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    watchinginky Please let today be the day they find HaLeigh

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    My work load is heavy today too, but I've got a piece of paper and will try to get as much as I can today! :)

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    In the courtroom, Friday morning, June 3, 2011:

    I had the wrong link :slap: and missed the first few minutes this morning. :loser:

    9:35:07 am - End of first video of evidence.
    9:35:33 am - Baez wants to approach the bench regarding the SA's next video going into evidence.
    9:43:31 am - Sidebar over.
    9:43:47 am - Judge says the SA may proceed with the video (George's jail visit with KC on 8-3-08 at 9:00 am).
    9:44:40 am - The SA may publish video to the jury.
    10:28:57 am - The video is over.
    10:29:24 am - Court in recess until 10:45 am.

    The SA has another 35 minute video to put into evidence after this recess.

    10:52:39 am - Judge - the SA can publish video #73 into evidence with noted objections. This is the jail house visit from 8-14-08 at 9:00 am. The judge reads the stipulations to the jury.
    10:54:04 am - Judge - the SA may publish to the jury.

    11:39:04 am - Judge calls attorneys to sidebar.
    11:39:53 am - Judge addresses jury that they are to disregard any opinions of others in reference to KC's counsel.
    11:41:00 am - SA's next witness enters the courtroom (Charity Beasly - Detective in the Domestic Crimes Unit of the Orange Co. Sherrif's Office).
    11:41:15 am - Charity Beasly is sworn in. (This detective collected and sealed KC's car, laptop, Caylee's baby doll and other items).
    11:53:38 am - Court is in recess until 1:30 pm.

    1:51:51 pm - SA's next witness sworn in. Christine Narkiewicz (forensic investigator with OSCO).
    2:12:26 pm - Baez begins cross examination of witness.
    2:15:44 pm - Judge excuses the witness.
    2:16:47 pm - SA's next witness enters the courtroom carrying a large bag. Geraldo Bloise (OSCO Crime Scene Investigator Level 2).
    2:17:01 pm - Witness is sworn in.
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    I noticed at times the Casey Camera is ahead of the main live feed, other times it falls behind. Most frustrating.

    9:00 - HHJP enters
    9:02 - Jury enters
    9:03:25 - stipulation read by HHJP re: video
    9:04:03 - jailhouse video of George and Cindy (30 July 2008)
    (ICA: me, me, me, Caylee's okay, me, me, me)
    9:36 - end of video - LDB says audio kicked out, mentioned stipulation
    9:36:40 - JB: "May we approach?" - sidebar
    9:45:33 - jailhouse video, George only (3 August 2008) shows good private interaction between George and Cindy, no anamosity, they talk about Jose Baez bringing cards and letters to ICA in jail
    George seems to have no clue what really happened to Caylee
    ICA shows no emotion when talking about Caylee, monotone
    10:29:52 - end of video

    10:30 - recess for 15 minutes

    10:47 - judge enters, mentions the cancellation of Saturday's 8:30 am hearing
    10:49:00 - LDB re: stipulation says all should be considered by jury, JB says statements about him shouldn't be considered by jury
    HHJP says videos have been out since beginning of time, tells attorneys to bicker about it later
    10:51:48 - jury enters, JP reads stipulation
    10:55:24 - infamous jailhouse video, George and Cindy (14 August 2008), last of the jailhouse videos where ICA throws a fit
    ICA asks George, "Why is she crying?" (Cindy in tears)
    Cindy mentions people saying Caylee drowned in the pool, Casey says, "Surprise, surprise" in a monotone, non-reactive voice
    ICA: me, me, me, Do you understand how I feel?
    George tells her she's the boss, GA wants to hug her
    11:03 - ICA is very upset, "Come on! Nobody is letting me speak." Crying for herself.
    11:06:27 - ICA: "Mom!" - very angry
    GA/CA placate her to calm her outburst
    11:08 - ICA: "no one to comfort me" - [oh yeah, "Caylee", an afterthought]
    11:09:40 - ICA: you're "keeping me here" - regarding bond, they didn't get her out, more me, me, me
    [Note: private visit between GA and ICA referred here never happened]
    11:16:40 - GA asked how she got through last Saturday (Caylee's 3rd birthday), ICA was miserable, she read her Bible, upset they had chili and a "big party", GA says just family and an unknown guy
    ICA: "For once I let you guys talk"!! GA using kid gloves with her
    She tortures her parents saying "Caylee is okay", "TellZanny I forgive her", "I want my baby back" [no emotion whatsoever]
    11:24:53 - ICA upset again
    11:27 - Cindy cries for Caylee, ICA says "she's okay" and then whines about herself saying, "I'm as much as victim as everyone"
    11:38:48 - end of video

    11:39:21 - HHJP calls sidebar (very short)
    11"40:25 - judge reads stipulation to disregard statements re: Jose Baez in previous videos

    11:41:32 - Charity Beasley, OSCO, Detective Domestic Crimes, in 2008 was in Domestic Violence. Says Yuri Melich requested her to pick up items from Hopespring Drive: car, items, vehicle towed to forensics lab, before that she sealed car doors and trucked with evidence tape strips
    including items given to her by CA in blue plastic crate: doll, backpack, toothbrush, plastic hangers, laptop computer

    11:48 - Mason - cross
    When witness spoke to the jury, he rudely said "I'm over here"
    11:52:59 - end of this witness testimony

    11:53:53 -jury lunch recess - they will get buffet lunch next week
    11:54:36 - recess for everyone until 1:30

    1:30:25 - end of lunch recess, CM, LDB speaking of the dogs
    1:33:25 - jury returns
    1:34:32 - witness Awilda McBryse sworn in, OSCO employee 10 years, missing persons investigator, not an officer, went with GA to recover trash bag from Johnson's Wrecker on 16 July 2008, it was already after dark
    1:39:31 - showing pics of dumpster and trash bag at Johnson's
    1:50:46 - end of LDB's direct, Defense has no questions, witness excused

    1:52 - Christine Norwich (?), took samples from ICA, hair, buccal swabs
    2:12:38 - JB cross of CN
    2:15:57 - witness excused

    2:17:17 - Geraldo Boise (?), 11 years with OCSO, Crime Scene Investigator Level II, collects items as evidence, extensive experience in San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Received car in good condition, sealed, LDB showing pics of car, tape strips on trunk, hood, diver's door
    Also received Caylee's things and plastic hangers, dryer sheets
    In Puerto Rico had experience with decomposing bodies 30, 40-45 times, he's also had experience searching dumpsters and landfills
    When he opened driver's door, smell of decomp flowed from inside
    Gas gauge appeared to be working properly some months later
    LDB showing pictures of interior, underside, and trunk of vehicle, underside of car had dry leaves, no animals
    2:50:35 - recess until 3:05

    3:08:20 - judge returns, jury enters
    LDB continues questioning Boise (sp), pictures of condition of trunk, pictures of dry leaves, area with tire and carpet removed, liner of trunk, spare tire cover. pictures of items from trunk, dry vegetation
    Large box containing trunk liner, spare tire cover. Ashton and Boise have a difficult time getting the top and bottom of the box separated to get it open, includes also plastic covers of trunk sides
    JB standing right there in way of camera
    ICA appears far removed, bored, and is pouting
    3:59:11 - five minute break

    4:09 - judge returns
    4:10:30 - jury returns, LDB continues with witness Boise
    4:12:00 - submitted into evidence: piece of stained spare tire cover, piece of spare tire cover, one hair, many single hairs, individually submitted into evidence, vegetation
    4:19:34 - LDB ends
    JB questions Boise re: Pontiac, asking about decomp on firt smell - could be any type of decomp
    re: maggots and their eggs, chemical smells in morgue, formaldehyde
    Witness said he's not anexpert on maggots and stages of odor, decomp is unique, never forget it
    Says he checked for blood in trunk using BlueStar - no blood
    swabbed stain for DNA - doesn't know results
    found 12 hairs on 17 July 2008 by hand, others found using vacuum
    4:44 - JB tried to trip up witness on testing for types of DNA. witness said he makes no specific request, just sends out for DNA
    JB asks about Defense Team's inspection of car, LDB objects, sustained
    4:46:42 - sidebar - HHJP, LDB, JA, CM, JB
    4:49:45 - end sidebar, HHJP says jury disregard last question (about DT inspecting car)

    JB keeps asking witness about animal hairs in trunk, witness said he doesn't know about animal hair. he took notes & writes his notes into his report, then destroys his notes, Supervisor signed and dated the report on 1 Jan 2009. - JB badgered (imo) witness about those destroyed notes which witness is required to destroy after putting them in report
    JB asks about garbage, Boise says "trash" - Casey laughing
    LDB objects to questions about trash, judge overruled
    4:58 - JB asked about contents of trash bags again, LDB objected again saying the subject wasn't opened with this witness but a previous witness, HHJP finally understood her objection and sustained.
    4:59 - LDB re-directs, re: negative tests for blood, odor in car - Boise has 23 years of experience of 40 decomposing bodies, says smell of human decomp is unique, never forget it

    5:03:50 - JB recross about destroyed not - badgering again (imo), his notes are in his report, again asking about witness' opinion of decomp
    LDB objects several times, sustained throughout

    5:08:38 - recess until 9AM, jury leaves

    State says will bring in DNA and hair deathband issue for tomorrow. Says should wrap up their portion by Friday June 17th

    5:11:00 - judge leaves courtroom
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    6 4 11 SAT-Day 10

    9:00 Judge opens
    9:01: Baez objects to the Expert Witness from FBI, Karen Lowe as to her being qualified and the reliability of the scientific evidence
    9:03 Judge tells them we’re not having a ‘mini’frye hearing’
    This has already been discussed. The Prosec has to LAY a PREDICATE as to witness qualifications so if they don’t do that, then you could object. DENIED for time being
    9:09 Jury walks in
    9:11 Karen K. Lowe- FBI Trace Evidence Expert Witness-worked for 15 yr w/FBI and gives education background.
    9:15 BAEZ asks- ‘this is 1st time you’ve testified
    9:15 immediate side bar after this question
    9:17 Baez returns – questions training – hair portion of training was 6 months
    9:19 Baea done – Judge announces she is now accepted as Expert Witness
    9:19 Prosec has her explain how long have studies been done-she says since 1700’s and refined in 1930 something.
    Witness describes photos of variety hairs. Both from a living person to a deceased indicidual-visual differences- these are NOT the actual pics of evidence,Caylee’s hair
    9:59 Baez cross examines
    10:02 side bar
    10:05 RECESS
    10:26 Judge returns- Defense objecting to the scientific studies and methodology.
    10:32 Ms Lowe returns to stand – Jury not in courtroom
    10:33 Judge says let’s ‘proffer’ this –she will explain methodology & court will decide if scientifc studies are accepted & valid beyond the scientific community
    BAEZ asks questions first asking her questions about case histories in the law books.
    10:39 Judge tells Baez ‘ we are NOT going to litigate some other case,. “ Don’t even go there” you may question HER methods etc’
    10:42 Ashton remarks: objects – says Jose ‘bolsters’
    10:44 Judge tells Baez again can not discuss other cases when questioning witness
    10:46 Jury returns
    10:47 Baez resume questioning- goes after all reports to clarify only ONE hair had banding from CAR. Only ‘visual’ opinion is applied when looking at banding. Other Trace Evidence party in lab re-checks and agrees.
    11:13 objection by Prosec- side bar Baez was trying to say the reason they aren’t showing the actual hair pic is because the banding was not where he understands the banding would likely be.
    11:15 Sustained – Judge tells him to rephrase question- Prosec says the actual pic of hair has not been submitted but willing to provide the Defense with if they want it.
    11:17 – keeps talking about a photo but she says the pic would have to be looked at thru microscope to define where banding is from root- distance – you would not be able to say how the characteristics have changes in deceased hair by photo. Brings up she failed her 2000 proficiency test 1st time she ever took test….11 yrs ago
    11:21 objection by Prosec- relevancy. Baez was asking , “ after you did your report in 2008, didn’t your lab do another study on methods or???
    11:25 Jury sent out of room
    11:25 Proffering testimony- OBJECTION will be sustained-it’s beyond the scope of direct examine
    11:27 RECESS for everyone/jury already out of room
    11:33 Jury returns
    11:34 Baez to continue – asking if she attended meetings to reinforce her findings ? Answer NO. If TISSUE is present, then can do nuclear testing. No tissue was present so there could not be a nuclear test. She decides if hair would go to nuclear or micro testing. Identification can be made only IF DNA can be extracted
    Baez: trying to make point banded hair may be secondary (transferred from someone else onto the hair)
    11:42 Prosec questioning- micro dna would identify who owns hair. Hair with banding was NOT naturally shed which would have hardening near root and end would look different. ‘Did you eliminate the mother” YES, was NOT consistent with hair from KC.
    11:48 Baez re cross- examine 11:49 Witness dismissed
    11:51 Mike Vicent SWORN IN – OC Asst Superv of Crime Scene Unit 9 yrs-21 yrs in Phila. Police Dept., over 30 crime scene schools- supervises Gerado Bloise- assisted w/taking samples from vehicles- collected stain samples for blood –came out negative…also collected air samples. -Process samples: Univy of FL used a large syringe and inserts into the trunk by way of small opening in trunk Air from syringe is put in a Kevlar bag. Sent to Oakridge Also took sample of stained area of spare tire cover and put it in can to preserve & dated 7/22 as date of collection. Sent Oakridge. On 7/23 got another air sample/opened trunk, hung in 2 different filters one being carbon, left for 40 minutes and collected filters. Sent Oakridge. Dr. Vass sent him equipment-portable air pump, 9 test tubes, directions as to where to collect samples from. On 8/29 he did air samples from trunk, also the bay area car was located is sampled, took 69 min for each car air sample. 8/30 air samples from trash bag.-72 minutes of testing, 8/30 air in the garage 79 min. Also did a ‘blank test’ meaning they send back a ‘clean’ empty container so that if anything gets contaminated in the batch , the empty container that is shipped along with actual test containers would show contamination it picked up. Substance inside wheel well was sampled-sent to Oakridge. On 10/30 pieces taken/sampled from the cover of spare tire cover & also a part from spare tire cover that didn’t have a stain for comparison difference. 2.5 x2 stained spare tire cover. & 6x6 piece(non stain) sent.
    Also took ‘DNA standards’ samples from Cindy, Geo & Lee. Buccal swabs and hair.
    8/1 collected 2-gas cans from A’s home-swabbed metal can for dna & looked for fingerprints(not successful fingerpts)Returned metal can to Cindy8/13.
    12:29 Baez cross examine
    Trash received 7/16 * taken to a ‘dry room’‘. When sampled air, trash was in the dry room. Put in dry room for either storage or testing. Baez:IF trash was WET, it would smell different. On 29th, stored in brown cardboard box. It was not wet.
    Gas can had no gas. Baez asking if you can tell if it had been wiped down. Did he think so? It did NOT appear to be wiped down
    12:48 Prosec redirects questioning.. He picked up can himself w/gloves, A’s did not touch. Car was stored in crime garage. Trash bag: trash was stored separately from the garage.
    12:51 Witness excused subject to recall.

    12:52 RECESS
    12:53 Jury dismissed

    12:54 Prosec has a non-witness consultant relating to computer issues. Would like to exempt 2 computer forensic witnesses from rules of sequest . Have new consultant assisting LindaD.B on some issues that are work product, the consultant will also need to have access to the witnesses.
    Permission granted

    12:59 RECESS until Monday morning. 9AM.
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    Judge enters just before 9:01

    9:01;49 - Baez objections based on Frye, based on predicate, HHJP says you're going to rehash what's already been hashed, you lost me on predicate, can't have a mini-Frye hearing today, we already had one prior, objection standing
    JB wants voir dire qualifications of witness
    HHJP says you had no problem at Frye hearing, I've ruled, we've waste enough time on that

    9:10:01 - jury enters
    9:10:45 - Karen Korsberg Lowe, witness, FBI examiner, Quantico, 13 years present position, 15 years experience, this is her 44th testimony on trace evidence all over the country, majority of exams in microscopic hair
    JA questions her

    9:15:10 - HHJP allows JB brief vire dire of hairbanding - it's her first testimony on hairbanding - only question asked by JB - sidebar - HHJP, JB, JA, CM

    9:17:49 - JB resumes voir dire questions - 6 months hair training, on job training, casework, readings, opinions, JB attacks her experience of giving opinions
    JA objected - sustained
    JB objects to her giving testimony based on his previous objections

    9:20 - JA begins the state's direct - FBI examined hair since 1930s, by collection and removal, exam through microscope, comparison split screen
    9:59:29 - JA completes his driect

    9:54:54 - JB cross - asking about a different journal article than previously cited, who conduct exams for article
    10:02:56 - JA objects, HHJP says "approach", sidebar - HHJP, JA, JB, CM
    JB went into the sidebar with his arms tightly crossed and his shoulders hunched. He came out looking ready to explode. He kept giving HHJP a look, then he tore out of the courtroom before HHJP left.
    10:05:51 - 15-minute recess called (see above sidebar note)

    10:27:45 - HHJP tells JB he should have asked if it was "learned", JB reading Menendez case, HHJP explaining what witness said (schooling JB), saying skip other court cases, journals deal with scientific numbers

    10:34:21 - witness KK Lowe returns to stand, explains limitation rather than criticism of article
    10:40:42 - Judge scolding JB that no other case will be tried in his court, JA clarified witness's claims/beliefs
    10:44 - JB completes voir dire of witness, JA proffer exam incorrect he objects to Baez trying to impeach witness for what she didn't say, JB - JA bickering
    10:45:15 - JB backing down from mentioning other cases, looks defeated

    10:47:36 - jury enters, JB cross of KK Lowe, re: nuclear DNA
    jury sent out at some point (I missed a bit here)
    11:27:35 - JA objects, sustained, five minute break

    11:44 - JA re-direct, Caylee's hair not shed, possibly pulled out, not treated, light brown, 9 inches long, both Cindy and Casey have treated hair although can't be sure when their hair was treated
    11:49:51 - witness excused

    11:51:00 - witness, Mike Vincent, OCSO, asst. supervisor, Crime Scene, 9 years, 21 years Philadelphia Police Department, supervisor of Geraldo Bloise - LDB direct - assisted Bloise with Pontiac, samples, stains, blood (negative) trunk liner, air samples, pieces of carpet in cans, sucked air into syringe and sent to Oakridge Nat'l Lab in Tennessee.
    12:03 - another exam of trunk on 29 August 2008, using equipment fr. Dr. Vass. samples from vehicle, on 30 Aug 2008 samples fr trash from vehicle, also from vehicle, fr. garage car had been stored in
    12:23:50 - pics of gas cans, swabbed for DNA (none), can returned to Anthonys on 13 Aug 2008 at 11:03 to Cindy
    12:28:32 - hair & buccal swabs standards entered into evidence by LDB

    12:29:45 - JB cross of Mike Vincent, wants to know if he processed the car for blood on TV? Only car and garage were seen on TV. JB asks did he call the media? LDB objects, sustained, total 3 objections, all sustained, JB askes about air samples, was it doe correctly because so many methods used, LDB objects -sustained, samples taken in car & out, JB claims not same air, tests done on 29 Aug 2008, witness says test was for what was in the air, for the odor
    12;42:13 - JB brings out picture board not admitted into evidence, pictures of trash, can't show pictures to jury - not yet in evidence, witness says trash was in dry room before test was done
    12:46 - Causey laughing at JB's trash blunder - one picture not trash but of gas can
    12:49:12 - LDB redirect, where was car stored in OCSO garage? Witness says odor was still the same, not diminished, was trash stored separate from car? yes
    12:51:49 - JB, no questions, witness excused, subject to recall

    12:53:40 - recess for today, until Monday 9 am, HHJP told jury restaurant #1 okay for next week, will let them know about restaurant #2, checking on hamburgers, jury sent out

    12:54 - LDB has a consultant, needs persmission for witness to speak to consultant, CM has no objection, work product, HHJP okay
    CM complaining about trash talk allowed in today but not yesterday
    HHJP memtions trash vs, gargabe vs. refuse
    (I thought CM was saying he was confused why one witness couldn't talk about trash on Friday, but another was allowed to talk about it Saturday. HHJP seemed to think CM was commenting on the different terms used. ???)

    HHJP has a status hearing at 8:30 Monday for another case

    Anthony case reconvenes on Monday 9 AM

    Note: I have more detailed notes on these testimonies if anyone needs them.
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    This thread is purely for recording the court room activity TIMES, witness names etc.

    I hope some members watching the Trial are able to take TIMED notes today.

    in example:
    9:01 Dr Vass SWORN IN - scientist/reseacher Oakridge Lab- gives his bkgnd info, describes decomp process
    9:44 Defense objection (if you can, note what the objection was)
    9:44 side bar w/ Judge
    9:53 Ashton proceeds
    10:01 Judge accepts him as Expert Witness - Defense objects for the record
    10:02 Ashton proceeds, asks about hearing from Yuri Melich
    10:03 Ashton gives him taped evidence box, Vass recognizes, Ashton begins to open-Baez asks to be beside him as he opens
    10:05 Vass recognizes can inside box, Defense objects to sugmitting can into evidence
    10:06 side bar
    10:10 Judge accepts in to evidence

    Please if you can, post whenever you have the opportunity throughout the proceedings today (each day). Multiple posts are perfectly fine, even if it's a single incident during the course of the day.

    Below is a 24/7 CLOCK link that opens up directly to REAL TIME in Orlando, FL

    This way, if something striking happens at any given moment (ie: KC crys, looks angry, Baez flustered, reprimand by Judge), we can utilize the TIME you provided for looking into the planetary Transits during the noted action/your observation. If the astrological findings are remarkable, we'll post it over in Caylee's Astro thread.

    Thanks much! We appreciate your assistance.
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    In the courtroom, Monday, June 6, 2011:

    I've missed some of the times again today because of my workload, but here's what I have so far:

    8:56:57 am - KC enters the courtroom.
    8:59:10 am - The judge enters the courtroom.
    9:02:33 am - The judge returns the jury.
    9:03:24 am - The judge says "good morning" to the jury.
    9:03:38 am - Dr. Arpad Vass (Oak Ridge Laboratory - The Body Farm) enters the courtroom.
    9:03:47 am - Dr. Vass is sworn in.
    9:04:15 am - SA direct examination begins (by Mr. Ashton).
    9:53:31 am - sidebar is over.
    9:54:37 am - Direct examination resumes.
    10:16:16 am - The judge gives a 15 minute recess.
    10:42:38 am - The judge recognizes the presence of the defendant (KC).
    10:42:49 am - The judge returns the jury.
    10:44:19 am - SA resumes direct examination of Dr. Vass.
    11:39:31 am - The judge states he will hold the SA and the DT over the noon recess to read about the foundation requirement for qualifying experts. This will hopefully speed up the process this afternoon. Jose made a lot of objections this morning stating the witness was testifying outside his area of expertise. I assume this order of the judge is for Jose's benefit. :angel:
    11:40:19 am - Return the jury again.
    11:41:41 am - SA redirect of Dr. Vass. (I missed when Jose started and ended :()
    11:58:20 am - Recess for lunch until 1:30 pm.

    1:23:46 pm - Court is still in recess, but Jose & KC are talking and smiling a lot.

    1:31:11 pm - The judge enters the courtroom.
    1:31:26 pm - The judge recognizes the presence of the defendant (KC) as well as the SA & the DT.
    1:34:27 pm - SA resumes questioning of Dr. Vass.
    1:35 pm - Dr. Vass explaining adipose tissue (graves wax).
    2:54:12 pm - Court is in recess until 3:15 pm. Jose is still questioning Dr. Vass (I missed Jose's start time again :()
    3:13:11 pm - Baez continues questioning of Dr. Vass.

    I'm using the Orlando time clock provided by Fifth and I'm watching CNN's live feed.
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    adding to WATCHING's post above. ( THANKS ! )

    3:13 Baez continues, trunk was sprayed with BleuStar/luminol like before he got samples. YES. They did get a listing of chemical makeup of BlueStar and was not anything of any significance that would cause the chemistry collected. Same thing with Febreeze.
    Baez talks about paper towels collected. Vass, they had fatty ‘acids’ on them…associated with decomp. Baez asking if you could find the same in a hamburger & Vass says says burger would have to be RAW.
    3:29 side bar due to Prosec objection

    3:38 Jury dismissed- has brief matter he has to take up
    3:39 Baez may go forward with a proffer of Vass
    4:04 Baez asking if Vass was offered million dollars? Objection/ sustained
    4:05 Baez say ‘ you attempted to put leashes on flies” Objection, sustained
    4:06 Baez offensive questioning, multiple objections, all sustained.
    4:07 smell of human decomp is unique. Asking about stmt Vass made to Knoxville newspaper, and Baez said 'are you saying decomp is like rotting potato' and Vass says yes, similar BUT completely different chemical composition.
    4:11 Vass tells Baez he is twisting the understanding of the controls
    4:14 Baez asking if he would consider himself more of an ‘explorer’ then a scientist? Vass: I am paid to think outside of the box.
    4:17 Ashton cross examines: Vass does not feel as though he has financial interest in case, NO, calls Baez depo ‘ the inquisitions’(haha), Says he has no clue how patents etc would ever be involved, never interested him.
    Control carpet: Vass wanted to make carpet comparison with a sample from the trunk of a non-related car subject to the worst conditions..
    What item had the highest concentration ? “ the carpet from Sunfire’
    Vass did NOT find decomp chemistry in any of the remnants found in trash or anything in trash because if there was any meat/live food product, the meat HAS to be raw in order to come up with similar chemistry of decomp.

    4:33 Vass may be excused, members of jury may stretch while attnys have side bar
    4:36 Judge, next witness will take more then 25 minutes so we’ll stop for today.
    4:37 Excuses Jury.

    4:38 NO JURY – Ashton, defense has served a subpoena to force Vass to present his database and Ashton explains something about ‘interstate, he moves to quash their motion.
    4:40 Defense is now withdrawing subpoena..
    4:41 RECESS until 9AM Tues
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    (I watched WFTV online, Casey camera appears ahead of the court live feed because sometimes she stands up long before "all rise for the jury" is heard on the live feed or the attorneys will head back to their places while the other camera shows them still at sidebar.)

    9:00:00 - Judge was already seated and JB was already complaining re: Dr. Vass' depo with was taken Friday! and his database being in MS Office, which JB can't read, sounded to me like he was saying he was unprepared to cross, surprise, surprise.
    Without skipping a beat, HHJP took a breath and asked for the next witness, without answering JB

    9:03:30 - jury entered

    9:04:04 - Dr. Arpad Vass, Senior Scientist, Oakridge Lab, TN - JA questions
    witness experience: anthropology, microbiology, almost 20 years, Research Facility (The Body Farm)
    Four stages of decomposition: Fresh, Bloat, Wet, Dry

    JB objects throughout: not biologist, not chemist, predicate - most overruled, one or two sustained

    9:32:00 - JB talking and laughing with Casey
    JB objects - overruled

    9:34 - JB objects - sustained
    9:36 - Vass explains about experiments with clandestine graves
    9:44:30 - JB obkects - HHJP "approach the bench"
    9:53:00 - end of sidebar, JA resumes his questioning
    10:00 - JA submits Dr. Vass is a qualified Forensic Expert, JB objects - overruled
    Dr. Vass states he was contacted by Yuri Melich, OCSO, sent him items to examine, 1st sent metal evidence can, JA opens evidence box containing the can, JB right there with him looking on
    10:05:50 - JB objects (couldn't hear why) - HHJP examines evidence box
    sidebar HHJP, JA, JB, LDB, CM
    10:09:55 - end of sidebar - box/can received into evidence
    Dr. Vass says another doctor did the first test, result unknown - JB objected - overruled
    Vass sent airpump with triple sorbent tramps to OSCO for collection, received the samples from OCSO - tubes from various locations in the car
    10:14:43 - the air samples entered into evidence

    10:16:30 - recess until 10:40

    10:43 - jury returns
    10:44 - Dr. Vass back on stand - JA questions, JB objects, sustained, JB objs, overruled, JB objs, JA asks for cite, Dr. Vass continues same line
    10:48:58 - JB objects again, requests sidebar
    10:59:45 - end of sidebar, JB told "No" by Judge

    JA continues with Dr. Vass - large substance of chloroform found in car, shockingly , unusually high
    11:02 - JB objects, overruled, this happened several more times
    11:07:45 - shocked at high level of chloroform, chloroform evaporates over time, collected after a length of time of evaporation, admitted diagram as evidence over objections by defense, chloroform 16 million

    11:28 - JB objects: outside of expertise, asked to voir dire witness - OK
    (I may have missed something here)
    11:28:50 - JA objects, sustained
    11:29:25 - jury removed from courtroom
    11:31:50 - Judge reading evidence code how expert witnesses are allowed even if they didn't do experiment - more schooling for JB

    11:33:50 - JB allowed to proceed if he knows where he's going (JB constantly clicked his pen while questioning Dr. Vass), after JB ends he objects to Vass testifying - overruled

    HHJP instructed "attorneys" to read during lunchbreak, p. 745, 2010 Earhart first 2 paragraphs re: foundation of witnesses
    11:40:49 - jury returns, JA questions Vass, admits chart into evidence, carpet samples

    11:46 - JA asks Vass about opening can, smell of human decomposition, acidic, acid in trunk, byproduct of making chloroform

    11:49:50 - napkins were submitted for evaluation
    11:51:30 - JB objects: change of custody, HHJP sidebar
    and of sidebar
    11:57 - JA ques. Vass continues
    11:57:45 - JB wants to inspect box - OK, renews his objections
    11:58 - conditionally submitted into evidence box of trash from Casey's car, obviously there's no odor at this time

    Recess until 1:30

    1:31:25 - Judge enters
    HHJP reading jury's request of movies list

    1:33 - witness returns
    1:33:50 - jury returns
    1:34:03 - JA continues questioning of Vass

    1:55 ? - JB cross
    JA objects overruled
    1:59 - sidebar re: data not given to defense

    abt 2:55 - recess - 15 minutes

    4:41 - recess until 9 am Tuesday

    (Note: before JB began his cross, I was suffering from motion sickness, after JB began, I couldn't handle it and went to bed, even though I left the computer on so I could hear if anything important happened. Sorry about that.)
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    watchinginky Please let today be the day they find HaLeigh

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    In the courtroom, Tuesday, June 7, 2011:

    I missed the very beginning this morning and some of the sidebars. Hopefully someone can fill-in the blanks that I've missed.

    9:50:25 am - Dr. Vass enters the courtroom again today.
    9:50:38 am - Dr. Vass is sworn in.
    9:50:58 am - The SA (Mr. Ashton) begins (wants to correct a statement from yesterday).
    9:52:56 am - Baez questions Dr. Vass.
    9:53:23 am - Sidebar.
    9:59:00 am - Sidebar over.
    10:00:54 am - Baez resumes questioning of Dr. Vass.
    10:02:05 am - Baez finishes questioning of Dr. Vass.
    10:02:20 am - The judge...court is in recess until 10:20 am.
    10:19:22 am - The judge says "you may be seated".
    10:19:38 am - The judge instructs to bring in the jury.
    10:20:54 am - The judge says the SA may call their next witness.
    10:21:28 am - SA's next witness, Michael Rickerbach (FBI Forensic Chemist Examiner), enters the courtroom.
    10:21:36 am - Michael Rickerbach is sworn in.
    10:22:08 am - The SA (Mr. Ashton) begins direct examination of witness.
    10:41:40 am - Baez begins cross-examination of Michael Rickerbach.
    11:02:31 am - Baez finishes cross-exam.
    11:02:38 am - SA begins re-direct of Michael Rickerbach.
    11:18:15 am - Baez begins re-cross exam of Michael Rickerbach.
    11:20:56 am - SA (Mr. Ashton) begins another re-direct.
    11:21:55 am - SA finishes this re-direct.
    11:22:02 am - The judge excuses the witness.
    11:23:21 am - The SA's next witness, Jason Forgy (OCSO Specialty Patrol with Canine Unit - he has trained cadavar dogs per his testimony), enters the courtroom.
    11:23:31 am - Jason Forgy is sworn in.
    11:24:15 am - The SA (LDB) begins direct examination of witness.
    11:54:20 am - The judge stops LDB to recess the court for lunch.

    Court is in recess until 1:30 pm.

    1:21:30 pm - KC enters the courtroom. From the camera view, KC was away from her seat for some time. I'm not sure if she was still in the courtroom or not. Right before the judge came in, I saw KC and Baez coming back to their table together to sit down.
    1:31:23 pm - The judge enters the courtroom.
    1:37:54 pm - The judge says to return the witness (Jason Forgy) to the stand.
    1:39:05 pm - The jury returns.
    1:40:01 pm - The SA (LDB) resumes direct examination.
    1:51:00 pm - Baez begins cross-examination.
    1:52:37 pm - Baez finishes cross-exam.
    1:53:51 pm - The SA (LDB) begins re-direct exam.
    2:34:52 pm - Sidebar - Jose objects to the SA showing a cadavar dog video and asks to approach.
    2:39:29 pm - Sidebar over.
    2:39:59: pm - The judge tells the jury the video is approximately 20 minutes in length. They will take their afternoon recess now until 3:00 pm & will then publish the video to the jury.
    2:58:39 pm - The judge recognizes the presence of the defendant (KC).
    2:58:50 pm - The SA (LDB) begins about the video.
    2:59 pm - Baez objects to the video.
    3:02:39 pm - The judge states his previous ruling will stand and returns the jury.
    3:03:35 pm - The judge states the SA may publish the video to the jury.
    3:03:41 pm - The SA (LDB) questioning Jason Forgy about the video.
    3:04:54 pm - Judge states they may start the video at the pertinent time (where J. Forgy & the cadavar dog start on the video).
    3:52:26 pm - Baez begins cross-examination of Jason Forgy.

    Balance of day added by Mod:
    4:17 Linda DB redirects.
    4:21 Baez recrosses
    4:27 Deputy excused
    RECESS for 5 min
    Side bar
    4:39 Jury brought in, next witness is a canine officer. Rather then break up testimony, Judge will end today’s proceedings.

    I'm still watching the CNN live feed and using Fifth's Orlando time clock. I will use the same thing each day unless I note otherwise. :) I've noticed today there is a significant delay in time behind the CNN live feed for the WFTV feed. I'm using that feed only to watch KC's reactions. I'm not reporting any times from it (WFTV).
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    I keep on my computer w/ speakers on. It covers the trial without any interruptions, no commercials. good sound. It's an affiliate station of

    Today wdbo sounds like it's about 4 sec ahead of the CNN/HLN TV transmission.
    Now I don't know if the TV has a delay because of the different area cable services or what. At any given time, I would think there's always going to be some kind of delay either by the radio live stream or the TV coverage.

    Whatever you are getting is about as near perfect as possible,so don't worry about the very brief 20-30-40 sec delay. We're just happy someone is able to help out.

    WatchinKy, YOU'VE BEEN TERRIFIC !!
    and I don't want to leave out ZOE who has been tracking since the beginning as well.

    We all have our responsibilities outside of WS, so whenever anyone can jump in, great, however short or long a period of coverage.
  12. Zoe Bogart

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    (Didn’t watch the morning session)
    Times from

    1:31 – Judge enters but waves appearing to signal, “not yet”. Judge straightens his desk and rubs handcream on his hands

    1:38:00 – Judge says to return witness to stand
    1:39:10 – witness returns, Deputy Forgy, canine handler
    1:39:41 – jury returns, LDB shows witness his and his dog’s training records – canine Gerus?
    1:41:26 – JB objects: hearsay, HHJP asks LDB to clarify with more questions
    1:42:58 – LDB hands witness papers, OCSO business records of the dog, canine cadaver search school, 2005, witness made copies for prosecution and defense, more cadaver schooling, FDLE certified, canine, Nov. 2006, evaluation 2006
    training evaluations, various forms

    1:49:49 – training logs, July 2005 – Sept 2008, re: cadavers
    1:51:00 – JB asks to voir dire witness, - Judge says okay, JB asks about training logs & certifications, questions re: “field” – witness says “real world”
    1:52:46 – LDB objects to JB’s continuing “field” badgering, JB says “no further questions”, prior objections still stand
    HHJP reading another case ruling, admits papers into evidence

    1:54:50 – LDB show training log on monitor, witness explains categories listed and how filled in, the school and how he trained, sections located/missed, total misses – false alerts, Gerus found all targets: 8 targets, 8 finds
    date, weather conditions, wind direction & speed, temperature

    2:00:23 – LDB reading off #s of photos of canine trainings

    2:06:30 – Baez is seen grinning while LDB & JA set up photos to avoid reflections

    2:08 – picture of dog in haunted house, alerted, pile of bloody clothing; in the bone room there were 2 real bones and others were fakes, dog trained with car, with bones, in field, block searches
    31 searches – 3 false alerts
    12 searches – 1 false alert
    he was tired, in real world he would never search that much in one day

    maintenance training 2x month, 21 times quarterly evaluations by supervisor, no problems, with misses or false alerts

    explained experiences with residual odor where body was removed

    Since 2001 deputy had 200 cadaver calls and over 500 cadaver trainings, he and dog work 80 hours over 2 weeks

    2:26:45 – Casey appeared interested when witness said he gets called on cold cases
    2:30:50 – July 2008, 2 recent shallow graves, no alerts, animals
    dog training to find drownings
    Canine retired 24 Sept 2010

    2:34:55 – LDB attempts to introduce video, JB objects: no prior disclosure “may we approach”, sidebar
    2:39:56 – end of sidebar, JB objection overruled
    2:40:23 – recess until 2:55

    2:59 – LDB explaining video is long but deputy and canine only in small portion so will only show that, JB objects citing Harris, improper, bolstering, JB schooling the judge
    3:02:00 – HHJP citing jury needs to know about dogs and their training to make decision, Judge’s ruling stands, video is in

    3:03:00 – jury returns
    3:05:10 - LDB showing video only from about 15:45 when deputy appears
    3:07:+ - end of video, witness explaining what was seen on the video

    LDB asking about another canine named Bones, JB objects, LDB shows predicate with Bones
    HHJP overruled

    3:16 – LDB submits evidence, JB objects, overruled, LDB requests sidebar
    3:31 – end of sidebar, LDB asking deputy about his involvement in the search for Caylee, 17 July 2008, went to forensic bays at 15:42 hours, had Pontiac moved out of the garage bay, he got the canine, they swept another car first (routine), then checked the Pontiac, Deputy smelled human remains, was strong in bays
    dog hit on trunk of Pontiac, from the front seat he went to back seat and to the trunk while inside vehicle, dog in trunk again, deputy could smell it too

    The next day, 18 July 2008, he and canine were called to the Anthony’s backyard, dog alerted s/e corner near playhouse, sandbox, picnic table, alert was in front of picnic table
    Deputy suggested to bring in another canine, Bones, who arrived later the same day with his handler

    3:52 end of LDB’s direct

    3:52:39 – JB cross
    3:56:01 – witness confused by JB’s questions, JB says he may be losing the jury, too, asked about residual odor after 30 days, asking about trash, wants to know why no video is available of the searches, bring out a handbook which suggests to videotape
    4:05:50 – JB attacking deputy’s training of canine procedures
    re: house – 1st day after alerts they dug in yard, 2nd day no alerts, made no report – don’t make police reports for no alert
    Deputy and canine called to Suburban Drive after remains found Dec 2008, didn’t recover missing remains fragments, dog alerted on found remains but they didn’t want him to go there, they were looking for additional bones which were missing – JB had trouble with that concept

    (didn’t get time) – LDB redirect, re: digging in backyard, scent on surface, after ground disturbed by digging, no additional alerts

    4:21:49 – JB re-cross – still pumping about the backyard
    4:27:18 – witness excused, five minute recess
    4:33: - gang at sidebar – HHJP, LDB, JA, FG, CM, DCS

    4:39:00 – jury returns, Judge wants to call it a day, tells jury about restaurant plans, Italian and steak?

    4:44:36 – recess until 9 AM

    (I watch whichever online feed I can get to work for me. WFTV usually shows the Casey camera but the Casey cam is ahead of its main camera. I turned off the volume for WFTV and listened to MyFoxOrlando and jotted down the times from there by listening, using the Orlando time website. I wanted the Casey visual but accurate as possible sound. :crazy: Somedays I use other feeds and I occasionally have to change during the day, whichever works best.)
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    In the courtroom, Wednesday, June 8, 2011:

    8:50:43 am - KC enters the courtroom.
    8:59:42 am - The judge enters the courtroom.
    9:00:01 am - The judge recognizes the presence of the defendant (KC).
    9:00:20 am - Baez wants to renew his previous objection regarding the jury watching previous cadaver dog training.
    9:01:34 am - The judge denies/over-rules objection again. The jury needs to see in order for them to form their own opinions.
    9:01:40 am - The jury returns.
    9:02:44 am - The judge states that the SA may call their next witness.
    9:02:58 am - Kristin Brewer (OCSO Patrol Supervisor, she is the handler for the cadaver dog "Bones"), enters the courtroom.
    9:03:08 am - Kristin Brewer is sworn in.
    9:03:44 am - The SA (LDB) begins direct examination.
    9:05:53 am - Sidebar.
    9:06:11 am - Sidebar over.
    9:44:12 am - Another sidebar.
    9:46:45 am - Sidebar over.
    9:47:07 am - The SA (LDB) resumes direct exam.
    9:53:29 am - LDB finishes direct exam.
    9:53:59 am - Baez begins cross-exam.
    10:00:22 am - Baez finishes cross-exam.
    10:00:30 am - The witness is excused.
    10:01:16 am - The SA's next witness (Sandra Osborne, a Computer Examiner for OCSO) enters the courtroom.
    10:01:28 am - Sandra Osborne is sworn in.
    10:02:08 am - The SA (LDB) begins direct exam.
    10:05:45 am - The judge states this witness is accepted as an expert in computer analysis.
    10:31:21 am - 15 minute recess.
    10:48:55 am - The jury returns.
    10:49:36 am - The judge states "you may be seated."
    10:49:49 am - The SA (LDB) resumes direct exam.
    11:23 am - 5 minute recess.
    11:33:02 am - The judge states "you may be seated."
    11:33:15 am - Baez is speaking regarding the photo of Caylee with the bruise under her eye.
    11:34:48 am - The judge asks the court reporter to search all transcripts for "bruise". They are off the record at this time.
    11:37:41 am - The jury returns.
    11:38:29 am - The judge instructs the jury about the photo...the bruise on Caylee is not from abuse.
    11:38:56 am - The SA (LDB) resumes direct exam.
    11:41:23 am - Sidebar...Baez objects.
    11:45:49 am - Sidebar over.
    11:46:13 am - The judge state the objection is over-ruled.
    11:46:20 am - The SA (LDB) resumes direct exam.
    11:48:20 am - The SA (LDB) finishes direct exam.
    11:48:43 am - Baez begins cross-exam. At one point during this exam, Baez is asking the witness something about the pictures on Ricardo Morales's computer and he (Baez) goes over to the defense table to retrieve something. KC looked very pleased to be able to hand a large binder to him. :puke:
    11:58:30 am - Baez finishes cross-exam.
    11:58:42 am - The SA (LDB) begins re-direct exam.
    12:00:03 pm - The SA (LDB) finishes re-direct exam.
    12:00:13 pm - Baez begins re-cross exam.
    12:00:35 pm - Baez finishes re-cross exam.
    12:00:43 pm - The witness is excused.
    12:01:48 pm - Recess for lunch.

    Court is in recess until 1:30 pm.
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    9:00 - Judge entered
    9:03:06 - jury entered
    9:03:54 - Brewer (female), patrol superviser, Osceola County Sheriff Office, canine handler of Bones, collateral duty since 2005, Bones was originally with Orange County Sheriff Office - questioned by LDB
    9:05:56 - LDB requests sidebar - technical problems with sound
    9:07:22 - LDB back to podium, Brewer trained with Bones, he has already been trained in OrangeCSO, she has all his records except veterinary records
    9:10:50 - Judge looks at records, JB objects with all prior motions and objections
    9:11:33 - Bones' records received into evidence
    9:44:17 - LDB "may we approach?" - sidebar
    9:47:11 - end of sidebar, LDB ques., witness was called to Hopespring Drive 17 July 2008, arriving nearly 8pm, met Dep. forgy, he told her to search backyard, Bones sat, alerted near same area as Gerus had earlier - showed picture (appeared in front of picnic table to me), witness returned to home on 18 July 2008, lots of digging had been done, pavers had been moved by OCSO
    9:15:35 - Casey whispering to JB
    9:54:06 - JB cross, dogs can hit on decmop (blood) of living person, use of known cars to prevent problems of blood, etc.
    Bones alerted 6 to 8 feet (!) away from where Gerus alerted, JB repeatedly asking where 6 to 8 feet on picture of play area, both deputies circled nearly the same area
    any searches inside the family home? No
    10:00:35 - JB ends, LDB no re-direct, Deputy Brewer excused

    flurry of activity at defense table with Casey
    10:02:00 - witness, Sandra Osborne, OCSO, 21 years, patrol, crime scene, sex crimes, etc., presently computer forensic examiner
    10:06 - accepted as computer forensic specialist, she received to examine KC's cellphone, Nokia, used CellBrite? to retrieve data from phone, sometimes hampered, can't get all
    10:10:54 - looked for info on ZFG, the nanny, couldn't extract all info from phone, Sim card - are they interchangeable? Yes, usually, KC's phone had sim card which had same info as device, she gave it to detectives after examination, checked computers - desktop received from OCSO McBryde, laptop received from Det. Casey Beasley 16 July 2008, 8 am

    10:16:55 - lots of chatter between ICA and JB during computer talk, asking about cameras rec'd from family, desktop computer, HP 520N, 160GB

    10:26 - Casey talking to DCS
    more talk about software used to check items

    10:31:36 - 15 minute recess

    10:49 - HHJP on bench, witness Det. Osbornse on stand, jury returns, more questioning about computers, any info on ZFG? Caylee's location? only searches made on 16 July 2008 for ZFG in temp files, class reunion sites, people searches
    No many documents, no school work, a few resumes for George, no business files, found 4 1/2 years of internet history

    11:11 - JB objects, overruled when LDB asked about "2 users" rather than "2 accounts"
    11:14 - chloroform and alternate spellings, complete internet history from Firefox, gave results to her sgt., says she rec'd Ricardo Morales' computer also
    11:18:50 - during computer talk, Casey became very busy at table, rarely looking up, paid attention when pics of Casey/Caylee shown on monitor, pics from RM's computer
    Osborne was told to look for pics of Caylee in pink t-shirt, she can tell when picture was taken even when transferred to another device

    11:23:12 - about 5 - 10 min recess while S Osborne searches for certain records

    11:34:30 - Judge on bench telling court reporter to do keyword search
    went off-record

    Casey appears oblivious to what's going on most of the time, she's busy "working" at defense table

    11:38:20 - jury returns, Judge mentions pic of Caylee, disregard bruise under her eye

    photo taken 28 Jan 2008, camera date, pic of Caylee and KC on sofa
    11:41:35 - JB obj when pics were taken, sidebar
    11:46:35 - overruled
    11:48:40 - LDB finishes direct
    11:49 JB cross - re: 2 user profiles on computer, asking abt passwords & access
    11:52:25 - Osborne talking about chloroform searches
    11:55:51 - no webpages or pics re: chloroform on RM's computer. picture of "win her over with chloroform" wouldn't come up in search because words are in pixels - part of picture
    11:58:42 - JB ends cross, LDB re-direct, JB re-cross

    12:02:00 - recess for lunch till 1:30

    1:33 - Judge calls for jury to return
    asking jury, "anyone allergic to seafood? May have a surprise for you"
    LDB begins direct of witness Kevin Stinger, OCSO, Sgt. of Computer Crimes, 25 years with OCSO
    explains he used Encase program to capture info from computer, Firefox browser doesn't record user name - so can't know who was using pc at specific times
    mentions 4 March 2008 - 21 March 2008 was timespan of chloroform info on computer, mentions there was a switch from Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time during the timespan
    (note: this was before Casey met Tony Lazzaro)
    also mentions using CacheBack program for retrieval of data
    1:55:20 - paperwork admitted into evidence
    Stinger mentioned giving a copy of the CacheBack report to Bradley
    1:56:34 - JB cross re: search for chloroform
    2:04:49 - JB ends, LDB asking why webpages can't be exactly dulpicated
    2:07:20 - JB re-cross

    2:09:25 - witness John Dennis Bradley on stand, self-employed, former LE in Ontario, Canada, began software development company 2001, computer forensics, Major crime investigator 5 years, Sgt. technical crimes investigation, accepted as expert in computer forensic analysis, owns CacheBack program
    Mozilla Firefox 2 on Anthony desktop computer
    size of chloroform file was 32 MB
    unknown when it was deleted
    computer history has to be deleted manually with Firefox 2
    CacheBack report for 17, 20, and 21 of March 2008

    2:29:59 - report entered into evidence, showing on monitor, accessed 92 times, Google searches, result shows up as another line of history
    mentions searches, wikipedia, chloroform

    2:45:15 - ICA talking with DCS and JB at DT table at mention of chloroform searches

    -- witness says report shows searches for inhalation at 2:57pm, death at 2:58:11, self-defense, RBSD, hand-to-hand combat 3:00:04, head injuries 3:00:14, 3:00:26, 3:02:08 middle man. artery, ruptured spleen, chest trauma, internal bleeding, at 3:05:17, MySpace (probably by stored cookie) - note: these times were when searches were done, not when testimony was given

    2:58:20 - recess - 15 minutes

    RBSD = Reality Based Self-Defense

    3:19 - HHJP returns, "bring in jury", witness Bradley to the stand

    3:21 - LDB questions, Facebook accessed by saved bookmark, visited 8x
    March 21st,
    today view of this website is possibly static, unchanged
    (Note: ICA has been very interested throughout computer searches testimony)

    3:37 - how to make chloroform
    3:41:50 - (sp), making weapons using household items

    JB & KC appear sick, KC very serious, hand to her mouth

    3:44:08 - neck-breaking search, LDB ends

    JB & ICA looking ill, intently watching monitor

    3:50:03 - JB slamming things on podium (extremely audible), cross witness, JB blames the software. Bradley explains Firefox 2 is old program, he had to completely decode, JB asking are you working for free? advertising? JB pointing out his website , JB tries to shut up witness when Bradley tried to explain 7 seconds and 1 second on each searched topic

    LDB objects - let him answer - sustained

    JB asking what all the searches have to do with this case (smirking), he even laughs, ridiculing the witness

    4:18 - witness telling JB he can't find what JB's talking about, show me. JB goes to witness stand and has trouble finding item - making weapons out of household products

    4:24:34 - LDB re-direct, asking about decoding
    4:41:15 - points out entry #3,, how many times was it visited?
    witness says 84

    4:14:24 - JB re-cross, witness looking unhappy Baez is up again, - asking JB if he's looking for this as witness waves a pack of papers which JB left on witness stand during his cross

    4:45:10 - JB wants witness to read a report JB handed him, witness says it's someone else report, LDB objects to JB wanting witness to testify re: someone's else's report - sustained

    4:45:25 - sidebar

    4:53 end sidebar

    4:54 - Judge calls for recess until 9am

    Judge was so distracted by the ruckus going on at the defense table that he forgot to tell the witness he was excused for the night

    At the defense table ICA was having at fit, talking to all the attorneys as each one tried to remain calm and pick up their items, she was really going at it

    Note: I have more information about the testimonies, details on cameras, computers, etc. but didn't add it here.
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    6/9/11 Thursday Day 14 Trial

    9:03 BAEZ to cross examine Mr. Bradley(software company owner who designed program used for computer forensics-did further changes to software so he could dig deeper then the standard program allows). Shows 84 times chloroform was accessed including ruptured spleen,hand2hand combat, making of chloroform ,even a Google search asking ‘do you want ‘how to make chloroform’
    9:18 Prosec: asks clarification questions: pages don’t auto refresh, all tabs that are open are recorded even if she clicks a 2nd/3rd party link on one of the existing pages
    9:19 Witness excused- side bar called
    9: ?? LEE Anthony brought back in-he did search home computer on 7/16 trying to find Sawgrass apts and other things, never deleted any history. On 8/8 when KC came home from jail, she told him the 2nd Zanny story(Blanchard Prk), elaborates on how she held her down on bench, bad mother, will communicate thru MySpace and tell her where to meet up w/Zanny or to see Caylee.. Zanny chgd password on KC MySpace to Timer 55(55 day from time Caylee taken until her birthday)
    9:32 BAEZ cross examine
    9:34 Lee excused - side bar called
    (not sure what time jury asked to leave)
    9:53 Jury returns
    9:55 Prosec introduces the 911 tape of 12/11/08-utility person who called police ‘ skull found’
    9:59 Edward Turso SWORN IN – OC Deputy who went to the scene after 9/11 skull call @9:32am. Kronk lead him in, passed bag & skull and backed up to Skull, calls headquarters-meanwhile gets ‘stmt’ from Kronk.
    10:03 BAEZ keeps asking about “did Kronk tell you about 3 prior calls"-objection sustained each time (purposely kept saying that to make sure jury had this info)
    10:07 side bar
    10:15 BAEZ asks Officer Turso an opinion-Objection sustained Baez done
    10:16 Officer excused

    10:16 RECESS till 10:30- Judge announces next witness will provide include crime scene pics, If you are queasy or cannot control your emotions (facial expressions) please leave otherwise someone will escort them out of courtroom
    Reported Geo&Cindy leave courtroom

    10:36 Judge returns, wants attnys to go to side bar
    10:42 Judge says any pic of skull will be pixelated, no electronic device allowed to capture any pics shown
    10:43 jury returned
    10:44 Ms Welch- SWORN IN – OC Sheriff Forensics Unit-crime scene investigator. Condition of scene-raining-law enfrmt personnel present on street, they were not in the woods stationed north of area on the . Her job responsibility: take pics prior to & before any evidence is touched or removed.
    10:48 pic of ‘dense vegetation’
    10:49 pic portion of woods- this photo section of wooded area and is beginning of a path
    10:51 pic portions of exterior of wooded area beginning of path – this series was to give panoramic collection
    10:52 pic next section of woods in relation to path
    10:53 pic another section of woods along the street grass side
    10:54 path left facing the woods – crime scene tape
    10:55 pic of wooded area on the street showing a parked vehicle –crime scene tape show in pic
    10:56 pic of path that went down into that area- has her circle beginning path
    10:58 pic of beginning of pathway & notes rain drops in the photo
    10:59 pic further into path-draws line indicating path
    11:00 pic further along path-draws how path makes it’s way through the woods-notes vine & veggie hanging off trees
    11:01 pic portion of floor of woods
    11:02 Officer with medical examiner accompanies her – shows pic w/skull in it-she circles
    11:02 pic – close up view of skull- top of skull & can see right side of skull
    11:03 pic –location of skull (CASEY fake crying-keeps head down)
    11:04 pic – asks where skull is in photo= west of the log
    11:05 pic looking back out toward the road- circles light pole she can see from inside woods looking out
    11:06 pic shows add’l items collected including the skull
    11:07 she points to skull NW of log, blk plastic bag, on to of it is off-white canvas bag, ten a plastic Disney bag
    11:08 pic of the scene- log, canvas bag, blk plastic bag
    11:09 pic- condition skull is found- she explains where she is standing in relation to skull. The veggie did obscure her view of the skull to a degree. Shows skull and front of skull.
    11:11 pic another section near where skull located- log does show, other items are on west side of log. Red item is plastic Disney bag., blk plastic bag & off white canvas Bag
    11:13 pic – shows where log is in relation to other items that were taken into evidence. Skull, shorts, blk plastic bag
    11:14 pic- different vantage point of evidence items- shows skull, blk plastic bad, red Disney bag
    11:15 pic- close up image of skull as she found it.: skull & shows blk plastic bag
    11:16 pic - evidence items blk plastic bag, shorts
    11:18 pic – evidence items beer bottle nearby
    11:19 pic – view skull & other items in evidence, barely visible in blk bag & clothng remnants a collar & a tag sill present
    11:20 pic – close up clothing remnants & she circles- announces duck tape
    11:22 pic – evidence items=off wht canvas bag, plastic bag and can see skull. Was anhy portion of blk bag in canvas item
    11:24 pic – standing to E of blk plastic baf which was NNE of skull. Vegetation that obscured vantage point- shows off-white canvas & blk plastic bag-duct tape..
    11:25 pic-evidence items from different vantage point- standing partially over log SE of skull(log shown at bottom of pic)-items+blk plastic bag, off white canvas bag, red Disney bag & skull
    11:27 pic – represents close-up of items just described- says duck tape on front of skull & clothing remnants
    11:29 pic – another angle same evidence – made a mark w/red line= blanket (originally thought was a wht towel)
    11:30 pic- another vantage point = view standing near bags showing view toward Suburban drive- evidence item she made ref to was the wht canvas bag
    11:32 pic- condition of the scene as the medical examiner arrived & began to remove items= blk plastic bag, red Disney bag, skull w/ duct tape present & Steven Hanson removed skull from the scene.
    11:33 BAEZ up talking about her POSITION as Crime scene Investig. – He says 'the more people that come to scene the more contaminated. If body is tampered, that would effect everyones ability to do their job.' She looks to see if SCENE is STAGED.
    11:37 Baez shows pic- draws her attention to duck tape area. Asks to draw circle around duck tape. 'Is it fair to say tape is somewhat in the air in this photo?' It appears it could be. You can see almost the entire width of duck tape. Area is front of skull, and the end portion is (wherever he points). She can’t tell if it’s flat on ground.
    11:40 BAEZ asks for another pic- sees duck tape in pic, she can’t tell if it’s laying flat
    11:42 BAEZ pic – close up of duck tape. You can see the entire width of tape, and here you see the end of the tape(appears to be)-uneven edge on end.
    11:43 BAEZ pic – width of duck tape shown, and appears to be a section of the end of tape.
    11:45 BAEZ pic – Investg Hanson collecting skull at that time & collecting duck tape, 'do you notice he had to apply some force to lift? & also grabbing veggie, not wearing protective footwear-only boots and looks like other peoples legs are stepping on other items that are being collected?' Answer-Could be…..
    11:47 BAEZ done
    11:47 Excused subject to recall.
    11:48 Judge asks attny to approach bench-no court recorder needed
    11:49 Steven Hanson-SWORN IN- Chief Investg for Medical Office –to collect part of remains.
    11:50 pic- shown at Suburban Drive,was raining, he takes pics of area surrounding scene
    11:53 pic – South side of Suburban and you can see the opening/path that leads to remains
    11:55 pic – photo moving further into path where remains found
    11:56 pic – plastic advertisement on path- has him draw line to show how he would have to continue on path’ to the right’ to get to scene
    11:57 pic- continuation of path as moves closer to scene
    11:58 pic further into area in question = hint of crime scene and you can see fallen log and scene is just beyond that
    11:59 pic – closer to scene and circles area of concern-flash used in pic- the area heavily overgrown, dark, raining, camera flash helped

    11:59 RECESS for lunch until 1:30

    (IMO: KC spent more time squeezing & wiping nostrils. Rubbed under eyes some, no tears, kept head down almost whole time)

    1:30 Judge returns -return witness to stand and then bring in Jury
    1:31 Steve Hanson returns to stand
    1:33 Ashton continues – says heavily overgrown & undergrown,, rotten log, a lot of under growth, took a while to pick up, someone had to point out the skull
    1:34 pic shown- some of the area had been cleared. This pic, he’s looking across the log and saw skull on left hand side and other items on right just a little behind skull. At that point, he did not see duct tape(was not close up) appeared to be duct tape on the skull upon closer investigation.. Add’l pics were taken and they started to clear out overgrowth so they could see the skull better-took 3-4hours to clear
    1:37 pic scene with vines cleared away and log is now removed. Only things above the items were cleared and this pic shows everything in the same position as when they arrived
    1:39 pic close up of skull. After vines removed, no ground was disturbed & not moved. When he took pic, taken from opposite side of other pics. Other vantage points you could not see the front of skull wherein this pic, he was able to take pic of front of skull 2.5 ft from above it.. Sees duck tape, could not tell at that point if more then 1 piece of duck tape. Difficult to tell because of the hair matt and plant material there(had not removed anything yet), takes pics ach move, had to clear undergrowth to see skull & tape properly. Hair mat: thought was probably hair. Matter on skull appears to be hair also.
    1:44 pic depicts relationship of skull, the bags, etc The items in photo:his responsibility describes how the scene looks-those pertinent things to understand as it releates of the ‘remains.’. Custody of remains: medical ex office has authority over remains. They thought possibility were in the bag. Because they thought other remains may be in bag, he had control over the bags
    1:47 pic–skull in relationship to the bag SKULL position: skull seemed to be imbedded in vines and leaves. Debris line around skull: went around skull at about eye socket level going around the head. Skull was angeled. Method of how to remove the skull&tape together-was discussed with several people-would remove as large an area from around and under skull. Collet large portion of area including skull(not just lift skull alone)
    1:51 pic of him picking up skull and entire pile of debris and skull into a bag. Went 6-8 inches around skull to preserve debris around it, trying to keep all together.
    Collected other items: canvas bag & plastic bag(may have had bones in it-did not know at that time) they were taken as a unit. and they found long bones in close proximity-all placed evidence bags. Also found shorts, large piece of cloth turned out to be blanket.
    When arrived @ Med Ex office, turned over to another medical examiner (Dr. Shultz-anthropologist at Med Ex office). For next few days, he teturned there and they collected other items found in woods, he would sign for each of the items found. He himself took everything back to Med Ex office. Last trip to Med Ex office with items collected was 12/17.
    1:59 Cheney Mason cross: shows pic and asks about 2 things he sees. One looks like a machette . He did not know who used machete or how it got there. Some clearing somebody had cut a path through some of the underbrush in the path and that’s how he found it. Several CSI were there when he arrived. Asks about rotted log: beside remains, He’s the one who removed the log for better visualization. Asking about another pic: Mason is asking if tape is laying on ground. Witness says it appears part is on the ground. Asks if tape was measured at scene-were any scales used to measure the evidence, NO. Mason: ‘ you said embedded? Answer-ground cover was embedded in vegetation. Did you know IF anybody had moved skull. No first hand knowledge if somebody had moved it before he arrived. Primary reason he collected everything around skull was so he didn’t move duck tape from position he found it in. When he moved the whole area ‘it could have moved the tape’. When items brought back, someone else reassembles the collection. The rotted log: did not photograph the log while he was moving it, he pushed it off to the left side away from the evidence field. He has looked all the photos only HE took, not photos others took. Did not see a white board Cheney is implying was on the log.
    2:13 Med Ex investg excused
    KC raises head now that he’s dismissed. Kept head down throughout questioning

    2:14 Dr. Gary Utz SWORN IN – Chief Deputy Med Ex for OC-Primary foucs Forensic pathology. Dr. G asked him to take charge of case because she was gong out of town until she returned. Dr. Hanson would report to him and bring back items and he would examine and then give some of the items to FBI agent to take back to FBI lab. 1st thing he saw was a large bag small bones, fabric, another bag has skull w/ tape.
    2:18 pic 1st photo taken at med ex office. 2 plastic garbage bags with yellow ties mixed with leaf litter & debris and a leg bone. Off white object: fabric laundry bag, each item was removed in lab and photographed separately..
    2:21 pic of skull and tape with leaf and debris had been brought to office and photographed there. Looking human skull facing the observer and is upright. In front of skull are several pieces silver gray colored tape and hair extending over the top of skull.
    KC head down
    2:22 pic- skull again and photographed from directly above. The items that appear to flow down the sides of skull= hair. Hair mat: partially can be seen
    2:24 pic - skull from side:R side and back of skull, you can see multi hair over top of skull and good pic of mat of hair at bottom of skull and toward the side, you can see the tape. Tape appears to come around to the side.
    2:25 pic – skull from the rear and L side. Several adherent leave & twigs obscuring view but you can see hair mat. Object in hair mat: appear to be plant roots.
    2:27 pic of either himself or Dr, Shultz supporting/cradle skull so that top of skull is being held up. Looking at skull face on, can see eye sockets and you can see hair partially covering eye sockets and below that is the tape; Ashton is pointing to tape: pieces of tape were ATTACHED TO EACH OTHER, he thinks three.
    2:30 pic skull- the angle- skull is tilted so bottom is upward toward camera. Show mandible/bottom of jawbone, also portion of the tape, around bottom of skull is hair, plant roots and leaves.. The mandible stays in place=’, That’s unusual, usually this time in decomp the mandible will detach. Caylee’s mandible stayed attached because of the hair mat & tape and ingrown plant roots that help kept it together. Tape was no longer adhesive and small portions held hair and part was attached to the mandible. (very small part of the fabric of the tape still had little adhesive) that stuck to the mandible. Roots had grown through.
    2:34 pic skull with the mandible and tape removed and are looking at the upper jaw . He did remove mandible, once he removed the tape attached, the mandible was easy to remove. He never has seen a mandible attached to skull in skeletonized remains. Skull was sitting on debris when delivered to him
    2:37 pic portion of examine of skull: skull is tilted down on left side and we see right side of lower mandible. Lifting the tape to show the fabric backing of the tape is partially attached to the mandible. Indicated there were multiple layers of tape. You can see the strand fibers off the tape on the mandible/adhering to it & mixed in with that is plant roots.
    2:40 pic tape after it was removed. We see pic. You can see much of the tape fabric backing has been separated from the tape itself. Tape was given to FBI
    2:42 pic close up photo of emblem on the tape(mfg)
    2:43 pic – fabric laundry bag
    2:44 pic- same laundry bag
    2:46 pic interior of laundry bag- shows label/brand, 2 handles. Was anything in the bag? Items were removed late from interior
    2:47 pic- photo of label/mfg of bag & another pic of other side of label.
    2:48 pic blk trash bag
    2:50 pic blk bag again- both bags had multiple tears in them.
    2:51 pic knot
    2:54 pic- item of clothing-shorts
    2:54 RECESS until 3:15
    (note KC keeps head down whole time, wraps her overcoat duster around her completely, covers hands completely with sleeve fabric. Her laptop was purposely removed from in front of her so the Jury could watch her ‘emote’…. / more like act)

    3:1? – side bar immediately w/all attnys
    3:14 running late. KC sat there during RECESS and now has walked out of courtroom
    Kathi Belish said her connect in courthroom said KC was deep breathing and looked weak. Now back in courtroom
    3:23 Judge sits, Jury returns
    3:24 Judge announces “RECESS for today- events have occured , do not speculate why.” Jury leaves room, Judge then announces Ms Anthony is ill.
  16. Zoe Bogart

    Zoe Bogart Let's not ask for the Moon, we have the Stars

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    I missed the first 15-16 minutes.

    9:17 - John Bradley, computer forensic expert, dismissed from witness stand after JB re-cross
    9:18 - Lee Anthony called to the stand, FG questions, did he use Anthony computer on 15 - 16 July 2008, yes, searches, FG asking about Jay Blanchard Park story KC told him after her release from jail in Aug 2008
    9:334:30 - Lee A. excused

    9:34:40 - LDB says defense need a few minutes before next event, sidebar
    9:36:45 - sidebar ends, judge calls for 5 minute recess
    9:52:00 - sidebar
    9:54:10 - jury returns
    9:55:05 - LDB setting up recording, judge reads stipulation
    9:55:58 - recording played, found human skull by meter reader, 11 Dec 2008

    Casey was really frowning at this point

    9:58:17 - end of recording/video, LDB calls for next witness
    9:59:10 - Edward Turso, OCSO, in uniform, deputy, patrol division sector 2, responded to Suburban Drive on 11 Dec 2008 at 9:32 am, met by Roy Kronk the meter reader, others arrived later
    10:03:35 - JB cross, asking about RK's 3 prior calls in Aug 2008, LDB objects 3 times, sustained, Judge tells JB to move to another line of questioning, JB consults with Mason, how far into the woods? deputy only focused on skull & black bag
    10:07:33 - JB requests sidebar
    10:15:35 - end of sidebar, JB ques., Turso had Kronk write a statement, LDB no questions, witness dismissed subject to recall

    10:17 - jury out again, 10 minute recess, Judge telling people to leave if they can't control emotions viewing pictures

    10:37:16 - Judge enters, sidebar
    10:43 - Judge giving rules about pictures to media, no taking pics of pics with cellphones or cameras

    10:44:53 - Welsh/Welch ? (female), Crime Scene Investigator, took pictures at the scene on 11 Dec 2008, OCSO forensic unit, 5 years, CSI, arrived at the scene 8900 block Suburban Drive at 11:25 am, raining, LE present on street, dense vegetation, crime scene tape in place, no one in wooded area, LDB showing each photo and explaining each one, LDB adding photos into evidence

    11:02:12 - skull picture shown to jury and everyone in court, not shown on TV

    Casey wiping eyes & nose with same tissue, poking her eyes, not looking at pictures, looking at tissue, wipes eyes and face

    11:22:10 - front of skull with duct tape
    11:27 - duct tape on skull
    11:28:24 - closeup of duct tape on skull
    11:30 - blanket
    11:33:43 - LDB ends direct
    11:34:02 - JB begins cross, asking about contamination, asking about staging the scene

    (At this point I was having a great deal of trouble with the live feed stalling even with two computers, at different times, there was considerable lag time on both sites)

    11:45:26 - JB asking about pics showing collecting skull and items by Inspector Hanson, vegetation, applying pressure, not wearing special footwear, stepping on items to be collected?
    11:47:24 - JB ends, LDB no re-direct
    11:48 - HHJP "attorneys approach" - sidebar
    11:49 - sidebar over

    11:49:28 - Steven Hanson sworn in, OCSO, Crime Scene Palm Beach, Bexar County, Texas, JA questioning, arrived on scene about 11 am, 11 Dec 2008, took pictures, raining
    11:59 - mentioning rain, darkness, camera got clearer pictures than what he could see in person that day
    12:00 - lunch recess

    1:32:22 - judge addresses jury
    1:32:45 - JA addresses witness Hanson, talking about crime scene, duct tape, skull, he was at crime scene 3 to 4 hours before leaving with the remains
    1:38:40 - showing closeup of skull picture, hair mattig, duct tape, undergrowth
    1:42:30 - Hanson explains how he took the pictures
    1:43:20 - pointing out hair in pic, focused on the scene, Medical Examiner has control of remains, sheriff has control over scene by law, describing duct tape on face and head
    1:51 - describing how he took part of the area around the skull with the skull to remove it, plastic bag, canvass bag collected as a unit, placed on plastic shroud and then put into body bag, shorts, long bone (leg), long cloth (blanket), his last day at the scene collecting possible remains was 17 Dec 2008

    1:58:50 - Mason cross

    1:13:10 - Gary Lee Utz, witness, BS in Biology, University of Cincinnati, Chief Deputy Medical Examiner, Orange County, MD U of Cin., Licensed to practice medicine in Florida and Ohio, Forensic Pathology since 1997

    2:21:29 - Casey has head down Utz explaining silver duct tape over face, hair - eyesockets, tape going around sides

    2:22:45 - Casey's head way down, never looking up Utz describing hair, tape, duct tape attached to itself, about 3 pieces, skull unusual to have mandible attached - still attached because of tape, hair on tape, tape on mandible, roots growing in and around hair mat, hair & tape fabric had to be cut away from mandible, upper jaw with teeth
    2:44 (about) - showing canvass laundry bag
    2:47 - female juror said they were going too fast with photos
    2:48:16 - black trash bag, was tied closed, both bags had multiple tears
    2:53 - picture of child's short pants

    15 minute recess - jury exits
    Ruckus around the defense table

    3:24:07 - Judge says bring in jury, calls recess for the day due to events, don't speculate

    After jury leaves, Judge tells the media Ms Anthony is ill, don't ask attorneys about it.

    Recess until Friday 9 AM
  17. watchinginky

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    In the courtroom, Friday, June 10, 2011: (I have a lot of commentary today...I hope that's ok :angel:)

    8:53:40 am - All of the attorneys leave the courtroom. There are a lot of guards around.
    8:57:24 am - The prosecutors are back in the courtroom.
    9:01:03 am - Baez & Mason are back in the courtroom.
    9:01:11 am - KC enters the courtroom.
    9:03:16 am - The judge enters the courtroom.
    9:03:49 am - The judge states to return the witness from yesterday to the stand before the jury returns. His honor is giving instructions to the courtroom audience that there is to be no facial expressions, outbursts, etc. Anyone doing so will be ejected from the courtroom immediately and/or be held in contempt.
    9:04:33 am - The jury returns.
    9:05:18 am - The SA (Mr. Ashton) begins examination. Reviewing crime scene photos again today.
    9:14:35 am - The SA finishes exam.
    9:14:46 am - The defense (Cheney Mason) starts cross-exam.
    9:31:06 am - The SA (Mr. Ashton) begins re-direct exam.
    9:32:06 am - The SA finishes exam.
    9:32:22 am - The witness is excused.
    9:32:36 am - The judge states the SA may call their next witness.
    9:33:11 am - The next witness (John Schultz - Asst. Professor of Anthropology and specializes in Forensic Anthropology) enters the courtroom.
    9:33:23 am - The witness is sworn in.
    9:33:48 am - The SA (Mr. Ashton) begins direct exam.

    KC is attentive at times, but "appears" to be having a hard time again today. Lots of deep breaths, looking down, looks angry at times. Keeps dabbing eyes with the same tissue. The tissue looks dry.

    10:02 am - The witness is describing the roots growing through the bones (vertebrae).
    10:06:40 am - KC is crying as witness describes animals chewing on Caylee's bones. Dorothy Simms has her arm around KC and is hugging KC close. KC has her head on D. Simms shoulder. KC appears to be really sobbing.

    10:16:20 am - Recess until 10:35 am.

    10:37:13 am - KC returns to the courtroom with a BIG wad of tissues.
    10:37:53 am - Let the record reflect the presence of the defendant and the attorneys.
    10:38:04 am - The jury returns.
    10:38:58 am - The SA (Mr. Aston) resumes direct exam.

    There is a lot of graphic testimony today. The witness describes where all of the bones were found and that they were scattered. IMO, hearing all of this today makes all of this even more real. It's heartbreaking to think a "mother" could dispose of her child like trash. This testimony has to be affecting the jury...especially those with little ones.

    11:01:01 am - Sidebar.
    11:04:03 am - Sidebar is over.
    11:04:48 am - The witness is accepted as an expert.
    11:08:36 am - The witness states that in his opinion, Caylee's remains could have been in that location for 6 months based on plant growth, etc. The bones were "dry" bone marrow, decomp residue or decomp odor. There were leaves covering some of the bones indicating there were there before Fall.
    11:09:22 am - The SA finishes direct exam.
    11:09:32 am - The defense (C. Mason) begins cross-exam.

    KC is still very emotional at this time.

    11:18:30 am - The defense finishes cross-exam.
    11:18:37 am - The SA (Mr. Ashton) begins re-direct exam.

    KC still has her head down. IMO, she should be made to look at all of the photos.

    11:23:56 am - The witness is excused.
    11:25:16 am - Dr. G (Chief Medical Examiner) enters the courtroom.
    11:25:27 am - Dr. G is sworn in.
    11:25:57 am - Dr. G is stating her credentials, very impressive. KC is interested and is paying attention to Dr. G's credentials and testimony. She is looking at Dr. G.
    11:33:38 am - Dr. G is testifying about Caylee's hair mat that was found. She's discussing that roots have grown through the hair mat. Some of the courtroom audience has gaping mouths as if in disbelief. Pictures were also shown of Caylee's Winnie the Pooh blanket with the plant root growth on the back side. Very damning evidence IMO.

    Court is in recess until 1:30 pm.

    I really have mixed emotions about KC today. Part of me feels sorry for her because I think this really is hard for her. Reality is hitting her hard, smack in the face. She's finally having to face what she's done. Another part of me just despises her to no end. If she hadn't done this in the first place, we wouldn't be here today. She has lived in a fantasy world for so long and now her fantasy has ended and the real world has begun. JMO.

    Justice for Caylee :smiliescale:

    This is totally off topic, but I just love the way his honor pops his head into the courtroom to look around before he officially comes in for court. He's so cute!!
  18. FifthEssence

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    Friday, June 10, 2011- Day 15

    1:45 KC returns
    1:45 Jury returning
    1:46 Mr. Ashton you may continue-
    Shows laundry bag pkg , blanket pkg, body bag w/vegetation pkg, tied blk plastic bag pkg, untied plastic bag found w/remains pkg, shorts pkg, clothing the letters&stitching pkg, hair mat pkg,
    1:52 Ashton resumes, concepts and cause of manner of death- classification of death based on all info available(scene, their findings,medical). In this case –opinion= HOMICIDE.Based on 1. observational studies child is not reported immediately, that’s something they look to as foul play. 2. body was hidden-childs body hidden in a field & often in closed containers (observational systematic studies) 3. the duct tape being located on face-no reason to put duct tape on face after they die.
    How does concept differ from manner: Specific injury or disease that causes death. -
    Were any objects found w/body capable of causing death: duct tape if over mouth or nose, suffocation w/plastic bag.. Made aware of chloroform in case and yes, child exposed to chloroform could die.
    Cannot tell what caused her death, because cannot say the ‘means.’ Bones did not show anti mortem signs.
    1:59 Cheney Mason crosses. Asking her if aware of case prior to body being found. Did know there was a lot of speculation about case. She was hoping different jurisdiction then her jurisdiction. Amongst various things she had known prior: question of chloroform? YES, one of the possibilities to examine. She brought in a toxicologist who she knew dealt with bones &sent him bone fragment of L femur. Look for chloroform and volatile chemicals. He only checked volatile, the results were negative.
    Was she present when Dr. Spitz came? OBJECTION
    2:04 side bar
    2:07 Dr G was informed by her office manager there was a request by JoseB to have someone(Dr. Spitz?) watch –she said she would preserve everything and make available when they are complete.
    2:09 asking about Dr. Goldberger, not a med doc, he’s a Phd. Volariles tested bones, hair and soil that fell out of hair, he tested bone and scrapping from marrow and washings they did from cranial cavity, looking for xanax = NEGATIVE.
    Cranial wash, she did not cut open cranium. No anti mortem trauma, but could see animal trauma.
    2:12 If he understands her testimony- despite what investgs said, the expert persons, there is no evidence the MEANS of homicide & that was not determined. The circumstances only were used to determine Homicide. She does not take what media says into her determination.
    2:16 That is the ONLY conclusion. Circumstance Systematical observational studies –every death she investigates uses the systematic observations=scientific studies. The preponderance of evidence and no other logical reasons for the condition. There is NO REASON not to report to authorities.
    What if somebody finds a drowned body, absolutely deceased: she says even if body is stiff, people would call 911.
    She says manner of death could not be determined but the means were based on circumstantial evidence and the studies.
    2:20 Ashton up- attempted keep body in same condition as when recvd because she was aware of a request for 2nd autopsy by Defense.
    2:23 Dr. G excused
    2:24 Dr. Martin Warren- Defense calls for side bar before he arrives
    2:31 Judge back at seat and announces he needs to have Jury leave-matter to discuss w/ attnys-
    2:34 Aston wants Judge to look at improvised pictures/superimposed tapes the Dr. put together as a demonstrative aid.
    2:35 tape plays for Judge – KC looks angry and talking while tape is playing on her monitor
    (graphic representation of tape on skull)
    2:42 Baez objects to the demonstrative reenactment (super imposition) footage
    2:45 Judge tells Baez to reference an old case
    2:46 Baez thinks will mislead jury, and no proof the duct tape was in the position as the reenactment would display
    2:47 Judge says, lets put the Dr on the stand here(a proffer), listen to what he has to say and then he’ll make a decision.
    2:48 Dr. Michael Warren- Pathologist- Asst Proff of Pathology at U of FL.
    He uses populational data & means to apply to a single person=gives scale/measurements.
    2:53 BAEZ – Dr. does recall Ashton asked if there is the possibility the tape could have covered both airways. (discussed w/ Dr. G & Dr. Shultz)
    This doctor himself made the suggestion to Mr. Aston to do the super imposition. He did not see the actual tape on skull, only the pics. Baez says, No scale on actual skull photos or the live face pic doctor used from media to fairly and accurately have a depiction.
    2:57 BAEZ done
    2:57 Judge asks: what is the purpose of this demonstration. Answer: to demonstrate the width of the tape could cover both airway. He explains how they scale it all. Judge asks the skull that was used is the actual pic of the skull recvd from Med Ex. YES. It will illustrate it is possible to show tape could have covered both.
    3:00 judge asks if anything else?
    3:01 witness can stand down
    3:01 Judge announces RECESS until 3:15 while he ‘digests’ the reference case
    (KC looks angry-disturbed)
    3:17 Judge reading aloud Supreme Court decision, talks about the 2 cases Defense is using as their reason for objection.
    3:24 In looking at the factors he states the various court case decisions.
    3:26 Judge decides this is highly relevant, court will permit witness to testify and show super impositions & if requested by the Defense, he will give limiting instruction to Jury.
    3:28 Defense still objects
    3:29 Defense- the Dr. has cumulative testimony he had done with Dr. Shultz and would not like him to reference that. Judge says not considered cumulative unless witness is referencing 3 expert witnesses vs 2.

    3:32 Judge returns Jury
    3:33 Dr. Michael Warren SWORN IN- Assoc Proff at U of FL and Director of CA Pound CA Laboratory(working anthropological lab)
    3:36 accepted as Expert witness- Contacted by Dr G and Dr Shultz to asst in the analysis of the remains, went to the Med Ex office. Saw the mandible and connected at tmj area. When soft tissue missing, the jaw usually is not connected. Only other times ever saw mandible attached under the same condtions (skeletonized), the decedents had tape over their faces (Bosnia). Researched literature regarding anatomical distances /measurements. And created video super imposition as aid
    3:46 Judge announces objections by the Defense and explains to Jury the stipulation
    3:47 Ashton proceeds and publishes to jury
    3:53 Video completed- Ashton asks about an outline noted and he says it shows the various places it could have been on face. One single piece of tape would cover both nose and mouth.
    3:54 BAEZ cross examines- his video is to show ‘possibility’ tape covered both mouth & nose. Cannot testify the tape had anything to do with her cause of death. NO, Only saw photos=duct tape was attached to hair. Does understand scene remains were in 3 bags. The duct tape was over the mandible and some portion of the ‘…… ‘
    4:03 Objection by Defense- side bar
    4:06 side bar over .
    4:06 Baez says hair mat is underneath the skull, something had to make hair move in that direction. The video you showed of possibility –was it made to get emotions of jury.? OBJECTION by Prosec
    4:09 side bar
    4:12 Judge asks Jury to step out

    4:13 proceed with proffer of Dr. Warren- tape was NOT for ‘appealing to the jury, not for getting jury angry NO , and was for the mere possibility of showing tape could have covered nose and mouth.

    4:14 RECESS 5 minutes till 4:20
    4:24 Jury returns
    4:25 BAEZ resumes Dr. was not aware another piece of duct tape was found 9feet away. Asking if there are other possible scenarios for cause of death other then the tape over her face..
    4:27 What is his opinion as to when tape was placed on her: based on position of mandible. he saw nothing but tape holding mandible in place.. even with soft tissue missing.
    4:29 shows evidence photo.- how does hair end up below scalp. Hair slides down to back of base of skull, common.
    4:30 BAEZ refers to same evidence pic: notes significant root growth.. ‘Possible roots could contribute to holding mandible in place.’
    4:32 Baez done Ashton up
    4:32 Ashton- Are you familiar w/plant growth & decomposition, YES, locating graves and environmental changes..
    4:34 Baez- ‘you’re not a botanist. ‘ NO
    4:35 Dr. Warren excused
    4:36 Michael Vincent- SWORN IN again/Crime Scene tech w/ OC Sheriff- did you recover certain certain entimology from the ‘trash bag in trunk. yes
    4:37 shows him evidence envelope and identifies small vile containing maggots in preservative solution. Then sent to Dr. Haskell for evaluation
    4:40 another evidence envelope – bug insect eggs in late stage of life cycle- sent to Dr. Haskell
    4:41 BAEZ- collected on 8/28th?. Has some training in entimology-different stages of maggot & insect life cycle. He did not see any in trunk of car itself., sometime later saw insect activity.
    4:46 Robin Maynard SWORN IN- Crime scene Investg w/ OC Sheriff. –job was document evidence collected..
    4:47 shows evidence pkg- pupae collect on Suburban Drive.- consulted w/ Dr. Neil Haskell. Documented the location of items.
    4:49 calls multiple evidence evidence phgs, entimology items
    4:52 asks for more evidence pkgs
    4:55 asks for more evidence pkgs
    4:56 another piece of evidence/pkg piece of cardboard with pink heart shaped material attached.
    4:47 BAEZ crosses- found in the area with other things in surrounding area. She was the lead in charge of ‘sifting’. Baez asking if kids walk pass there on way to school-OBJECTION- she has no personal knowledge if kids walk past there to go to school.

    5:00 witness excused
    5:01 RECESS for the day until tomorrow morning

    5:02 Baez submits Motion for a Mistrial- based on the superimposed video-witness testified it was speculative, defense believes used to upset jury. Judge asks: ‘Has not both the state & defense advanced theories of the location of the duct tape? YES. And didn’t the witness say is was a ‘possible’ scenario? Baez says 2 minutes was to inflame the jury. Prosec says testimony of witness did testify skull had tape over mouth, nose or both. He believes it demonstrates it was used to cause death. Prosec thinks demo tape was necessary.
    Judge says: ’ When does the court have to rule on the Motion for mistrial? Court can rule on motion for a mistrial up to the time before a verdict is reached. Motion denied at this time but will consider at another time'
  19. Zoe Bogart

    Zoe Bogart Let's not ask for the Moon, we have the Stars

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    9:05 - Judge says jury is present
    9:06 - JA showing pics of shorts to Gary Lee Utz, Chief Deputy Medical Examiner, on witness stand
    9:09:34 - showing picture of letters found - B I G T R O U B L E

    Casey is not looking, head down, hand on mouth & chin

    9:12:23 - Size 3T photo of tag
    9:12:51 - pictures of blanket
    9:14 - Casey raises head looks toward witness, not looking pleased
    Mason cross, asking how much the medical examiners talked about the case before child was found, why did Dep. M. E. take over, re: high profile case
    CM asks no duct tape on left side of head? Utz says it extended there. CM - not attached on left side of head? No but points of adherence on left side (no skin left to stick to) CM - DNA? No - No trauma? No broken bones? no

    Casey watching, poking finger into right eye

    9:24 - Casey looking pouty, head down, right hand over mouth, looks like she's trying to make tears, tissue over nose

    9:30 - Mason screaming - You don't know the manner of death, do you?
    9:31 - JA re-direct, asking about tape on both sides of face
    9:33:31 - Dr. John J. Schultz - Anthropology Professor, UCF, anthropology, forensic anthropology & archeology Univ of Florida, Univ of NY at Stoneybrook, Human Identification Lab

    Casey looking at hands, mean face

    9:42 - Wasn't on scene 11 Dec 2008, saw duct tape & skull, was there for photographs & X-Rays, had to hold skull for pics of its underside
    9:45 - mandible still with skull, surprising, held by hair and grass roots, no trauma

    Casey's head down, tissue & hand to mouth

    9:49 - describing searching scene in hands & knees

    9:56:40 - (during bone talk) DCS rubbing Casey's back - KC wiping eyes, hand to mouth, looking at tissue, head down, - laptop out of her way, jury has clear view of her, - blowing nose, DCS arm around her, pretending tears, neck bones visible, hand held into a fist, DCS moves more than Casey

    10:02 - vertebrae with things growing through it, all remained together, skull in different location

    10:04:01 - photos of bone fragment being shown

    Casey looking unwell, appears ready to jump out of her skin, DCS hovering

    10:06:40 - related bones - chewed on
    Casey "crying", DCS hugging her

    10:07 - sidebar

    10:15:56 – Casey still wiping, head down, ears red

    10:16:39 – recess – Judge calls recess until 10:35

    10:38 – end of recess, return jury

    10:40:35 – JA – 2 bones fit together
    10:41:25 – photos of hand & finger bones next to a quarter for size, recovery effort took place between 11 Dec – 20 Dec, the last day when mapping was completed
    10:44:25 – pelvic bones – fats convert to wax, none there, one buried in muck, left bone
    10:46 – bones in anatomical order, difficult to collect bones & teeth, found all teeth but one, most of spine, left foot, many ribs
    10:48:33 – 1 bone of right foot, carnivore activity

    Casey has fist on her mouth

    10:49:30 – showing map, areas of found bones
    10:51 – describing Areas were bones found
    11:00:51 – body not mutilated when dumped, hip bone found buried – significant, shows how long bones were at dispersed and when dispersed

    11:01:59 – sidebar – JB flipping through papers

    11:05:18 – witness accepted as expert
    bones under leaf wall, hipbone almost completely buried, lots of flooding, silt settled over bone during summer, near palmetto trunk, a low area, lots of water & silt movement

    11:08:24 – bones dry, no soft tissue, no decomp odor, some erosion of bone, out there 6 months, dispersal of bones, animal activity, chewing on ribs, missing bones taken away or chewed up

    11:10:31 – CM cross – any broken bones? No fractures? No twisted bones? No trauma before death or ever.

    Casey shaking her head

    11:13 – how far Area A from street? About 20 – 30 feet, didn’t measure
    3-D scanner used by Ronald Murdock, looked at data points

    11:15:29 – asking when dispersal took place

    Casey looks angry, frowning, working hard to bring up tears

    11:18:39 – nothing telss how she died? Can’t say, only no peri-mortem trauma.
    CM says no duct tape covering nasal aperture? – opening of nose
    11:20 – JA asking re: tape covering mouth, no nose there only opening, tape could have possibly been there
    talks about bones in Area A, bones in Area B – left humorous
    Area F – clavicle/collarbone. Pelvis, femora, riba, 1 pt vertebrae
    Area G- separation of spinal bottom, ribs
    Area H – 1 part vertebrae, ribs
    Area I – 20 vertebrae, ribs

    11:24:50 – JA ends, no re-cross, witness Schultz excused
    sidebar for a few seconds

    11:26 – Dr. Jan Garavaglia “Dr. G”, witness, Chief Medical Examiner, Orange and Osceola Counties

    11:29:02 – Casey giving Dr. G evil eye

    Dr G. heard of found remains on Thursday, 11 Dec 2008, late morning or early afternoon, called Dr. Ulz, Dr. Schultz, & Steve Hanson to come while she was out of town until Friday afternoon
    11:31:41 – worked scene, photos, called in other consultants

    Casey’s hand over mouth, head down, talking to DCS hand over her mouth but head down

    11:32;50 – hair mat examined, pics - bone showing, roots
    11:34:54 Pic – holes in hair mat due to insects, sample hair for toxicological use
    11:36:38 – pic- scale near root on hairmat
    11:37:42 – baby blanket photo- close up pic, Winnie the Pooh with Piglet on his back
    11:40:30 – pic – other side of blanket, roots & plant materials growing in it
    11:42:08 – pic of blanket, close up of other area, roots

    Casey covered herself, appears cold

    11:43:15 – pic of roots on blanket
    11:43:43 – blanket, roots, pic, Dr. G. looks at Casey
    canvass laundry bag, outside canvass inside shiny plastic lining, roots growing on canvass part, roots on bones and through bags
  20. Zoe Bogart

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    11:47:55 – how to identify remains, wanted nuclear DNA or mitochondrial DNA, sent off to lab for DNA ID, portion of bone taken for testing, definitely Caylee
    cause & manner of death?
    manner of death based on scientific principles, known variables, opinion

    11:51:20 – sidebar
    recess until 1:30

    1:36:18 - Dr. G on stand
    1:40:38 – Judge enters, JA talking with CM, JB walks up

    1:43:00 – about – Casey leaves courtroom
    1:45:11 – Casey re-enters courtroom, Judge calls JA to front, CM whispers to him, Judge calls for Jury to enter
    1:46:08 – jury enters, JA questions Dr. G, shows evidence bags to Dr. G., laundry bag, baby blanket, body bag with vegetation, tied black plastic bag, untied plastic bag, shorts, clothing, letters – stitching

    1:52 - JA consulting with Mason, evidence – hairbrush

    1:52:51 - Manner of death, classification based on known factors: accident, homicide, suicide, natural
    Homicide, her opinion based on 3 main items:
    1) child not reported immediately
    2) body was hidden, in woods or field, body in container
    3) duct tape on lower face, no reason to eve put duct tpae on a child before or after death

    Cause of death, what makes person die
    Cause – homicide of undetermined means

    1:56:55 – objects with body to cause death, duct tape, plastic bags for suffocation, chloroform(?)

    Don’t believe there is enough scientific evidence to say what caused death
    No anti-mortem trauma
    No illnesses, or trauma before

    1:59:00 – Mason cross
    aware of case 4 months prior to body found? On news, publicity? She wanted it to be found in Lake County. Chloroform – toxicology on bones, piece of left leg, limited tests can be done with bones, results negative

    2:04:11 – JA approach – gang at sidebar
    2:08:00 – end sidebar
    CM asking something about JB requesting they preserve evidence for defense testing
    CM accusing Dr G of being influenced by Det. Melich & media in her account of homicide
    Dr. G. answer never influenced by media, only by her experience and knowledge of homicides, evidence, no other logical conclusion, body left in a field to rot with duct tape on face

    2:19 – judge saying ask yes or no questions
    CM rephrased
    Found 4 or 5 months earlier it would have given better evidence

    2:21:12 – JA re-direct, asking about autopsy
    2:22:01 – JA – absence of substances, long shot to test, not expected to be positive from just a set of bones
    2:23 – in August body would have already been skeletonized
    JA ends
    No re-cross
    2:23:50 – witness excused
    2:24:25 – sidebar
    Casey frowning

    2:33 – Judge send jury out for unexpected time, telling media to taking pictures with cameras or cellphones

    2:43 – JB whining to Judge – state is throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks!!!!!! (he has short memory), crying about photograph being shown
    Judge gives citing for McDuffy vs. State, 26 pages long
    Position of duct tape in video, no oral testimony
    2:47:50 – Judge say put Warren on stand so judge knows what he will say, proffer, no need to object, Mr. Baez

    2:48:35 – Dr. Michael Warren on stand
    JA asking if he worked with others, duct tape as weapon, photos of tape by FBI, picture of child’s face and picture of her skull, matched up for scale to create facial features for placement of tape, needed to use picture for length and measurement of her face, this process is only correct way to do it, got picture of Caylee from internet
    2:53:16 – JB proffer
    JA asked if duct tape was murder weapon? If tape covers both airways, Dr. Warren previously spoke to Jeff Ashton about possibility of covered airways

    2:57:33 – Judge asking purpose of demonstration, explain necessity for skull.
    Witness says actual skull of Caylee, yes, Without animation he could testify but comparison is better.

    3:02:05 – recess while judge checks other cases, 15 minutes

    3:17 – about – Judge reading cases
    3:27:42 – Judge says witness will testify
    JB doesn’t wave prior objections and motions, JB not looking pleased
    Casey looks angry
    JB talking about witness co-authored with Dr. Schultz – objecting (my live feed began acting up here and I missed a lot, and problems continued for a long time causing me to miss a lot of what was said)

    Judge says having two experts testify on same topic is punitive

    3:32 – jury enters
    3:33 – Dr. Michael Warren on stand, Associate Professor at University of Florida, CA Pound Human Identification Lab, forensic lab, ID of skeletonized persons, given experts testimonies: AL, FL, NY, 16 – 18 times, fetal growth & development, age at time of death children & adults

    examined remains of Caylee, photos were found on internet, mandible articulated (in place) rare to find jaw with skull in above ground remains, had other cases with tape on face

    3:39 – Casey looking angry

    tape had moved, wide single piece would be sufficient to cover nose & mouth, measured nasal aperture to bottom of teeth – airways, Eye to chin measurements, superimposition of skull and photo of deceased person, compare skull/photo match up, osteometric points
    for Caylee ID already done, superimposition used to garner position of duct tape

    3:46 – Judge noted JB’s prior objection, read stipulation
    3:47 – showing video of superimposition, silence in courtroom
    3:48 - Casey looking devilish and mad, talking, beginning to show reaction to video, talking to DCS, DCS talks to Casey, Casey’s head down, DCS still talking, big conversation

    3:53 – JA asking single tape would have been enough to cover nose & mouth?

    3:55 – JB up with easel and BIG tablet, you never saw tape attached to hair mat? Used Photoshop – speculation? Tape had nothing to do with her death?
    3:58 – JB drawing pictures on his BIG tablet – except his pics are too tiny to see, JA has to get up to see, Warren leaves witness stand to see

    Casey’s paying attention

    Warren says tape over mandible, over max… (couldn’t here)
    JB saying how bow body decomposed?
    JA objects

    4:04 – sidebar

    4:06 – sidebar over
    JB says hair on top of skull only not in back (on everybody – where does JB get THAT information????)
    JA objects
    JB objects to objection
    Judge says continue
    Trying to say for duct tape to be in that position had to be moved (in mat of hair)
    JB says witness wanted to elicit emotions form jury with video

    4:08 – SIDEBAR

    4:12 – kicking out the jury

    JB proffers witness again, was it for sympathy, excitement, from jury? No

    4:14 – 5 minute break

    4:23 – judge returns
    4:24 – jury enters
    JB says another piece of tape found 8 feet away, JB says other scenarios for duct tape
    4:27:35 – JA re: duct tape on Caylee, duct tape never stuck to bones, stuck to skin, to soft tissue

    4:29:00 – Casey hiding her face away, chin on her fist
    JA showing pic – during decomposition hair will slide, hair remains good
    JB says roots kept jaw in place
    JA – asks active decomp prohibits plant growth?
    JB objects – sustained
    Familiar with plant growth, & remains , root can keep mandible in place? Maybe, yes.

    4:35:28 – JB re-cross
    Dr. Warren excused

    4:36:30 – Michael Vincent sworn on stand
    LDB – entomology in Pntiac trunk
    Vile of maggots, he coolected then, not his initials on envelope, Yes, maggots from trash, another package, bug insect eggs, - yes, he collected
    end direct

    4:41:38 – JB cross
    insects, bugs, 28 Aug 2008, inspected trunk & items inside trunk, stage of life of maggots

    no redirect

    4:46 – Robin Maynard – CSI OCSO
    LDB questions – at scene off Suburban Drive, Dec 2008, documented bugs, collected over several days 14 Dec 2008 collected 8900 Suburban Drive
    LDB entered evidence
    JB bringing over his big book (his evidence list, I assume)

    4:58:20 – JB cross
    many people collected evidence, beer bottles, tires, cement pavers,
    witness said she was in charge of sifting, no large items
    JB asking if it was common dumping area across from school, witness says not directly across from school
    JB – do kids walk there?
    Witness says she doesn’t know
    LDB objects – no personal knowledge – sustained
    JB sits

    5:01:20 – recess until 9:00 am, jury dismissed

    5:03 – JB complaining about prejudicial evidence, superimposed image of child, MOVE FOR MISTRIAL
    JA says it was 2-dimensional showing tape around face, Doctor clear, possible murder weapon
    Judge says court can withhold ruling up until before verdict is read
    Motion for Mistrial Denied – can try later

    5:07:57 – recess until 9:00 AM Saturday

    5:09 – Casey walked out easily on her own showing no sign of illness

    Off record: attorneys talking with judge regarding schedules
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