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    It is my opinion the victims came into the woods of Robin Hood Hills by the most common method and that was by crossing the wood and pipe make-shift bridge. It is inconceivable that they carried their bikes across this very narrow width bridge. Nor is there any evidence they entered Robin Hood Hills at another location or were killed somewhere else and disposed of in Robin Hood Hills. It required much balance crossing the bridge and the chances of falling off the bridge while carrying their bicycles was high. It is my opinion the victims left their bicycles hidden in the tall grass and weeds before they each walked across the pipe bridge.
    This is an important aspect of the crime to consider, because the offender in all probability threw the bikes into the bayou after crossing back over the pipe bridge walking in the same direction where both he and the victims lived.

    Imagine that?

    The Defense's theory is right in line with Misskelley's account.
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    That theory makes sense but Jessie says a couple of different things that make him less credible to me anyway...

    he says in one statement that the boys came up on their bikes. If like Jessie said, he, Jason and Damien were already in the woods and playing around in the water; how did the boys come up on their bikes? Then in another account he says that J&D hollared to the boys to come over and that the boys left their bikes...does that mean that they J&D hollared and that caused the boys to put their bikes down and cross the pipe bridge to go to J&D? Jessie says they left their bikes, but is not specific about where - says he doesn't know where they left them and the police did not press further and they should have.

    Quoting form transcript:

    JESSIE: They were going to catch their bus and stuff, and they were on their bikes and so,

    ziggy note: this is right after he claimed the boys skipped school that day and they were in the woods at around noon. IMO Jessie is trying to make up details that are not necessary which indicates lying - the boys would not ride their bikes to catch a school bus.

    RIDGE: Alright, they were on their bikes, where were the bikes at?

    JESSIE: They laid their bikes down when they come out to the, when they hollered for them to come out there

    RIDGE: Where did they lay their bikes down at, that's what I'm asking you?

    JESSIE: I don't know where they laid their bikes down at, cause I was behind Damien and nem, they were way behind them.
    RIDGE: Okay

    end of quote

    So, Jessie is clear as mud here. At this point we don't even know where Jessie is claiming they are right now...are they across the pipe bridge and the chidren on the other side and then Damien and Jason yell to them and they lay down their bikes and cross? And Jessies is so far behind them he can't tell that they would lay their bikes down at the bank prior to crossing?

    These confessions are useless. Of course Jessie knew about the bikes - it was a small town and he knew; he knows they left their bikes somewhere and ended up dead in that ditch. The story changes and changes and Jessie is too darn dumb to try to mislead cops. Seriously.

    I very much respect John Douglas and would tend to give his thoughts on this much weight. I don't see how his statement implicates the WM3. There is a thin relationship to this and anything Jessie referred to in his so-called confessions.

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