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    free genealogy resources- this list was put together by nemo'smom, we hope this helps in your searches.

    Thought I'd list some of the free resources for researching the unclaimed and this is as much to remind myself what is available:

    And most of these I got from this website called 101 ways to research your family tree for free (I believe in giving credit where credit is due):

    These are some that I picked out. There are many others listed in the above article, check it out!

    Huge resources:

    __________________________________________________ _________________
    resources available thru local library databases:
    __________________________________________________ _________________
    land and property records available from the bureau of land management:
    __________________________________________________ _________________

    cemetery and burial records:

    African-American genealogy resource:

    world wide genealogy:


    historical newspapers:

    census records from around the world:

    World I and World II veterans for the British commonwealth:

    canadian records:

    archives of norway (available in english):

    search the social security death index in one step (these records are scattered across many sites:

    lookups in genealogy books called books we own:

    national archives (some limited info available online)

    you can request a volunteer to lookup one record a day:

    Illinois State Archives online

    Way back machine: (not to be confused with

    births, marriages and death records for UK

    French and worldwide genealogy

    Kentucky vital records

    Native American Genealogy resource:

    Distant cousins

    Resource of resources
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