MO *Found Safe* Glenn Arville Ramey; 10, Springfield, MO, April 16, 1930

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    *If I did this wrong please let me know! I have never done one of these before and this is a peculiar one.

    Not sure how to do this, or this is where I should post it, but I am interested to see if anyone can help me learn anything new.
    My great-grandfather was in the Navy, his destroyer was bombed and he was declared MIA (presumed dead) in World War II before my grandmother was born, so she was never able to meet her dad. Her and I grew closer in recent years and when I learned a little about her father I decided to do some research. I found two articles from April 1930 that described him being KIDNAPPED when he was a young boy, my grandmother had no knowledge of this, just a faint memory of a familial anecdote about how her father had "run away" as a child.
    The first article describes the circumstances of the disappearance and rescue.
    The second article essentially tells you that the kidnapper slipped into a mysterious coma.
    I was unable to find anything else.


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