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Aug 21, 2008
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have only a few notes for the earlier part of the day. Will add when I have some time later today.

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Sep 7, 2008
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8:37:00 – George & Cindy in court and attorneys present

8:59:03 – Casey enters

8:59:48 – JJHP enters, JB asks for gathering at sidebar, JP says quickly, it should have been done earlier - SIDEBAR # 1

9:02:30 – end sidebar

9:03:39 – jury enters

9:04:38 – Susan Mears, defense witness, returns,
JB says Mears was asked to bring in items: Disney bag with Gatorade, Gatorade bottle with syringe and cardboard bathroom tissue paper holder inside
LDB says something about syringes & Rickenbach’s testimony (couldn’t hear everything)
Items received in evidence
No more questions from the defense or the state

9:09:43 – Stephen Shaw, defense witness, returns, FBI trace evidence, hair & fibers
JB showing photos of hairs – ante-mortem in study done after giving his deposition

9:13 – SIDEBAR # 2

9:15:31 – photos entered into evidence
JB brings out pics on big board, showing pictures of the hairs used in witness’ experiment with ante-mortem and post-mortem hairs, for possible deathbanding on hair
Report of 27 January 2009 – hairs & fibers from Caylee’s hair mass and three pieces of duct tape – no hairs suitable for testing, consistant with hair mass & duct tape, textile fibers preserved, no tests done

9:34 – JA cross
re: study of hair in cars, photos already in evidence

9:37:55 – JA showing pics – 600 hairs from 15 living individuals, before & after pics, some changes in appearance, no decomposition, color of hair doesn’t make any difference, showing lots of pics from experiment

9:52:43 – KC & DCS whispering while JA showing pics of post-mortem hairs

10:02:54 – JA ends

10:03:01 – JB asks did you test any hairs from garbage? Post-mortem hairs don’t list days they were exposed, Shaw refers to his notes, outside environmental conditions are different in Tennessee test than Florida conditions
post-mortem banding is well-established science, testing was done to learn more, can’t say a hair definitely came from a dead person, JB badgering with repeating same question over & over – JA objects – arguing, sustained

10:17:05 – JB ends
JA asks 2 questions to clarify the mess JB made, no ante-mortem hairs had post-mortem banding
JB asks 2 questions both objections sustained, he finally quits

10:19:30 – RECESS 20 minutes until 10:40

10:40:10 – Judge enters
DCS getting ready to direct

10:43:02 – Dr. Barry Logan, defense witness, forensic toxicologist & analytical chemist, PhD. From Univeristy of Glasgow, University of Tennessee
tests for drugs, poisons, chemicals, NMS Labs in Pennsylvania
DCS asks if there’s a special division to test for decomposition analysis?

– JA objects, relevance, approach - SIDEBAR # 3

10:58:12 – end of sidebar, JA’s objection sustained

11:03:20 – JA asking about witness’ work in chemistry vs. toxicology? Director of toxicology, his area limited to toxicology, not expert in all areas of forensic chemistry
JA wants him known as expert witness only in toxicology, not chemistry

11:08 – HHJP says witness accepted as expert only in forensic toxicology

evidence for items of trunk of vehicle, documents & reports of this case including autopsy
2008 article by Dr. Arpad Vass, Journal of Forensic Science re: decomposition odors

DCS bringing out JB’s big tablet & easel

11:13 – JA wants SIDEBAR # 4 – DCS, JA, JB, HHJP

11:21 – end sidebar
witness explains research labs usually associated with academic setting
JA objects twice, sustained, another objection, overruled, many more objections along the way, can’t keep track
Identify reports reviewed
Logan re: records (long list given)
11:28:20 – JA objects for 50th time (I’m guessing) - SIDEBAR # 5

11:31:20 – end sidebar, any protocols set for tests in Oakridge Labs? No, according to articles. JA objection sustained.
DCS - what problems with not having protocols? No standards to follow

11:33 – JA objects, moves to strike witness’ answer

11:33:10 – SIDEBAR # 6

11:37 – protections against contaminations? JA objects, sustained
any quality assurance? Saw none?

(Too many objections & broken questions to follow. NOT impressed with DCS’s work, she appears to be grasping and not well-prepared – she would be a good subject for another chart and this case, imo.)

11:43:20 – SIDEBAR # 7

11:45:20 – end sidebar
DSC asking about blank samples, it’s used as an extra test

11:55:55 – SIDEBAR # 8

(note: this witness no longer with lab he stated when giving his credentials, there were problems according to Bill Sheaffer, WFTV)

11:58 - end of sidebar, Lunch RECESS until 1:30

1:29 – HHJP asking for witness Logan to return to stand

1:31:20 – jury returns
DCS resumes re-direct – witness Logan, asks about where 4 fatty acids found? Found on paper towels

1:33 – JA re-cross – are these fatty acids found together? In decomposing animal fat, 4 fatty acids in adipocere & dairy products, any other compounds found in meats, cheese & butter not in adipocere? Yes.
Are scientists faced with challenges to protocol? Yes, need to establish new protocols, not contained in Journal of Forensic Science? Not all.
Re: blank test?
Errors & problems? Must stop test, correct error/problem, and start over again? Yes. Dr Vass made notes of why test failed, made corrections & ran tests again
JA ends

1:40:39 – DCS asks about challenges, JA objects, sustained
published protocols how to collect from car? No. published protocols how to collect carpet? No.
JA objects, outside of expertise, sustained
* DCS asks - Can you reproduce the Vass test? No, no way to know. (this is the question that caused problems because this witness wasn’t qualified to answer, which led JA to get carried away with the cans)
DCS ends

1:43:12 – JA asking if Logan’s lab could do the air test in question? Yes.
* JA puts can on the witness stand, can you do these tests?

1:44:45 - * DCS objects to BURDEN OF PROOF – SIDEBAR # 9

1:50 – jury leaves courtroom

* noted above are the problems which caused so much trouble

1:54:55 – Judge & attorneys talking about various other cases – reading them
JA says familiar with the case

1:59:10 – Judge ready to hear arguments on both sides
JA says defense kicked door open for him to ask why?
(Casey appears to be reading a law binder, too, a good little attorney she is)

2:04:25 – Judge says Florida Supreme Court burden of proof shifting, re: Hayes;
Jackson vs. State; Overton; Judge said he asked Defense to read Cuban vs. State before lunch

2:13 - * witness not qualified as expert in air samples to render opinions
Door not opened, but defense was trying to open it, line of questioning with cans not good
DCS saying jury should be told – Judge says no, telling DCS she didn’t object to cans, but objected to burden of proof
Mason wants instruction to jury on burden of proof

Judge tells JA he can proffer now

JA asking witness he could test with tedlar bags, detail by detail? Yes, No, not enough information on how to test was performed.
Both sides read another case

2:24 – 10 minutes RECESS

2:36 – SIDEBAR # 10
2:40 – Judge reading instruction on burden of proof in Florida, defense has no burden to prove anything

2:43:50 – jury enters
Judge tells jury above instruction

JA asking if witness hasn’t done chemistry since college, 20 years ago
No more question from JA or DCS
Witness excused

2:46:32 – Jennifer Welch, CSI photographer was at discovery scene,
JB asking if Caylee’s shoes or socks were found at the scene? No.
Witness excused

(Is he kidding? Little kids don’t always wear shoes & socks inside their homes in the hot months. Caylee could have been barefooted or wearing little flip flops that weren’t transferred with her.)

2:48:30 – Cindy Anthony, witness
JB direct – asking about home desktop computer, all family, even Casey’s friends used the computer, did you search in March 2008 for chloroform? Yes, chlorophyll, dogs were ill, the chloroform, hand sanitizers around small child children, acetone, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol. Cindy claimed someone was injured and she looked up injuries.
Claims there was an error in her time card, her supervisor did it, scheduled as working while on vacation, not allowed to work/show more than 8 hours per 8 hour days
Pics of Sunfire’s trunk shown, it was purchased in 2000 for Lee, George and Cindy bought it, Lee drove it until 2005, George and Casey drove it after then
Stain in truck was there when they bought it, when she cleaned the car, she thought she saw an indentation of cylinder can in trunk
JB – no more questions

3:00:20 – LDB cross – asking was she home 17 March 2008? Yes, it’s possible even though work records show she was at work
21 March 2008 – claiming she was home even though work records say she was there
(Guess where Casey got her ability to spin a yarn)

3:03:58 – DCS tells something to Casey, KC turned her back to DCS

3:05:30 – LDS still in cross of Cindy, after Linda asks her for a timeframe when she learned the computer searches were in question, Cindy responds prior to her arrest on check charges.

3:09:22 – “how to make chloroform” – Cindy doesn’t recall typing the phrase on the chloroform, just on the word
neckbreaking – no – but a popup ad had those words
inhalation – no

which search engine? Google or Yahoo
which browser? Don’t understand
two profiles on computer – no password needed – computer is usually on at the house
chloro2? all the time
on website chloroform 84 times?

3:15:23 – state’s exhibit # 80 – pic of trunk, stain near/above “B” marker – claims it was there when they bought car

3:16 – JB asks 4 questions on re-cross

3:19:32 – Sandra Osborne, Defense witness, Computer Forensic Examiner
JB direct – Anthonys’ desktop computer search for chloroform, found hit, deleted internet history, gave it to her Sergeant, used NetAnalysis, different from CacheBack, they use both

3:24:52 – JB handing disk to witness, doesn’t recognize CD – Firefox
Report 20 August 2008
deleted history Firefox
XL spreadsheet
Format is different than her report

LDB objects – says not one witness produced, sustained
JB says it was a highlighted form so he show’s her the “original” = not hers, not her document

3:34:45 – LDB asks about password Rico??? (didn’t get the numbers)

3:34:56 – asks if computer if computer is on is password needed? It depends how it’s set

3:35 - witness excused, subject to recall

3:37:21 – Kevin Stenger, witness, OCSO Sgt, Computer Sepcialist
re: HP coumpter, NetAnalysis & CacheBack
re: Aug 2008

2:41:24 – SIDEBAR # 11

RECESS until 3:50


4:09:56 – jury enters
Kevin Stenger on stand
LDB objects, relevance of exhibit, establish relevance of certain pages
JB says can take them out
Problems with dates & times not being accurate because of EST to DST
Took at least a day to remedy the problem – visited once, using CacheBack
MySpace 84 times, not using CacheBack ?

20 March 2008
MySpace – 83x

19 March 2008
MySpace typed 82x

13 march
MySpace 81x

CacheBack report only for single day information
Problems with NetAnalysis due to change to DST
Reports are different
CacheBack report 17 March 2008
Stenger didn’t testify to these reports, Mr. Bradley did

4:33:30 – JB ends

LDB cross – 17 & 21 march 2008, set for those days, program generated dated
Mr. Bradley wrote software
Googles searches for chloroform, spelled specifically :how to make chloroform”
Wouldn’t appear for chlorophyll
Dates & times on both programs appear accurate
Net Analysis & CacheBack were 20 seconds apart

4:42 - LDB ends

4:42 - JB re-direct – chloroform 3 minutes
JB ends

4:45:11 – LDB asking about tabs in pc brower, how long on page or printer wouldn’t appear on report? No

JB – tab stuff, speculation

4:47:11 – witness excused

4:48:15 – SIDEBAR # 13

4:49:59 – end sidebar
Judge recessing jury for the day, legal matters to take up

Nick Savage & Erin Martin, proffer
Both FBI, possible knowledge of hearsay only per JA, integrity isn’t on trial

CM complaining

Judge wants to hear it now

4:56:27 – Nickolas B. Savage, FBI Agent, was crimes against children coordinator
duct tape on child’s face

(this is all I have, didn’t see the rest of it)

I hope someone else can please watch and take notes on Saturday because I won't be available

(All errors, misspellings, typos, and comments my own. I'm sure there are many.)

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Sep 7, 2008
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8:36 – Baez enters court

8:53 – Casey enters, talks to CM

8:59:50 – judge enters, JB says Cindy is next witness but he needs 3 more minutes to get evidence items ready

HHJP said “that’s why you were told to get here at 8:30”
JB answered “we were”

9:02:10 – HHJP says return the jury

9:03:20 – jury enters

9:03:59 – Cindy Anthony, defense witness
JB direct – Caylee’s shorts, she wore 3T
(if the shorts were too small, it would have been difficult to put them on, if at all, or a smaller size but without diapers, possibly still fit, somebody please mention this!)

9:06:07 – LDB objects, relevancy – SIDEBAR # 1

9:12:23 – end sidebar
JB showing video of Caylee and Casey on floor, April 2007
Casey smiling at video, then trying to tear up, wiping her face
Cindy tears up on stand
showing CA Pic of pregnancy Casey & Cindy at Rick’s wedding
LDB objects, relevancy

9:18:37 – SIDEBAR # 2

9:20:14 – LDB’s prior objection sustained
JB shows pic of backyard swimming pool with ladder attached, Cindy tells how ladder disconnects
Pics of where ladder was placed when removed from pool
Pics of Caylee going up the ladder into pool with Cindy

9:26:10 – LDB objects – SIDEBAR # 3

9:39 – JB showing Cindy 2 pics of Caylee on ladder than one year prior to her death
Caylee could climb the ladder by herself
Pics of Caylee in pool
Cindy claiming Caylee outgrew her 2007 life vest and had to buy another for 2008
Cindy was 99 point sure (yes, that’s what she said!) Caylee wore shoes to go out, says Cindy put shoes on her, Caylee could open doors

9:58 – on 16 June 2008, says ladder was off pool, claims she told people at work about it

9:59:28 – SIDEBAR # 4

10:05:05 – special RECESS until 10:25

10:27 – Judge returns saying he read a certain case re: theory of defense re: KC’s behavior caused by sexual abuse by father & brother
JB says “among other things”

HHJP – what others things? This is all you mentioned in opening, What is your theory of defense, can use it to get everything else, he allowed photos of Caylee on ladder into pool

10:31 – SIDEBAR # 5

10:51 – end sidebar

10:52:30 – jury enters

10:53:25 – JB continues with Cindy re: 16 July 2008, she told Yuri Melich about the ladder being down that day, How many times did you try to tell them about the ladder and pool?
LDB objects

10:54:10 – SIDEBAR # 6
objection sustained

10:58:31 – LDB cross – evidence being marked, bringing evidence to Jose

11:01:00 – LDB asks if Cindy maintained Caylee’s room, her clothing, presents for her 3rd birthday? Yes. By June 15th, 2008, was she potty trained? Pretty much, was wearing underwear most of the time. When do she go from diapers to pull-ups? Early 2008.
In video, she’s wearing diaper or pull-ups in April 2007, in 2007 she was still in diapers.
Circo is the Target brand, lots of clothing with that brand
More pictures of tops, shorts, from Caylee’s room until seized by LE, sizes 2T also 3T

Caylee was stocky when young and thinned out as she became more active, some clothing could last a year, when was last time she saw shorts in video? Were those shorts kept in your home? Some maybe in diaper bag or back pack as a change of clothing? Yes. It wasn’t one of Cindy’s favorite outfits, didn’t see the shorts much after 2007.
Throughout this exchange, Cindy makes Linda repeat questions and tries to avoid answering.

How heavy is pool ladder? Caylee couldn’t move it. Door was difficult to open, Caylee was obedient, taught not to go up the ladder alone.

Can someone reach into the pool to retrieve something? Yes
Caylee at back door pic taken in Spring 2008 (looks very tall)
Caylee was never left home alone
Caylee can’t open yard gate
Ladder incident before gas can incident
Ladder 16th or 17th, called GA’s cellphone or maybe his work phone
Mentioning the errors Cindy made with dates of June 2008 in her statements
Cindy says she told her co-workers about ladder & gas can incidents, timecard shows you were at work June 16th 2008, June 17th, all week at work through June 24th (gas cans)
Timecard accurately reflects her schedule? Yes

Did Casey tell you there was an accident in the pool? No. Did she continue to tell you Caylee was kidnapped by the babysitter? Yes.

11:25:44 – JB re: showing same pics to CA, he looks mad, pics of Caylee’s clothing tags, material, cotton, knit

11:32 – LDB asks 2 questions in re-cross

11:33 – Lee Anthony, witness on stand
JB direct – When did you own the Starfire? 2000 – 2005
JB shows pics of car
Some stains in trunk – 3 outside of spare tire
Did you stain the trunk? LA doesn’t recall

11:38:51 – SIDEBAR # 7

first time noticed/suspected Casey was pregnant? Early 2005, saw her midsection when she was leaving bathroom
says he mentioned this to Cindy

11:44:13 – SIDEBAR # 8

other times she was showing? Was it discussed with Cindy? No
Casey picked him up for airport and was obviously pregnant? Yes.

(Lots of objecting going on)

acknowledged pregnancy a few days before Caylee was born
Lee didn’t visit Casey in the hospital when baby was born because he was hurt & didn’t want to be there

11:51:50 – SIDEBAR # 9

11:54 – why LA was angry and with whom? LA crying on stand, Angry with his mom and sister, they wouldn’t include him, they denied the pregnancy
(Lee seems to have been a non-entity in that family.)
Casey supposedly crying, too
JB ends

11:56:36 – lunch RECESS 1:30
Judge asked Jose to check his schedule and let him know when they’ll be wrapping
JB patting LA on the back as he leaves the stand
LA not looking at Casey
LA talking in back of courtroom with GA & CA, but not looking receptive

1:31 – judge returns to court, calls attorneys to bench

1:47:12 – Lee back on the stand

1:47:12 – JA cross - asks LA about stink in car
LA refused to meet with prosecutors, last week he requested to meet with Baez.
Asking if he spoke to KC re: her pregnancy in 2005
Re: July 2009 deposition with FG, JB present, p. 31 line 6 – 15, asked if he called her out on her pregnancy, LA stated, “It wasn’t my place”
See p. 30
JB objects, JA says impeachment
JB objecting all over the place, Judge says “you can ask on re-direct”
Parents were “over-the-top” before the birth of Caylee? LA was told to “let it go” by Cindy
p. 35 of depo before Caylee was born, “my role was to be in the background because my parents were over-the-top”, they decorated a room for the baby, made purchases for her, party – shower, LA not included in pre-birth activities, claims to know any details about party/shower
re: depo – asking what was different in today’s emotional testimony earlier (with JB), and answering the same question two years ago
LA says she’s dead now, didn’t know that before!
JA reminding him he spoke at a memorial service for Caylee BEFORE he did the depo in July 2009
JA ends

2:07:00 – JB re-direct - asks about stain in trunk of car, hard to see in pic, but stains are there, describes stain, Jb asking if LA met with prosecution before testifying
p. 31 of depo, lines 12 – 14

(Yikes, everyone is stressed and on edge, lots of snapping at each other going on today, Judge, JB, JA, all attorneys short-tempered)

p. 31, lines 12 – 14, did you say parents over-the-top in depo? Did you give your impression that they were? Didn’t cry giving depo? – LA says didn’t want to be here, stressed
JA asks at memorial didn’t want to believe Caylee was dead? Don’t know, last year was hard for him, didn’t want to believe, now I do

2:19:45 – JA re-cross
reminding LA how often he had to be shown his depo when FG and JA asked him questions, but were fine when JB asked him earlier today
p. 31, line 15 in depo, he said he probably spoke to his mother re: Casey’s pregnancy
p.33, baby shower in months preceding Caylee’s birth
JA ends
JB has no questions
witness off the stand

2:24:41 – JB says his next witness is in the restroom

HHJP calls 15 minutes break, Judge asked jury if the dessert lady showed up today?

2:46 – judge returns

2:47:50 – jury returns

2:48:38 – Cindy Anthony, defense witness
baby shower was held on August 27th after Caylee was born, it was originally planned for August 13th, but Caylee was born on August 9th, stating baby was expected in September, but she came a month before schedule, had to call everyone to delay the baby shower
JB wants to show picture
LDB objects to photograph, relevance

2:57:41 – SIDEBAR # 10

objection sustained re: above photograph
JB showing pic of preg. KC and Cindy at brother Rick’s wedding, June 2005
Who attended baby shower? Casey’s grandmothers, aunts, Cindy’s friends, Jesse’s mother, neighbors, etc.
Was Lee present? No, none of the guys were present.
JB ends

3:01:08 – Deputy Ryan Eberlan (sp), defense witness, OCSO (in uniform)
CM direct – You called to the residence on Hopespring Drive? Yes. Saw the Sunfire? Yes. Did you smell an odor? No. Did you handcuff Casey? Yes. Instructed by Sgt. Hosey to remove handcuffs? Yes.

3:03:08 – LDB cross
He was a junior officer on the scene? Yes. Cuffed KC for about 2 minutes? Yes. Why did he cuff her? Because Cindy said Casey stole…..

CM objects

3:04:20 – SIDEBAR # 11

3:12 – end of sidebar. Judge saying brief/legal matters to take care of, sending jury out

PROFFER begins
LDB – asks Deputy to tell court why he puts cuffs on KC, because Cindy wanted KC arrested because KC stole credit cards, etc. Hosey told him to worry about the missing child first.

3:15:55 – LDB says CM asked about cuffs in direct, it opens the door to find out why
Judge says he’ll give instructions to jury

3:27:30 – jury returns, Judge reads stipulation to jury re: handcuffing

LDB says after being handcuffed KC signed her statement regarding the missing child
CA said she wanted KC arrested for credit card theft/fraud, she was uncuffed and she went back into her house
Later Detective Yuri Melich arrived, deputy was no longer involved with investigation

3:31 – deputy excused from witness stand

Corporal Eric Edwards, OCSO, witness
In 2008 homicide corporal
CM direct - Knows Linda Tinelli? Yes

3:33:30 – SIDEBAR # 12

CM – direct continues - Lori Cree of TES knows Linda Tinelli. Tinelli was volunteer at Kidfinders tent
Duct tape? Yes
Linda told Lori George A. brought duct tape to the tent – showed her posters with duct tape, strong tape
Sgt. visited Tinelli March 2009, asking her to record conversations with GA & CA – she was reluctant to get her husband’s permission to do so
Another time spoke to Linda about wiring her, didn’t do it though – did retrieve phone message from Linda’s message machine of message left by Cindy Anthony

Judge asking CM why this is relevant & any material fact?
CM says relevancy to theory of defense, what happened after accidental drowning, officers tried to get incriminating statements, not able to get evidence

LDB – no evidence obtained, motivations not relevant for jury to consider

CM says state is using same premise saying duct tape is murder weapon

Judge says admission of all evidence is relevant by proffer, evidence does go to proven fact, defense says drowning & bizarre behavior, defense not relevant, not theory of defense per proffer

(I must have missed something here. This appears to have been another proffer without jury? Not sure.)

3:58:00 – witness excused
court reporter getting information, sitting next to Jeff Ashton
court reporter goes back to her desk

4:02:45 – LDB saying witness can’t claim what brand of duct tape, saying duct tape at volunteer tent is okay, admissible

4:06:34 – jury enters

4:07:22 – Linda Tinelli, witness
CM direct – she met GA & CA when she volunteered to work at their tent, late July 2008 – Dec. 8th, 2008. Yes, there was duct tape at the tent on tablecloths to hold them down because of wind, & to hold up posters

4:10:10 - CM ends
LDB no questions
Witness excused

4:11:35 – Yuri Melich, witness
JB (I think) direct - he had a supervisor who also had a supervisor in July 2008
16 July 2008, early morning, odor mentioned by GA
car brought to OCSO central operations center later on 16th July
that morning he spent 1 hour at Anthony house, went cruising with Casey, then dropped her off at her home, GA wanted to speak to him privately, it’s noted in his report what GA said
later Det. Went on Universal tour with Casey, Sgt Hosey and other LE there (missed the name), car was confiscated after Casey was arrested – made arrangements with GA to get the car
Casey fulfilled elements of crimes to be arrested
They focused on finding the missing child, it was a kidnapping by a known person, originally date of kidnapping was stated to be June 9th

4:26 – mention of Roy Kronk
4:28 – SIDEBAR # 13

4:30 – end of sidebar
Collected cellphone records of Roy Kronk for June – Dec 2008
Duct tape at Suburban Drive, saw it on posters in video of GA, brand name Henkel on duct tape at home on gas cans, report of gas cans stolen, being shown gas can in evidence, YM says same can but there’s no duct tape, was it removed?
July 30, 2008 interviewed GA
Collected gas cans when? August 1st
Kronk’s cellphone records? Yes
Kronk’s computer? No – asking wouldn’t a wealth of info come from a person’s computer? (YM doesn’t mention if RK owned a computer)
Took statements from Kronk and coworkers

4:36:20 – LDB cross –
asking about Det/Dep Gerald White re: tips of Suburban Drive at dead end near school?
Remains were closer to Hopespring than the dead end

4:48:22 – LDB ends, JB has no more questions, witness excused, subject to recall


4:49:43 – RECESS until 9AM Saturday, jury excused

– JB says Defense will rest on Wednesday or Thursday

State rebuttal should take 1 or 2 days

Closing arguments 1 or 2 days

JB saying Defense opposes state splitting closing arguments between attorneys, claiming they would have four closing arguments
I think one of the prosecutors said they wouldn’t split rebuttal argument.

Judge asks how to you figure? JB says if each attorney gets a say, that’s four
Judge says no. He says splitting closing between attorneys is okay but not rebuttal, only one gets to do rebuttal.

Judge citing Judge Ferrer (sp) re: closing argument parameters, can email it to attorneys, it’s very long, will tale about it Monday

JB crying about phone records of Kronk & Athonys not received from prosecution, major violation,
LDB says they gave defense all records.
Judge tells JB the state didn’t use the records in trial, it’s too late to be going after red herrings.
JA says Dr. Rodriquez will not be testifying, prohibited by Department of Defense, his job in jeopardy.
What can we tell jury?

CM saying we could have forced him to stay, hold him up in hotel, CM doesn’t want to say he “just withdrew” as a witness

JB (politely, using different words) accuses JA of lying

JA says his employers say Dr. Rodriguez on TV

JB threatening to write a motion on this situation

Judge says he wants Dr. Rodriguez’s captain to testify, not in person, defense said they didn’t want his job in jeopardy & someone could testify

Judge asking state to decide if any additional lesser charges against Casey for jury to consider when they are finally given the case to decide? Let him know so it can be written in his directions to the jury.

5:19:56 – RECESS until 9 AM Saturday, any issues be in court at 8:30 AM

Judge says there will be only one hour lunch on Saturday

(Please ignore my usual typos)

(Fifth, IF you can move this post and put it in it's proper Friday place to avoid confusion, please do so. Thanks.)

Note: I didn’t watch and take notes on Saturday, the 25th. Thank you, Fifth, for your notes of Saturday. Wow! Short day! Legal issue, uh-oh!


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Aug 21, 2008
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Saturday 6/25/11 Day 28

JURY WAS not PRESENT for anything that occurred this morning.


Ashton says new evidence was handed to him at 8:40am by Defense.
He objects.
Contentious debate ensues between both sides.

Defense trying to add evidence/powerpoint listing each item in the trunk including their chloroform content percentages of each which defense wants to allow their expert, Dr. Furton(sp) to include in his testimony.
State objects & says they need a Richardson(sp) hearing.
Judge wants the original Report from Dr. Furton prepared prior to trial clarifying what he originally said he’d testify to, his depo and the ‘new’ evidence. Judge will make a decision after a review of all.

8:59 Mason says another subject entirely different needs to be addressed. Team leaves courtroom w/ KC headed for Judge’s chambers. KC came out by herself visibly upset and tearing up. Then she is called back in and released again. Prosec did not go in at first but later did. Then both teams came out and Judge returned.

9:40 Judge at bench
'both sides concure a legal issue has arisen, not related to the issues this morning' regarding Dr. Furton, that necessitates a recess.
Therefore we will RECESS for the day and return at 8:30am Monday.'

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Sep 7, 2008
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NO FURTHER DISCUSSION HERE - reference post only

Please REFER to my post in Caylee's Thread, have posted a chart;
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Upon listening to Kathi B. and Bill S. discuss what happened on Saturday, they said JB accused the judge of siding with the state! I don't know...JB saying if JA says something often enough it must come to fruition in his world, but JB doesn't believe them to be true. The arguments of JA and JB are at the very beginning of Satruday's session. Also listen toward the end what KB says about the jury on Friday! There could have been a surprise waiting for them that KB wasn't privy to, maybe.

Our Media Time-Stamped Thread has all videos and the review of the courtroom action by Kathi Belich & Bill Sheaffer.
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In the end of today's session, not mentioned in Fifth's excellent recap, I saw on the video (WFTV), after court was recessed, everyone was kicked out of the courtroom, while the attorneys and Casey stayed behind. Interesting. Not even media was privy to the rest of what went on today. FYI only.

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Aug 20, 2008
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Hope this is of some value, very well time documented events of Sat's courtroom proceedings:

MikeDeForest6 Mike DeForest
Check out this minute-by-minute breakdown of what happened just before the #CaseyAnthony trial abruptly ended Saturday

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Dec 9, 2010
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Missing this thread... Much better than sifting through 100 pages of OT comments mixed with a smidge of info in the main forums. Just sayin'
You guys are really the best!


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Aug 21, 2008
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8:30 both sides in discussing the CHARGES and suggestions as to instructions to jury ( never finished-will take care of later today)

9:05 RECESS for 5 minutes

9:15 Jury walks in
9:16 State recognize the presence of jury –YES

9:17 State may proceed stmt and give a rebuttal stmt after defense

Ashton: "good morning"
10:07 Defense objects/overruled- Ashton had said, they did not prove the suggestion Geo had abused her. A‘trip down the rabbit hole. This is world the defense invites you to occupy.

10:15 KC shaking head ‘no’ (think silent film actress)

10:29 choose to sacrifice child to live the life she wanted.
10:34 premeditated and defendant is guilty. Ashton done.
10:34/35- 15 min RECESS
10:56[/B] Judge in- Ashton objects to a picture on poster and not in evidence
10:59 Linda D B- objects again to a poster compilation. Center picture on poster is photo when she was younger portraying ‘young girl’ vs a 22 yr old.
10:59 Judge ‘ Mr Ashton is exactly right,’
11:01 Judge asks Baez to find out date of picture they tried to use, the A’s identify as 2001
Judge: I don’t care about imaginary friends and what troubles me is you have photo from 2001 as opposed to something at age 21/22.
11:04 Judge:'THAT picture distorts reality- Baez asks to replace with another pic.
11:05 Judge says State used 77 min and 8 sec. out of the 4 hrs that was given.
11:08 Judge: Just a reminder, once we begin giving final instruction, no one will be allowed to enter or leave.
11:15 JURY returns

11:16 BAEZ 1st breath
KC crying for herself
As BAEZ says, the Prosec gave you a closing ‘appealing to your emotions’

12:01 BAEZ asks for the lunch break although not done with his closing.
Judge grants Jury RECESS for lunch

12:02 Judge tells everyone to be seated
We have to complete the CHARGE conference. We can do it here or bring a sandwich to my conference room. OK, see ya in my conference room

2:07 Baez asks Judge to stop Ashton from facial expressions before he continues.
2:08 KC walks in
2:09 let’s return the jury
2:10 Baez resumes

3:30 KC fake crying

3:42 Baez calling Geo a liar, raising voice and finishes stmt w/or whether it’s this laughing guy over here’
Judge upset!: APPROACH BENCH

KC turns off the tears and stops wiping immediately to watch sidebar.
Judge dismisses jury.

Judge must have called RECESS since everyone in gallery is leaving courtroom
4:02 Judge left courtroom without his robe on (turns out he went somewhere to review the video to confirm what happen in the courtroom)
4:12 Judge angry at BOTH attnys. Now if both sides would like to take the time to go look at it, I will ask them to pull it up and then I will proceed to do what I am going to do.’
4:14 Judge ‘the court will be at ease until the parties get a chance to look at it’
4:15 Judge tells them to say whatever they want/need to say in open court.
4:17 Judge there have been accusation throughout going on throughout the hearing. I am going to do what I am going to do
4:24 attnys back in courtroom after looking at video
4:25 Ashton, ‘I appear to be smiling behind my hand. ‘
Baez: and would ask that Mr. Ashton not be held in contempt. I apologize for getting caught up in the moment.
4:27 Judge: I accept that for now but as I told both sides, if it happens again, the remedy will be the exclusion of that attny from participation from the rest of this trial
Because of this delay, we still have these final charges to go over and complete. I will give instructions tomorrow to the jury.
4:29 jury returns
4:30 Baez continues
5:13 Baez done and announces Mason will be up
5:14 Judge- 10 minute stretch break before Mason starts

5:27 Mason up
Constitutional rights and freedoms afforded each each one of us

6:14 Mason ends w/ ‘ ask yourself, what would Mr. Mason say or how would he respond to that.’
6:14 RECESS for 5 min before rebuttal from STATE

6:35 returns the jury
6:36 Judge has decided to RECESS for the evening.

Start at 8:30 tomorrow morning, jury you are excused

6:37 you may be seated, we need to complete the charge conference. State of FL, he does not want to guess at the answer to Linda DB question(not sure what question was) Wants them to email him with their requests by 9:30 tonight.
6:3] court at ease.
Session continues with attnys discussing the charges etc and Jury instructions
7:54 Judge will make small corrections and give to them tomorrow.
Says: ‘While the jury is out in deliberation, 2 cases to read: Ballard vs State (duct tape case) – Scott vs State, you may find them interesting reading and will be published 11AM Thursday morning.

Court in RECESS until 9AM…..note: he had said 8:30AM to the Jury


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Aug 29, 2008
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8:30 Judge in- asks if either side has anything to say, Baez objects to allowing Prosec a rebuttal- Judge ignores and calls for the jury.

8:32 Jury In

8:33 Ashton says both he and Linda DB will be talking to you.

9:40 sitting down now and announces Linda DB will come up here.
9:40 RECESS-20 minutes until 10AM
9:41 jury leaves

10:01 Judge Perry back at bench

10:02 Baez- computer searches evidence problems-issues about# of times chloroform was visited 84 times in the 2nd forensic finding because MySpace wasn't in listing. They believe FALSE testimony and want Prosec to advise the jury as to falsity-
Judge: 'if there is False info, you need to file a Motion-at this stage I can’t chase after arguments.
File appropriate Motions and we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.'

10:05 Jury returns
10:06 LINDA DB begins

10:39 Baez asks to approach- judge refuses.

11:01 "At the end of this case, all you have to ask yourself is whose life was better without Caylee?"
( camera left on Tattoo)
Shows tattoo- Bella Vita’… 'THIS is your answer.'
11:02 over

11:02 Judge brief recess, when we return you’ll hear instructions.

11:03 jury has already left. Baez says they are putting forth MOTION for Mistrial.
says comments by Ashton where he stated no evidence of where it came from creating a burden on Defense about chloroform came from2. Mr DB, where she stated defendant changed her story when the remains were found….referring to State as giving false info.
MOTION denied

Judge tells Mason to please inspect the orders he provided. While you’re reviewing those, I need to give instructions.

11:09 Judge, when I return in 10 minutes, I will give final instruction, no one will be permitted to leave.
11:09 RECESS for 10 minutes

11:25 Let’s return the jury
Judge says he will give instructions and also copies of these instructions

1. Instructions ended @ 12:08 EDT.

2. Jurors excused @ 12:09 EDT to begin deliberations.

3. Judge leaves with JB & LDB @ 12:12 EDT to give additional instructions to the 5 alternate jurors.

4. GA & CA exit courtroom after close of Instructions @ 12:16 EDT

GA CA leave court.PNG

(the time difference between my time post and that on the picture itself is when I saved it to the file on my computer to be retrieved for posting).


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Aug 21, 2008
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Many thanks to our friends who took on the task
of documenting the 'times' during this long trial.

EXTRA special thanxx to Zoe Bogart and WatchinginKy
whom I hope treated their eyes to some well deserved TLC, after this feat.

(((Group Huggg)))

Thank YOU,

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