Frenchmen deported for nude pics in Cambodian temple

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    Three French men in their 20s will be deported from Cambodia after they were caught taking nude photos of themselves at the Banteay Kdei temple in the sacred Angkor site last week. In a very quick trial and sentencing, the men were found guilty on porn and public exposure charges in a case that caused deep offence among the Cambodian public.

    They were also handed a six month suspended sentence, $750 fine and banned from entering the country again for four years.

    The men asked for forgiveness and said they wanted the nude pics as 'souvenirs'. Prosecutors say they suspect the men were making a commercial calender.

    Article in original French here, though it doesn't provide any more info. Their names have been withheld, despite the conviction. The temple complex looks pretty impressive. Not impressive enough for me to want to run around it naked though...

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