Fox TV anchor throws axe on public street, surprised when he hits someone

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    For some reason, 'Fox and Friends' host Pete Hegseth was throwing an axe at a wooden target on a busy public street (New York I think), and found himself a little surprised when he missed the target and hit someone standing behind it.

    That someone was West Point Helicats marching band drummer Jeff Prosperie, playing behind the target as part of a Flag Day celebration.

    If you are thinking that was an accident waiting to happen, keep in my mind that a shaken Jeff posted on Facebook afterwards that they'd been assured no axes would be thrown. He says 'someone went rogue'.

    Fox and Friends did air a clip of half the incident, but the video showing the axe actually hitting the drummer on the arm and his shocked reaction has only just surfaced. He escaped injury. Pete Hegseth has now posted an explanation of what happened as well, though it's still not clear who came up with this bright idea.

    Complete video at link:

    Video clip aired live by Fox at this link

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