Free meal promotion for relatives of Genghis Khan

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    A London restaurant chain is offering customers free DNA testing to see if they're descended from Genghis Khan.

    Restaurant Shish has promised free meals for any found to be related to the notorious Mongol leader.

    The unusual promotion is to mark the Mongolian government's decision to allow citizens to have surnames for the first time since they were banned by the communists in the 1920s.

    Some 50,000 Mongolians now proudly claim direct descent from and bear the name of Genghis Khan.

    Shish has teamed up with DNA-based research company Oxford Ancestors to offer descendants food from their ancestral homelands.

    From Saturday July 3 to Friday July 9, diners at the Shish restaurant venues in London's Hoxton and Willesden Green will have the opportunity to have their DNA sent off for analysis

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