Four children killed in Cleveland apartment fire

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    Four children killed in Cleveland apartment fire

    CLEVELAND (AP) - Cleveland fire Chief Paul Stubbs says arson
    investigators are going through an apartment building where four
    young siblings died with "a fine-tooth comb."
    Firefighters were responding to a car fire when they saw smoke
    pouring out of the apartment building early yesterday. A second
    fire truck had to be called because the truck responding to the car
    fire didn't have a ladder long enough to reach the children.
    Investigators sifted through the debris yesterday, but the cause
    of the fire in the three-story brick building hasn't been
    Fire department spokesman Larry Gray says the fire is believed
    to have started on the second floor where the apartments are
    located. A dry cleaner, hair salon and deli are located on the
    street level.

    (Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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