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Four years on, LA man's lost dog returns home

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by zwiebel, Jan 20, 2015.

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    Nearly four years ago, Nick Garmyn's rescue dog Mikey escaped from his Northridge, Los Angeles home. Nick searched high and low and plastered posters everywhere but Mikey was nowhere to be found, even though he was chipped. Finally, Nick resigned himself; Mikey wasn't coming home

    Nick moved several times, including to Hawaii. Then nearly four years later, Nick was back in LA and received a call. A couple about 10 miles from Nick's old home had found a visitor - a little dog that kept walking into their garage and laying down. It was Mikey. In pretty good condition.

    Nick wasn't the only one surprised. He says Mikey did a double take when he saw his old owner. They look pretty happy now on the video at the link. Nick says he'd love to know what Mikey has been up to during his years away.


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    Oh my gosh! Poor Mikey, I wish he could tell us what happened to him! Thankful that he is back home with someone who loves him.

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