
    5:22 - motion from Defense wants to be heard at 8:30 am
    HHJP: haven't we heard this before, what's different?
    New expert witnesses by defense, Ashton wants hearing new CD of George's medical records by Defense, Karioth, PhD. R.N. - how people react differently to death
    Ashton says April 11th Motion for Examination by Mental Health Expert, Baez is not taking filing deadlines seriously. JB cries regarding objections.
    Ashton says Baez not showing good cause.
    Judge tells Ashton to take depo of this witness, but wants them to consider a case study re: expert on grief and bereavement, is witness qualified to give such information, write about it, be a witness?

    HHJP will hear arguments on Saturday 1PM and make his decision. Told them to read a case on this matter.

    5:40:20 - recess for the night for everyone
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    I hope some of you listeners take TIMED notes today. My work load is fairly heavy. Lending an ear will be sporadic at best.

    Since this thread is purely for recording the court room activity times, witness names etc, post whenever you the opportunity. No need to have the full day proceedings + times contained in one single post.

    Below is a 24/7 CLOCK link that opens up directly to REAL TIME in Orlando, FL

    Thanks much!
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